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Brian Gladstone lyrics
Genre: Country
Back to the Dirt (2002) 01. Who Killed Betty Two Shoes [add]
02. Carsong [add]
03. Children Sleep in Snow [add]
04. The Black Bearded Wonder [add]
05. Don Valley Parkway Blues [add]
06. Caren42 [add]
07. Icy Northern Town [add]
08. Children of the Sun [add]
09. Cyberbabe [add]
10. Rosebottom [add]
11. Tripping Around [add]
12. Lengthy Diatribe [add]
13. You Know How [add]
14. The Black Bearded Wonder (Live) [add]
15. Hesitation Blues [add]

Psychedelic Pholk Psongs (2002) 01. Asphalt Cowboy [add]
02. Save the Wolverine [add]
03. Flashing Before My Eyes [add]
04. I Like Me [add]
05. Do You Think That You're Dorothy? [add]
06. Orange Juice Song [add]
07. Finger Licking Picking [add]
08. Jamie Lynn [add]
09. A Father's Lullaby [add]
10. Queen of the West [add]
11. I Still Think About You Babe [add]
12. Black Mountain Rag [add]
13. Uncle John [add]
14. Mega City Mel [add]
15. Somebody Stole My Gal [add]
16. Norm's Living Room [add]

Alive & Picking (2003) 01. Asphault Cowboy [add]
02. Jamie Lynn [add]
03. I Like Me [add]
04. Who Killed Betty Two Shoes [add]
05. Somebody Stole My Gal [add]
06. Caren42 [add]
07. Flashing Before My Eyes [add]
08. The Black Bearded Wonder [add]

A Time for New Beginnings (2005) 01. A Song for Everyone [add]
02. Every Day Can Be a Sunny Day [add]
03. For a Day in the Park [add]
04. I'll Try [add]
05. The Flags of Freedom [add]
06. Estrogen [add]
07. Office Tower Blues [add]
08. Conversations with the Past [add]
09. Couch Tomato [add]
10. Mr. Pick Quick's Polka [add]
11. Nag [add]
12. Wally's Pre-Owned Automobiles [add]
13. A Time for New Beginnings [add]
14. A Year in the Valley [add]

Peace Songs for a Better World, Vol. 2 (2006) 01. Peace by Fruit [add]
02. War by Vivek Shraya [add]
03. The Little Things by Claudia Dinatale [add]
04. Why Am I Amazed by Warrior Poetes [add]
05. Home (A Soldier's Story) By Giasone Italiano [add]
06. Now Is the Time by Loudres Pita [add]
07. Life Without Love by Codie Prevost [add]
08. Prayer by Trina Willard [add]
09. World by Melineh Kurdian [add]
10. Everyone Sing by the Splitters [add]
11. A Time for New Beginnings by Brian Gladstone [add]

Songs for a Better Planet, Vol. 1 (2006) 01. Our World: Kate Mac Donald [add]
02. Global Warming Blues: Lenny Solomon [add]
03. For Whom: Janet Bates [add]
04. Moving Mountains: Amilia K Spicer, [add]
05. Ketwam: Sandy Scofield [add]
06. Earth Mother: Beliss [add]
07. Pesticide Song: Terry Winchell, [add]
08. Reverence and Ridicule: Layah Jane [add]
09. The Air: Michael Mish [add]
10. Rescue: Liquid Blue [add]
11. Tall Trees: Lynn Harrison [add]
12. Save the Wolverine: Brian Gladstone [add]

Peace Songs for a Better World, Vol. 1 (2006) 01. Day 4: Christa Couture [add]
02. Give It Away: Quincy [add]
03. Beggar’s Audience: Big Wide Grin [add]
04. Gift: Joe Dolce [add]
05. Hollows: Madras [add]
06. Our Love Is Beautiful, Ethan Gold [add]
07. Guardians: Mad Agnes [add]
08. Change My World: Sean Altman [add]
09. Riverboatman: Finn Coren [add]
10. Too Young to Die: Blair Hansen [add]
11. Weapons of Mass Instruction: James Gordon [add]
12. Catch the Spirit: Roger Ellis [add]
13. Mouse's Crumb: David Gillis [add]
14. The Other Side: Laura Fernandez [add]
15. One One Can Stop Me When I'm out to Be Good: Josh White Jr. [add]

Songs for a Better Planet, Vol. 2 (2006) 01. Shine, Norm Hacking [add]
02. Clayoquot Sound, The Acoustics [add]
03. On the Mexican Coast, Richard Berman [add]
04. Everybody's Too Busy for Love, Megan Bowman [add]
05. Music Town, Lynn Har [add]
06. People Stuff, Harmonious Wail [add]
07. Magnolia, Jacob Moon [add]
08. A Dream, David Connolly [add]
09. We Can Start Today, Josee Allard [add]
10. Quiet Life, Larry Zarella [add]
11. Viaje a La Montana (Trip Through the Andeas Mountains), Inca Sun [add]
12. Angies Song, Bloodties [add]
13. Into the Woods, Rodney Brown [add]
14. Loosing It, Ugur Dogan [add]

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