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Threk Michaels lyrics
Genre: Folk
Introducing Threk Michaels (1977) 01. Beginning to Believe [add]
02. Cabin Boy on a Ship Lost at Sea [add]
03. Visiting Greenwich Village [add]
04. Bob Dylan (Oh Yes He's a Lot of Things) [add]
05. Deerfrance, You Ask [add]
06. Windy Cindy [add]
07. Devil's Highway [add]
08. Sunlight (Please Come Save Me) [add]
09. Rainbow in the Sky [add]
10. The Ballad of Billy Blue [add]

Songboy Traveler (1979) 01. Motion Madness [add]
02. Going Onward [add]
03. The Dream I've Had All These Years [add]
04. I Love My Harmonica (I Love My Guitar) [add]
05. It Doesn't Really Matter at All [add]
06. Me and the Road [add]
07. Beautiful Jacque of Bourbon Street [add]
08. Lost Along the Way [add]
09. The Ballerina and the Stranger [add]
10. Songboy Traveler [add]

I Am Just A Troubadour (1979) 01. I Am Just a Troubadour [add]
02. The Answer to the Question Why [add]
03. Where the Wind Begins [add]
04. The Ballad of John Hammond SR. [add]
05. Susannah by the Seaside [add]
06. The Mystery of You (For Kathy) [add]
07. When She Falls, She Falls So Hard [add]
08. I'm Alone (For Steve Forbert) [add]
09. Here in This Land [add]
10. The Call [add]

Following That Rock & Roll Star (1981) 01. Following That Rock & Roll Star [add]
02. Some People Say [add]
03. Stay With Me [add]
04. A Room for the Night [add]
05. Down on Blue Street (Everybody Pays) [add]
06. The Man Who Never Cries [add]
07. Coming Down to Love Tonight (Sweet Kathy Blue) [add]
08. Nothing But a Memory [add]
09. Just One More Song (For Karen) [add]
10. If Love Is Like a River [add]

The Fallen One (1992) 01. The Fallen One (For Ricky Nelson) [add]
02. Without You (In My Life) [add]
03. Everyday [add]
04. Memories Down the Line [add]
05. Fly by Night (For Elvis Presley) [add]
06. Yesterday Girl (For Kathy Blue) [add]
07. Before My Life Is Through [add]
08. Can Anyone Tell Me (Where It Went) [add]
09. The Someday Man [add]

As True As You (Songs For Ricky) (1999) 01. As True as You [add]
02. The Lonely Girl I Love [add]
03. My First Night With You [add]
04. I Believe in You [add]
05. You [add]
06. Turn and Walk Away [add]
07. What You're Doing to Me [add]
08. April Fool [add]
09. I Got a Reason to Remember [add]
10. Have You Ever Trues to Find (It's So Hard to Find) [add]

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