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Wave In Head lyrics
Genre: Electronica
With You (0000) 01. With You [Wave in Head Remix] [add]
02. Zeitgefühl [Human Decay Remix] [add]
03. Winter [Floating Point Remix] [add]
04. The Atom of the Moment [Empire State Human Remix] [add]
05. For a Long Time [Dan d'Anyou Remix] [add]
06. With You [8ight Remix] [add]
07. Im Traum [European Tour Remix] [add]
08. Progress [DJ Skot Remix] [add]

I Began To Hope (2001) 01. I Began to Hope [Maxi Mix] [add]
02. Swinging Pendulums [Remix] [add]
03. I Began to Hope [Wave in Club Mix] [add]
04. Polygone [Remix] [add]
05. I Began to Hope [Acid Island Mix] [add]
06. Night All Over Me [Empire State Human Remix] [add]
07. I Began to Hope [Final Selection Remix] [add]
08. I Began to Hope [Version 2.0] [add]

Time to Speak (2001) 01. Zeit Zu Leben [add]
02. Where I Belong [add]
03. Progress [add]
04. Criminal Ballad [add]
05. I Began to Hope [add]
06. Polygone [add]
07. Trails [add]
08. No One to Forget [add]
09. Wie Schnee [add]
10. What Could I Ever Try [add]
11. In My Ears [add]
12. Time to Say... [add]

You (2002) 01. We Are the Scene [add]
02. Zeitgefühl [add]
03. If I Was You [add]
04. Im Traum [add]
05. The Other Side [add]
06. Winter [add]
07. With You [add]
08. Free to Leave [add]
09. Hide My Mind [add]
10. For a Long Time [add]
11. Emotional Machines [add]
12. The Action of the Moment [add]

For a Special Moment (2005) 01. Because of You [add]
02. Als Ob [add]
03. For a Special Moment [add]
04. On the Corner [add]
05. Careful [add]
06. Soulmates [add]
07. Little Things [add]
08. Disintegrate [add]
09. I Hate to Be in Love [add]
10. Release [add]
11. Ich Denke Nicht [add]
12. To Hell and Back [add]

I Hate to Be in Love (2005) 01. I Hate to Be in Love (Single Edit) [add]
02. For a Special Moment [Controlled Fusion Remix by Steffen Schuhrk] [add]
03. I Hate to Be in Love [Remix 2] [add]
04. Ist Sie Schön [add]
05. I Hate to Be in Love [Rename Remix] [add]
06. Because of You [Electrobeat Mix by das Schwarze System] [add]
07. New Year's Day [add]

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