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John M. Feierabend lyrics
Genre: Children's
Frog in the Meadow: Music, Now I'm Two (2000) 01. Giggles [add]
02. Ride-O [add]
03. Here Comes Three Kings [add]
04. Ride a Cock Horse [add]
05. This Is Bill Anderson [add]
06. To Market, To Market [add]
07. O Misses Sippy-O [add]
08. Lets Go to the Wood [add]
09. Row, Row, A-Fishing We'll Go [add]
10. This Little Baby [add]
11. This Little Piggy Went to Market [add]
12. This Kitty Said [add]
13. This Little Mousie [add]
14. Fais Do Do [add]
15. Rock-A-Bye [add]
16. Rain, Rain Go Away [add]
17. A Little Flea Went a Walking [add]
18. Bumble Bee [add]
19. Old Hawk Goes [add]
20. These Are Baby's Fingers [add]
21. Bird Fly Away, Away [add]
22. 'Round and 'Round the Garden [add]
23. Pitter Patter [add]
24. Pat-A-Cake [add]
25. Shoe the Horse [add]
26. Climb up the Ladder [add]
27. Shoe the Colt [add]
28. Soft Kitty [add]
29. Ally Bally [add]
30. Bim Bam, Biri, Biri, Bam [add]
31. Hush, My Babe, Lie Still and Slumber [add]
32. Riding Here to Get Married [add]
33. Handy Spandy [add]
34. Tropt on to Boston [add]
35. Bimbo, Bimbo [add]
36. Bossy-Cow [add]
37. Ride, Charley, Ride [add]
38. See-Saw, Margery Daw [add]
39. The First Little Pig [add]
40. This Little Wind [add]
41. Fire! Fire! [add]
42. Laughing Baby Susan [add]
43. The Dog Says, "Bow Wow" [add]
44. Johnny Had One Friend [add]
45. There She Goes [add]
46. 'Round and 'Round the Garden [add]
47. I'm Gonna 'Bore a Hole [add]
48. My Father Was a Butcher [add]
49. Shera the Sheep [add]
50. Tommy Thumb Is Up [add]

'Round and 'Round the Garden: Music in My First Year (2000) 01. Giggles [add]
02. So Fast, So Fast [add]
03. Father and Mother and Uncle John [add]
04. Trot, Trot to Boston [add]
05. This Is the Way the Ladies Ride [add]
06. Hippety Hop to Bed [add]
07. Gregory Griggs [add]
08. Hop, Old Squirrel [add]
09. Did You Ever, Ever, Ever [add]
10. Snail, Snail [add]
11. I Have Five Pets [add]
12. This Little Cow [add]
13. Wee Wiggie [add]
14. Mrs. Mason [add]
15. This Little Bear [add]
16. This Little Squirrel [add]
17. Roll That Round Ball [add]
18. No Bears Out Tonight [add]
19. Ring-O, Ring-O, Rang-O [add]
20. Sullivan Square [add]
21. 'Round About There [add]
22. 'Round and 'Round the Race Track [add]
23. The Little Mice Go Creeping [add]
24. Three Little Frogs [add]
25. Creepy Mouse [add]
26. On My Toe There Is a Flea [add]
27. Adam and Eve [add]
28. Andrew Brown [add]
29. The Lord Mayor and His Men [add]
30. Peas Porridge Hot [add]
31. Johnny, Johnny, Whoops [add]
32. Bye'n Bye, Bye'n Bye [add]
33. All the Pretty Little Horses [add]
34. Sleep My Baby [add]
35. Tommy O'Flynn [add]
36. Two in a Hammock [add]
37. Walk Old Joe [add]
38. This Is the Way the Ladies Ride [add]
39. Bare Back of a Donkey [add]
40. Hickory, Dickory, Sacra Down [add]
41. Frog in the Meadow [add]
42. Go 'Round the Mountain [add]
43. Riding in a Buggy [add]
44. This Little Boy [add]
45. 'Round About [add]
46. Little Pea [add]
47. Engine on the Track [add]
48. This Little Tiger [add]
49. This One Fell in the Water [add]
50. Allee Galloo [add]

Ride Away on Your Horses: Music, Now I'm One (2000) 01. Giggles [add]
02. Ride Away on Your Horses [add]
03. I Have a Little Pony [add]
04. Had a Mule [add]
05. Leg Over Leg [add]
06. Little White Ponies [add]
07. Ride a Little Horsey [add]
08. See-Saw, Margery Daw [add]
09. Peep Squirrel [add]
10. Pierrot [add]
11. This Is the Father [add]
12. This Little Elf [add]
13. This Is the Man That Broke the Barn [add]
14. Baby's Thumb [add]
15. This Little Crown [add]
16. This Little Puppy [add]
17. Ring Around the Rosy [add]
18. I Roll the Ball [add]
19. Sally Go Round the Sun [add]
20. See the Little Mousie [add]
21. Roly Poly [add]
22. The Cows Are in the Meadow [add]
23. Creeping, Creeping, Creeping [add]
24. 'Round and 'Round the Garden [add]
25. There Was a Little Mouse [add]
26. Cobbler, Cobbler [add]
27. Clap Your Hands [add]
28. Brow Binker [add]
29. Pit, Pat, Well a Day [add]
30. Diddlety, Diddlety, Dumpty [add]
31. Here a Goes a Turtle [add]
32. Cherries Are Ripe [add]
33. Go to Sleep, Go to Sleepy [add]
34. Hush, My Little Bird [add]
35. Ride on Daddy's Knee [add]
36. See the Pony Galloping [add]
37. From Wibbleton to Wobbleton [add]
38. Charley Barley [add]
39. Five Little Riders [add]
40. Buster Brown [add]
41. I Have Lost My Closet Key [add]
42. Grandma Grunts [add]
43. Bye Baby Bunting [add]
44. This Is My Mother [add]
45. This Little Bunny [add]
46. This Little Froggie [add]
47. Hungry Piggy Snout [add]
48. Little Tommy Thumb [add]
49. This Little Piggy Said [add]
50. On, Roll On [add]

First Steps in Classical Music: Keeping the Beat (2001) 01. Concerto No. 10 in C Major: Allegro [add]
02. Concerto No. 11 in B-Flat Major: Allemanda, Allegro [add]
03. Concerto No. 12 in F Lajor: Allegro [add]
04. Concerto in F Major: Giga, Allegro [add]
05. Gloria in D, RV 589: Domine Fili [add]
06. Suite and Dances: Premiere et Deuxiéme Contredanse [add]
07. Suite No. 3 in D, BWV 1068: Gigue [add]
08. Suite No. 4 in D, BWV 1069: Gavotte [add]
09. Suite No. 4 in D, BWV 1069: Rejouissance [add]
10. Suite No. 2 in B Minor, BWV 1067: Bourée I and II [add]
11. Suite No. 2 in B Minor, BWV 1067: Menuet [add]
12. Suite No. 2 in B Minor, BWV 1067: Badinerie [add]
13. Magnificat: Et Exsultavit [add]
14. Water Music: Allegro (Gigue) [add]
15. Fireworks Music: Menuet II [add]
16. Water Music: Menuet [add]
17. Concerto Grosso in D Major, Op. 1, No. 5: Allegro [add]
18. Concerto Grosso in D Major, Op. 1, No. 9: Allegro [add]
19. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, K. 525: Allegro [add]
20. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, K. 525: Rondo, Allegro [add]
21. Symphony No. 40 in G Minor, K. 550: Allegro Assai [add]
22. Ballet Music from Paust: Allegretto [add]
23. Gaîté Parisienne: Overture [add]
24. Gaîté Parisienne: Quadrille and Allegro [add]
25. Gaîté Parisienne: Allegro and Allegro [add]
26. Hungarian Dances: No. 18 [add]
27. Swan Lake: Spanish Dance [add]
28. The Nutcracker: Overture [add]
29. Ancient Airs and Dances, Suite No. 1: Baletto Detto Iiconte Orlando [add]
30. Ancient Airs and Dances, Suite No. 2: Laura Soave [add]
31. Háry János Suite: Viennese Musical Clock [add]
32. Pulcinella Suite: Allegro [add]
33. Symphony #1 in D Major: Gavottel Non Troppo Allegro [add]
34. Rodeo: Hoe-Down [add]
35. Romeo and Juliet: Preparation for the Ball [add]
36. The Comedians: Epilogue [add]

Old Joe Clark (2006) 01. Old Joe Clark [add]
02. Kye Kye Kule (Ghana) [add]
03. Kye Kye Kule [Sing-A-Long] [add]
04. Hop Old Squirrel [add]
05. My Hat Has Three Corners [add]
06. 'Twas on a Monday Morning [add]
07. The Frog and the Mouse [add]
08. Cousin Peter [add]
09. Mother Goonie Bird [add]
10. Cowboy Joe [add]
11. Lucy Rabbit [add]
12. Lucy Rabbit [Sing-A-Long] [add]
13. Long-Legged Sailor [add]
14. Wake Up You Lazy Bones [add]
15. Épo I Tai Tai E [Hawaiian Camp Song] [add]
16. The Sow Took the Measles [add]
17. There Was an Old Woman [add]
18. There Was an Old Woman [Sing-A-Long] [add]
19. Our Gallant Ship [add]
20. Rig-A-Jig Jig [add]
21. Purple Light [add]
22. Purple Light [Sing-A-Long] [add]
23. Go 'Round the Mountain [add]
24. Pickin' a Spot [add]
25. Haul Away Joe [add]
26. The Darby Ram [add]
27. The Fox Went Out [add]
28. When I Was One [add]
29. My Ship Sailed from China [add]
30. The Blue Cockatoo [add]
31. Caney Mi Macaro [Spanish] [add]
32. Caney Mi Macaro [Sing-A-Long] [add]
33. Riding in a Buggy [add]
34. A Sailor Went to Sea [add]
35. Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush [add]
36. Did You Feed My Cow? [add]
37. Did You Feed My Cow? [Sing-A-Long] [add]
38. Alle Galloo [add]
39. Turn, Cinnamon, Turn [add]
40. The Swapping Song [add]

Had a Little Rooster (2006) 01. Had a Little Rooster [add]
02. No More Pie [add]
03. No More Pie [Sing-A-Long] [add]
04. Frog in the Meadow [add]
05. Chop, Chop, Chippity Chop [add]
06. Listen, Listen [add]
07. Over in the Meadow [add]
08. Five Little Ladies [add]
09. Engine, Engine [add]
10. The Ice Cream Sundae [add]
11. Johnny on the Woodpile [add]
12. Johnny on the Woodpile [Sing-A-Long] [add]
13. Pitter, Patter [add]
14. Two Little Birds [add]
15. Ali Baba [add]
16. There Was a Man and He Was Mad [add]
17. My Aunt Came Back [add]
18. My Aunt Came Back [Sing-A-Long] [add]
19. Eensy Weensy Spider [add]
20. Aiken Drum [add]
21. Bill Grogen's Goat [add]
22. Bill Grogen's Goat [Sing-A-Long] [add]
23. Johnny Had One Friend [add]
24. Grandma's Glasses [add]
25. Frog in the Meadow [add]
26. Jenny Jenkins [add]
27. Father Grumble [add]
28. A Ram Sam Sam (Morocco) [add]
29. Bling, Blang [add]
30. Down by the Bay [add]
31. Down by the Bay [Sing-A-Long] [add]
32. Fais Dodo [Cajun] [add]
33. Three Little Monkeys [add]
34. Cobbler, Cobbler [add]
35. Wise Old Owl [add]
36. Wise Old Owl [Sing-A-Long] [add]
37. Here's a Nest [add]
38. Hickory, Dickory, Dock [add]
39. The Tailor and the Mouse [add]

There's a Hole in the Bucket (2006) 01. There's a Hole in the Bucket [add]
02. The Airplane Ride [add]
03. In the Woods [add]
04. Ind the Woods [Sing-A-Long] [add]
05. Peep Squirrel [add]
06. Do Your Ears Hang Low? [add]
07. William He Had Seven Sons [add]
08. The Old Woman and the Pig [add]
09. Kitty Alone [add]
10. There Was a Little Turtle [add]
11. Johnny Works with One Hammer [add]
12. I Met a Bear [add]
13. I Met a Bear [Sing-A-Long] [add]
14. Au Clair de La Lune (In the Evening Moonlight) [French] [add]
15. A Pumpkin for Pie [add]
16. Do, Do, Pity My Case [add]
17. Momma, Buy Me a China Doll [add]
18. Sea Lion [add]
19. Sea Lion [Sing-A-Long] [add]
20. A Tisket, A Tasket [add]
21. All 'Round the Brickyard [add]
22. Big Pig [add]
23. Charlie Over the Ocean [add]
24. Charlie Over the Ocean [Sing-A-Long] [add]
25. I Have Lost My Closet Key [add]
26. Two Tall Telephone Poles [add]
27. Did You Ever See a Lassie? [add]
28. The Crabfish [add]
29. These Are Mother's Knives and Forks [add]
30. The Minister's Cat [add]
31. Tongo [Polynesian] [add]
32. Tongo [Sing-A-Long] [add]
33. Grandma Grunts [add]
34. The Wise Man [add]
35. The Horse Stood Around [add]
36. John the Rabbit [add]
37. John the Rabbit [Sing-A-Long] [add]
38. Old Bald Eagle [add]
39. Circle 'Round the Zero [add]
40. Rissedly Rosseldy [add]

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