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Casper lyrics
Genre: Reggae
When U Whine It (2004) 01. New Lover [add]
02. When U Whine It [add]
03. Call Me [add]
04. I Love You [add]
05. Gone Away [add]
06. Run Me Down [add]
07. New Love [Remix] [add]
08. Poor People [add]
09. Summer Girls [add]
10. When U Whine It [Radio Mix] [add]
11. New Lover [Remix] [add]

Flip Deh Mood (2006) 01. All Deh Gal dem Sweet [add]
02. Dem a Gimme Deh Love [add]
03. Flip Deh Mood [add]
04. Baby U Got Me Ft. Sexy G [add]
05. I Tink I'm Falling in Love [add]
06. Sexy Lover [add]
07. Good Girl [add]
08. Be by Your Side Ft. Korxon [add]
09. Show Me Deh Way Ft. Devon Irie [add]
10. I Am There [add]
11. Use to Be Mine Ft. Mr. Melodee [add]
12. Pretty Lil Girl Ft. Moze Dee [add]
13. Golden Girl [add]
14. Rastaman's Cryin [add]
15. New Lover Ft. Avetha [Remix] [add]
16. It's Your Love [add]
17. Shy Girl [add]
18. Can't Let Go [add]
19. Jah Jah's Love Ft. Big Miz [add]

Angel (2006) 01. Angel [add]
02. Rain [add]
03. Too Late [add]
04. Must Be Love [add]
05. I Don't Want to Cry [add]
06. I Have Nothing [add]
07. Next to You [add]

Flex Flex (2006) 01. Watching U [add]
02. The One [add]
03. Longing [add]
04. God Is the Only Way [add]
05. With Ur Loving [add]
06. Flex Flex [add]
07. No Trouble [add]
08. Jealous Lover [add]
09. I'll Make U Want [add]
10. New Lover Hip Hop Remix [add]
11. Good Girl Remix Feat. Freddie Mcgregor [add]
12. Maybe One Day [add]
13. Call Me Remix Feat. Big Miz/Kuch [add]
14. Wondering [add]
15. Good Girl Hip Hop Remix Feat. Freddie Mcgregor [add]
16. Real Love [add]
17. When U Whine It [Radio Mix] [add]

Fancy Face (2006) 01. Fancy Face [add]
02. Always [add]
03. Here to Stay [add]
04. Here We Are [add]
05. It's Just Me Lord [add]
06. I Appreciate You [add]
07. Because of You [add]
08. Nice - N - Slow [add]

Can't Hold Meh Down (2006) 01. Champion Lover [add]
02. Love Doesn't Come Easy [add]
03. Jah Jah's Day [add]
04. Can't Hold Meh Down [add]
05. What a World [add]
06. Love Doesn't Come Easy Ft. Don Tuttle [Remix] [add]

No War (2006) 01. No War [add]
02. Rasta Man Cryin' [add]
03. Carry Deh Love [add]
04. What a World [add]
05. Poor People [add]
06. Jah Jah's Day [add]
07. Love Is Deh Answer [add]
08. It's Funny [add]

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