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Empire State Human lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Pop Robot (Expanded Edition) (2003) 01. Hand on the Gun [add]
02. Paralysed [add]
03. Swinging Pendulums (Wave in Head Remix) [add]
04. I Work for the Government [add]
05. Film Star [add]
06. Pop Robot [add]
07. Channel Five [add]
08. Munich Robots [add]
09. Firebird Sweet [add]
10. Under Your Spell [add]
11. Eastern Lights [add]
12. Robot Love [add]
13. Into Your Life [add]
14. Sach's Theme [add]
15. Apollo [add]
16. Spacelab One [add]
17. Swinging Pendulums (Original Esh Version) [add]
18. Leap of Faith [add]
19. Night Flight [add]
20. Flight from Mars [add]
21. Voice of Radioland. [add]

Liquid Blue (2003) 01. Liquid Blue [add]
02. Time/Travel [add]
03. 'Film Star' Esh Idiot Grin Mix [add]
04. 'We Are Industry' Single Edit - Tycho Brahe [add]
05. 'Dollar in Blue Collar' Synthetik FM Mix [add]
06. 'Chimes' Extended Mix - One Lazy Ear [add]
07. 'Little Alfie' Alfie Go Lightly - C2i Mix [add]
08. 'High' Classic Slow Mix - No Comment [add]

Alpha & Omega (2003) 01. Adrenalin (Empire's Free Rein Mix) [add]
02. Little Alfie (Deep in the Dirt Mix) [add]
03. Paradise (Paradise Lost Mix by Freezepop) [add]
04. Strange Star (Wave in Head Remix) [add]
05. Leap of Faith (Empire's Acid Mix) [add]
06. Chimes (Sony Playstation 2 Advert- One Lazy Remix) [add]
07. The Atom of the Moment (Empire's Split Mix) [add]
08. The Hall of Mirrors (Empire's Radio Edit) [add]
09. Vegas Years [add]
10. Theme from the Persuaders [add]
11. Sullen Eyes [add]
12. Science of Living (Empire's Space Pop Mix) [add]
13. Theme from Halloween [add]
14. Fallout [add]
15. Wait Until the Night [add]

Urbanism (2005) 01. We Are Industry [add]
02. Dollar in Blue Collar [add]
03. Liquid Blue [add]
04. Dreams in the Mirror [add]
05. Digital City [add]
06. High [add]
07. Post Madonna [add]
08. Slaves [add]
09. Spinster's Kiss [add]
10. Reprise [add]

Cycles (2005) 01. Easy Colour [add]
02. Stars Shine Bright [add]
03. The Witch [add]
04. Hi Fi [add]
05. Devil in the Detail [add]
06. Chase the Ace [add]
07. This Is How You Disappear [add]
08. Sonic Prophet [add]
09. Young Lions [add]
10. Signals and Noise [add]
11. Sigh of the City [add]
12. They Live by Night [add]

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