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Cheer-Accident lyrics
Genre: Rock
Dumb Ask (0000) 01. Garbage Head [add]
02. Small World [add]
03. Everyone's Ugly Up Close [add]
04. Muffy Needs a New Pair Of [add]
05. Whitewash [add]
06. Fat Dogs Gonna Hatch [add]
07. Elbow Deep in Turkey [add]
08. Filet of Nod [add]

What Sequel? (0000) 01. Keep in Touch [add]
02. GQ Gone Green [add]
03. Nefarioius Designs, Inc. [add]
04. You Know You Know [add]
05. All Over lyrics
06. Surviving a Methopology [add]
07. Done with the Eternal [add]
08. Simple Life [add]
09. Arise and Shine [add]
10. Crisis Management [add]
11. Crazy [add]

The Why Album (1994) 01. Sub Herbs [add]
02. Learning How to Fly [add]
03. Today Today Today [add]
04. Facialization [add]
05. Driving a Nail With a Clock [add]
06. You Never Bothered to Know Me [add]
07. Man of the House [add]
08. Transposition [add]
09. Transposition [Same Mix] [add]
10. Transposition [Same Mix] [add]
11. Where You Are [add]
12. Postscript [add]
13. Pockets [add]
14. The Answer [add]
15. Dead Man's Float [add]
16. How Do You Like Our Eggs? [add]

Not a Food (1996) 01. Even Has a Half-Life [add]
02. Grow [add]
03. Modestly Clothed, Did She Trouble You? [add]
04. Nutrition [add]
05. 30 Seconds of Weightlessness [add]
06. Ice Cream and Lies [add]
07. King Cheezamin [add]
08. Grow II [add]
09. Evan Had a Shelf Life [Mix: MC Shapoopy] [add]

Enduring the American Dream (1997) 01. Vacuum [add]
02. The Law of Attraction [add]
03. A Shallow Stream [add]
04. Dismantling the Berlin Waltz [add]
05. Failure [add]
06. God's Clinic [add]
07. A Hate Which Grows [add]
08. The Reenacment [add]
09. Frozen [add]
10. Desert Song [add]
11. Metaphysical [add]
12. Exit [add]
13. The Family Business [add]
14. 1/30/94 [add]

Salad Days (2000) 01. Graphic Depression [add]
02. Insomnia [add]
03. Graphic Depression [add]
04. Post-Premature [add]
05. Salad Days [add]

Gumballhead the Cat (2003) 01. Birdeater [add]
02. No Cavalry [add]
03. The Moe Moes [add]
04. The Mystery Treasure of the San Miguel Apartments [add]
05. Nobody's Home, Nobody's Still Home [add]
06. Time for More Walking [add]
07. Truth Laid Bare in the Weak Glow of Grow Lights [add]
08. You're It Motherfucker [add]
09. Notary Public [add]
10. Non Smoking Floor [add]
11. High Score [add]
12. Graceful Beautiful Animal [add]
13. Ride on, Drink Beer, Get Clean [add]

Introducing Lemon (2003) 01. The Autumn Wind Is a Pirate [add]
02. Camp O' Physique [add]
03. Zervas [add]
04. Track 29 [add]
05. The Day After I Never Met You [add]
06. (The) Men's Wide Open [add]
07. Smile [add]
08. While [add]
09. Find [add]

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