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Genre: Blues
Blues in the Key of C (1991) 01. Who It's Going to Be [add]
02. Is It Over? [add]
03. Leaning Tree [add]
04. You Cut off My Love Supply [add]
05. Let's Have a Good Time [add]
06. Selfish Lover [add]
07. It's a Crying Shame [add]
08. I've Got a Good Woman [add]

It's Sweet on the Backstreet (1995) 01. In the Room Next to the Room [add]
02. I've Got Trouble in My Bedroom [add]
03. Home Wreckers [add]
04. Keepin' Up With the Joneses [add]
05. Over at Fannie Mae's [add]
06. It's Sweet on the Backstreet [add]
07. Old Man Jody's Son [add]
08. Slow Down, Lowdown Kind of Love [add]
09. I Wanna Do You Tonight [add]
10. Wife, Woman and Lover [add]

Why? (1997) 01. Part Time Lover, Full Time Fool [add]
02. Why? [add]
03. If Walls Could Talk [add]
04. Broke and Raggedy Blues [add]
05. Tell Him [add]
06. Good Thing Man [add]
07. Is It Over? [add]
08. Home Wrecker [add]
09. Ain't Nothing Wrong With Cheating [add]
10. Is It Him or Is It Me? [add]

Love Seat (1998) 01. Cheater's Nightmare [add]
02. Backdoor Lover [add]
03. Snapper [add]
04. Goin' Back to Cheatin' [add]
05. Two Steps Behind [add]
06. Sooner or Later [add]
07. Love Seat [add]
08. Right in the Middle of Wrong [add]
09. The Viagra Song [add]
10. A Private Affair [add]

It Ain't the Size (1999) 01. If You've Got a Love Problem [add]
02. It Ain't the Size [add]
03. Give a Woman What She Wants [add]
04. We Ought to Be Doin' It [add]
05. Keep It a Secret [add]
06. Fireman [add]
07. Two Wrongs Made a Right [add]
08. Outside Woman [add]
09. You Can't Out Cheat the Cheater [add]
10. Cheater's Paradise [add]

Mr. Freak (2000) 01. Mr. Freak [add]
02. Let's Stomp [add]
03. You Can't Lose What You Never Had [add]
04. Why Should I Get Married When My Neighbor's Got a Wife [add]
05. Hoochie Booty [add]
06. I'll Be Your Lover [add]
07. I Love the Love in You [add]
08. I'm So Glad [add]
09. Why Don't We Get Together [add]
10. Leave the Light On [add]

Songs from the Vault (2001) 01. I Love My Wife [add]
02. Partime Woman [add]
03. Too Think [add]
04. All Because of Your Love [add]
05. So Called Friends [add]
06. Home Wreckers [add]
07. Tell Him [add]
08. If Walls Could Talk [add]
09. So in Love With You [add]
10. Ain't Nothing Wrong [add]
11. Good Thing Man [add]

Goin' Jookin' (2001) 01. It's Sweet on the Backstreet [add]
02. Love Seat [add]
03. Private Affair [add]
04. Why Should I Get Married When My Neighbor's Got a Wife? [add]
05. Goin' Jookin' [add]
06. Over at Fannie Mae's [add]
07. Love Seat [Remix] [add]
08. Two Wrongs Made a Right [add]

You Got to Pay to Play (2002) 01. Show Me What You Working Wit [add]
02. Monkey Talk [add]
03. Brown Sugar [add]
04. Back and Forth [add]
05. Same Door [add]
06. Smack It Up [add]
07. All Caught Up [add]
08. Shadows on the Wall [add]
09. Your Body's Here [add]
10. You Got to Pay to Play [add]

If Heartaches Were Nickels (2004) 01. Cut You A-Loose [add]
02. Doctor Doctor [add]
03. You Belong to Me [add]
04. Ain't No Hoochie Coochie Man [add]
05. I Talk to Myself [add]
06. Hattie Mae's [add]
07. Cadillac Assembly Line [add]
08. Losin' Boy [add]
09. Up at Carl's [add]
10. Next Time You See Me [add]
11. If Heartaches Were Nickels [add]
12. I Like Your Style [add]
13. Your Love Is Real [add]
14. Lonely Man [add]
15. I Walked All Night Long [add]

If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It (2005) 01. Just Enought Love [add]
02. If You Can Do It [add]
03. If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It [add]
04. Booty Club [add]
05. Handy Man [add]
06. Shake My Shaker [add]
07. Back and Forth [add]
08. Same Door [add]
09. All Caught Up [add]
10. Don't Ride My Pony [*] [add]
11. Mississippi Boy [*] [add]
12. Salt in My Sugar Bowl [*] [add]

The After Party (2007) 01. That Boom! [add]
02. Plumber Man [add]
03. Broke into My Heart [add]
04. The After Party [add]
05. Watch It Shake [add]
06. Candlelight [add]
07. I'll Follow That Thang [add]
08. That's the Way We Want It [add]
09. You're the Shhh [add]
10. Christmas in Memphis [add]
11. Mississippi Boy [add]

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