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Jerry "Boogie" McCain lyrics
Genre: Blues
Midnight Beat (0000) 01. She's Crazy 'Bout Entertainers [add]
02. 728 Texas (Where the Action Is) [add]
03. Stick 'Em Up [add]
04. Put It Where I Can Get It [add]
05. Honky Tonk [add]
06. Sugar Baby [add]
07. Homogenized Love [add]
08. Midnight Beat [add]
09. I Don't Care Where I Get My Loving [add]
10. Love Ain't Nothing to Play With [add]
11. Juicy Lucy [add]
12. Somebody's Been Talking [add]
13. Soul Spasm [add]

Blues 'n' Stuff (1989) 01. Messin' With Me Baby [add]
02. Three Wives [add]
03. Brand New Mojo [add]
04. Spoiled Rotten to the Bone [add]
05. Love Makin' Showdown [add]
06. A Rose for My Lady [add]
07. My Baby's Got It [add]
08. Goin' to the Dogs [add]

Strange Kind of Feelin' (1990) 01. Strange Kind of Feeling [#] [add]
02. Have You Heard About the Farmer's Daughter? [#] [add]
03. Early in the Mornin', Baby [add]
04. Don't Lay This Job on Me [add]
05. Blues Disease [add]
06. Shufflin' With Love [add]
07. Susie [add]
08. East of the Sun [add]
09. Wine-O-Wine [add]
10. Stay Out of Automobiles [add]
11. Middle of the Night [#] [add]
12. Crazy 'Bout That Mess [#] [add]
13. Fall Guy [#] [add]
14. Love to Make Up [add]

Love Desperado (1992) 01. Blues Tribute [add]
02. Burn the Crackhouse Down [add]
03. I Need to Do Something [add]
04. Love Desperado [add]
05. The World's on Fire [add]
06. Lovin' School [add]
07. I Used to Have It [add]
08. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy [add]
09. Non-Stop Lovin' [add]

Struttin' My Stuff (1992) 01. Strut Your Stuff [add]
02. Sue Somebody [add]
03. Hold It Right There [add]
04. 1-900 Number [add]
05. Vote [add]
06. It's Gonna Be Good [add]
07. Dr. Love [add]
08. Get You off My Mind [add]

I've Got the Blues All over Me (1993) 01. He Don't Need No Money [add]
02. I Ain't Henpecked [add]
03. I've Got the Blues All over Me [add]
04. Tumblin' in the Sea [add]
05. Long Arm of the Law [add]
06. (She Might Sell My) Teddy Bear [add]
07. Lucy Pearl [add]
08. I Ain't Got Time [add]
09. I'm Gonna Get All the Lovin' I Can Get [add]
10. Just a Little Bit [add]
11. I Want to Be Your Santa Claus [add]

Good Stuff! (1999) 01. She's Tough [add]
02. Steady [add]
03. What About You [add]
04. Rough Stuff [add]
05. Ting-Tang-Tagalu [add]
06. Love Me Right [add]
07. Welfare Cadillac Blues [add]
08. Funky Down Easy [add]
09. Something About My Baby [add]
10. Looks Like I Can See Everybody [add]
11. I'll Come Running Back for More [add]
12. Blues Singing Man [add]
13. Love Whip [add]
14. She Tore Me Up [add]
15. 53 Year Old Man [add]
16. Pussycat A-Go-Go [add]

This Stuff Just Kills Me (2000) 01. Where You Been [add]
02. Super Woman [add]
03. This Stuff Just Kills Me [add]
04. Viagra Man [add]
05. Slave Master [add]
06. My Deal at the Crossroads [add]
07. Jealousy [add]
08. Ain't No Use for Drug Abuse [add]
09. Mama's Gone [add]
10. Madison Mood [add]
11. Deadbeats [add]
12. Pull up in My Garage [add]

American Roots: Blues (2002) 01. Blues Tribute [add]
02. Messin' With Me Baby [add]
03. Sue Somebody [add]
04. Burn the Crackhouse Down [add]
05. I've Got the Blues All Over Me [add]
06. Brand New Mojo [add]
07. Tumblin' in the Sea [add]
08. Spoiled Rotten to the Bone [add]
09. Strut Your Stuff [add]
10. Lucy Pearl [add]
11. Love Makin' Showdown [add]
12. The World's on Fire [add]

Boogie Is My Name [live] (2005) 01. Boogie Is My Name [add]
02. My New Next Door Neighbor [add]
03. Big Butt Sara [add]
04. Potatoe Patch [add]
05. House Party Boogie [add]
06. Short Skirt and Big Leggs [add]
07. Lowdown Dirty Rat [add]
08. Jimmyroll [add]
09. Cry'n Won't Do No Good [add]
10. Demons of the Body [add]

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