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Jay McShann lyrics
Genre: Blues
Kansas City Memories (0000) 01. Vine Street Boogie [add]
02. Cherry Red [add]
03. Milt Jay Bird [add]
04. Yardbird Waltz [add]
05. My Chile [add]
06. Hot Biscuits [add]
07. 'Tain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do [add]
08. Doo Wah Doo [add]
09. Funky K.C. [add]
10. Please Mister McShann [add]
11. Honeysuckle Rose [add]

Going to Kansas City [1972] (0000) 01. Doggin' Around [add]
02. Hootie's Ignorant Oil [add]
03. Blue and Sentimental [add]
04. Hootie's in Hutchinson [add]
05. Say Forward, I'll March [add]
06. 'Fore Day Rider [add]
07. Moten Swing [add]

Man from Muskogee (0000) 01. After You've Gone [add]
02. 'Fore Day Rider [add]
03. Yardbird Suite [add]
04. I'll Catch the Sun [add]
05. Things Ain't What They Used to Be [add]
06. Smooth Sailing [add]
07. Mary Ann [add]
08. These Foolish Things [add]
09. Hootie Blues [add]
10. Nancy Boogie [add]
11. Jumpin' at the Woodside [add]

Vine Street Boogie (0000) 01. My Chile [add]
02. Hootie Blues [add]
03. Satin Doll [add]
04. I'm Beginning to See the Light [add]
05. Vine Street Boogie [add]
06. Confessin' the Blues [add]
07. Yardbird Waltz [add]
08. Hootie's Ignorant Oil [add]

After Hours (0000) 01. After Hours [add]
02. Kansas City Blues [add]
03. How Long Blues [add]
04. The Staggers [add]
05. Vognporten Boogie [add]
06. Ace in the Hole [add]
07. Yardbird Waltz [add]
08. Man from Muskogee [add]
09. Diblin' and Dablin' [add]
10. 'Fore Day Rider [add]
11. 'Tain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do [add]
12. Doo Wah Doo [add]
13. Hot Biscuits [add]
14. Cherry Red [add]
15. Jumpin' With McShann [add]
16. After Hours [#] [add]

The Last of the Blue Devils (0000) 01. Confessin' the Blues [add]
02. 'Tain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do [add]
03. Hootie Blues [add]
04. Blue Devil Jump [add]
05. My Chile [add]
06. Jumpin' at the Woodside [add]
07. Just for You [add]
08. Hot Biscuits [add]
09. 'Fore Day Rider [add]
10. Kansas City [add]

Swingmatism (0000) 01. Swingmatism [add]
02. Am I Blue [add]
03. The Shadow of Your Smile [add]
04. Lullaby of Birdland [add]
05. Just A-Sittin' and A-Rockin' [add]
06. All Too Soon [add]
07. The Jeep Is Jumpin' [add]
08. Evenin' [add]
09. The Mooche [add]
10. A Night in Tunisia [add]

At Cafe Des Copains (0000) 01. Exactly Like You [add]
02. Autumn in New York [add]
03. The Bells Are Ringing [add]
04. Body and Soul [add]
05. Caravan [add]
06. But Beautiful [add]
07. (Back Home Again In) Indiana [add]
08. Night Train [add]
09. On the Trail [add]
10. Once in a While [add]
11. Watch What Happens [add]
12. Sweet Sue [add]
13. I Cover the Waterfront [add]
14. But Not for Me [add]

Just a Lucky So and So (0000) 01. When I Grow Too Old to Dream [add]
02. Georgia on My Mind [add]
03. Basin Street Blues [add]
04. Red Sails in the Sunset [add]
05. On a Clear Day You Can See Forever [add]
06. Lazy River [add]
07. Once upon a Time [add]
08. Just a Lucky So and So [add]

Paris All-Star Blues: A Tribute (0000) 01. The Jumpin' Blues [add]
02. Moten Swing [add]
03. I'm Just a Lucky So and So [add]
04. Lonely Boy Blues [add]
05. Parker's Mood [add]
06. Say Forward, I'll March [add]
07. Tender Touch [add]
08. Swingin' the Blues [add]
09. Confessin' the Blues [add]
10. Have You Ever Had the Blues [add]
11. Sebastian [add]
12. Vine Street Boogie [add]
13. Hootie Blues [add]

Some Blues (0000) 01. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down (And Write Myself a Letter) [add]
02. Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You [add]
03. Rompin' at Rudy's [add]
04. Sweet Lorraine [add]
05. Daddling [add]
06. Preaching Blues [add]
07. Ho House Blues [add]
08. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes [add]
09. Don't You Love Your Daddy No More [add]
10. Hey Hootie! [add]
11. The Jumpin' Blues [add]
12. I Want a Little Girl [add]
13. Jazzspeak [add]

The Missouri Connection (0000) 01. The Missouri Connection [add]
02. I'm Getting Sentimental over You [add]
03. I'm Just a Lucky So and So [add]
04. Jumpin' the Blues [add]
05. Sweet Lorraine [add]
06. Reflections [add]
07. What Am I Here For? [add]
08. Fiddlin' Around [add]
09. All of Me [add]
10. In a Sentimental Mood [add]
11. There Will Never Be Another You [add]

Hootie's K.C. Blues (0000) 01. Hootie Blues [add]
02. Red River Blues [add]
03. Confessin' the Blues [add]
04. Vine Street Boogie [add]
05. 'Fore Day Rider [add]
06. Sepian Bounce [add]
07. Hold 'Em Hootie [add]
08. Swingmatism [add]
09. The Jumpin' Blues [add]
10. One Woman's Blues [add]
11. Get Me on Your Mind [add]
12. Dexter Blues [add]
13. Hootie's Ignorant Oil [add]
14. New Confessin' the Blues [add]
15. Lonely Boy Blues [add]
16. So You Won't Jump [add]

Confessin' the Blues (1969) 01. Kansas City [add]
02. Roll 'Em [add]
03. Our Kinda Blues [add]
04. Rollin' With Roland [add]
05. Stompin' in K.C. [add]
06. After Hours [add]
07. Hootie Blues [add]
08. 'Fore Day Rider [add]
09. Hands Off [add]
10. Hootie's Ignorant Oil [add]
11. Confessin' the Blues [add]

The Big Apple Bash (1971) 01. Crazy Legs and Friday Strut [add]
02. Georgia on My Mind [add]
03. Dickie's Dream [add]
04. Ain't Misbehavin' [add]
05. I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water [add]
06. Blue Feeling [add]
07. Jumpin' the Blues [add]

Tuxedo Junction (1980) 01. Tuxedo Junction [add]
02. One Sided Love [add]
03. Robbins Nest [add]
04. Froggy Bottom [add]
05. Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You [add]
06. Do Nothin' Till You Hear from Me [add]
07. Barrelhouse Bolero [add]

Airmail Special (1985) 01. Air Mail Special [add]
02. Drop Me off in Harlem [add]
03. Blue and Sentimental [add]
04. Swingin' the Blues [add]
05. Rose Room [add]
06. That Lucky Old Sun (Just Rolls Around Heaven All Day) [add]
07. Blue Lou [add]
08. Tenderly [add]
09. Jumpin' the Blues [add]
10. Rockin' in Rhythm [add]

Piano Playhouse (1996) 01. McShann's Bounce, Pt. 1 [add]
02. Mr. Hooty [add]
03. Mellow Dog [add]
04. Drunk, Broke and Hungry [add]
05. Geronimo [add]
06. Black Train Blues [add]
07. McShann's Bounce, Pt. 2 [add]
08. Hot Biscuits [add]
09. Soft Winds [add]
10. Ain't Nobody's Business [alternate take/#] [add]
11. Slow Drag Blues [add]
12. Mr. Hooty [alternate take/#] [add]
13. Someone to Watch Over Me [add]
14. You Turned Your Back on Me [add]
15. McShann's Bounce, Pt. 2 [alternate take/#] [add]
16. 12 O'Clock Whistle [add]
17. Buttermilk [add]
18. Sloppy Drunk [add]
19. Hard Working Man's Blues [add]
20. How Long [add]
21. No Name Boogie [add]
22. Thinking About My Baby [add]

Hootie's Jumpin' Blues (1997) 01. Hootie Blues [add]
02. Vine Street Boogie [add]
03. 'Fore Day Rider [add]
04. Hands Off [add]
05. Profoundly Blue [add]
06. Doo Wah Doo [add]
07. I Want a Little Girl [add]
08. Jumpin' the Blues [add]
09. Confessin' the Blues [add]
10. Hootie's Ignorant Oil [add]
11. Hootie's Blues [add]
12. Interview & Solo Piano/Hootie's Blues for Big Miller/Hootie's Kansas [add]

Havin' Fun (1998) 01. Jumpin' the Blues [add]
02. Nevertheless (I'm in Love With You) [add]
03. Vine Street Boogie [add]
04. Summertime [add]
05. Margie [add]
06. Sometimes I Wonder [add]
07. Lullaby of Birdland [add]
08. Just Squeeze Me (But Don't Tease Me) [add]
09. All of Me [add]
10. Wellington Street Bounce [add]

My Baby with the Black Dress On (1998) 01. New Hootie Blues [add]
02. Evenin' [add]
03. But Not for Hootie [add]
04. Stardust [add]
05. Georgia on My Mind [add]
06. My Chile [add]
07. I Just Picked It Out of the Sky [add]
08. Body and Soul [add]
09. All of Me [add]
10. Cherry Red [add]
11. Vine Street Boogie [add]
12. Yardbird Waltz [add]
13. Hands Off [add]
14. I'll See You in My Dreams [add]
15. Jazzspeak [#] [add]

Still Jumpin' the Blues (1999) 01. Goin' to Chicago [add]
02. Moten Swing [add]
03. On the Sunny Side of the Street [add]
04. Ain't Nobody's Business [add]
05. Come on Over to My House [add]
06. Trouble in Mind [add]
07. Say Forward, I'll March [add]
08. Backwater Blues [add]
09. She's Got It [add]
10. Hootie's K.C. Christmas Prayer [add]
11. Bonus Track [After 2 min.] [add]

Hootie! [live] (2000) 01. Cruisin' the Blues [add]
02. Moonlight in Vermont [add]
03. Kewpie Doll [add]
04. Yardbird Suite [add]
05. You're Driving Me Crazy/Moten Swing [add]
06. Flippin' the Blues [add]
07. All of Me [add]
08. As Time Goes By [add]
09. Sweet Georgia Brown [add]
10. My Chile [add]
11. 'Fore Day Rider [add]
12. Crazy Legs and Friday Strut [add]
13. Moanin' Blues [add]
14. Closing [add]

Earliest Bird (2001) 01. I Found a New Baby [add]
02. Body and Soul [add]
03. Moten Soul [add]
04. Coquette [add]
05. Lady Be Good [add]
06. Blues [add]
07. Honeysuckle Rose [add]
08. Cherokee [add]
09. You Say Forward, I'll March [add]
10. Lonely Boy Blues [add]
11. Vine Street Boogie [add]
12. Jump the Blues [add]
13. One O'Clock Jump [add]
14. Bottle It [add]
15. Sweet Georgia Brown [add]
16. Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams [add]
17. One O'Clock Jump [add]

Goin' to Kansas City [2003] (2003) 01. Kansas City [add]
02. Trouble in Mind [add]
03. When I Grow Too Old to Dream [add]
04. Nasty Attitude [add]
05. My Chile [add]
06. Wrong Neighborhood [add]
07. Just for You [add]
08. Confessin' the Blues [add]
09. Kansas City (Revisited) [add]
10. Jay and Johnnie Conversation [add]
11. Some Kinda Crazy [add]
12. One Woman's Man [add]
13. Doo Wah Doo [add]
14. 'Fore Day Rider [add]
15. Ain't Nobody's Business [add]
16. The Fish Fry Boogie [add]
17. Cryin' Won't Make Me Stay [add]
18. Interview/Jay at Home and at This Piano [*] [add]

Hootie's Blues: A Tribute [live] (2006) 01. Confessin' the Blues [add]
02. Yes Sir, That's My Baby? [add]
03. When the Lights Go Out [add]
04. Hootie Blues [add]
05. My Chile [add]
06. I'll Catch the Sun [add]
07. All of Me [add]
08. Deed I Do [add]
09. Jay McShann Interview [*] [add]

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