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Casper Reiff lyrics
Genre: Classical
Leaving Rivendell (0000) 01. The Riddle of Strider (II) [add]
02. Verse of the Rings (II) [add]
03. Bregalad's Song [add]
04. Legolas' Song of the Sea [add]
05. Song of the Elves Beyond the Sea - Galadriel's Song of Eldamar (II) [add]
06. Oliphaunt [add]
07. The Ents' Marching Song [add]
08. Galadriel's Messages [add]
09. Song of Eärendil [add]
10. Song of Durin [add]
11. Tom Bombadil's Song (III) I Had an Errand There... [add]
12. Wight's Chant [add]
13. Ho! Tom Bombadil (II) [add]
14. Tom Bombadil's Song (IV) [add]
15. Théodon's Battle Cry [add]
16. At Théodon's Death [add]
17. Snowmane's Epitaph [add]
18. Burial Song of Théodon [add]
19. The Long List of the Ents, No. 2 [add]
20. Sam's Invocation of Elven Hymn to Elbereth Gilthoniel [add]
21. Call to Arms of the Rohirrim [add]
22. The Eagle's Song [add]

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