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Nightingale lyrics
Genre: Folk
Three (2004) 01. Hills/Mulqueen's [add]
02. Peregrination [add]
03. Eric & The Angels/Jenny's Welcome to Charlie/Mariposa [add]
04. Rond a Emile Leffondre/Mardi Gras Song/Breton Plinn [add]
05. Out of Jewett/Raoulf's [add]
06. Battle of Naskeag/Hurry Over/The Flying Tent [add]
07. Regain/Psalm of Life/Plant un Chou [add]
08. The Green Bushes [add]
09. Slang Polska/Alain Pennec's/Breton Hanter Dro [add]
10. La Belle Rose [add]
11. Mazurka/Le Gradlon [add]
12. The Waiting Game/Raze [add]

The Coming Dawn (2005) 01. The Five Roads/The Coming Dawn [add]
02. The Brewer Lad/The Popcorn [add]
03. Schottis Fran Idre [add]
04. Trois Navires/The Cos Reel [add]
05. Time Will End [add]
06. The Black Fly/The Phoenix [add]
07. Reel a Raymond/Mother's [add]
08. La Claire Fontaine/Belle Catherine/Pat de Budgie [add]
09. Scatter the Mud/The Tea Song [add]
10. Polska Efter Hult Linrot/Marche a Queteux Pomerleau [add]
11. Ban Chnoic Eirian O/Mutt's Favorite/Father Francis Cameron [add]
12. Tickle Cove Pond/Over the Ice/Culfadda [add]
13. Farral O'Gara/Trim the Velvet [add]

Sometimes When the Moon Is High (2005) 01. Ballygow/The Bus Stop/MacDonald's [add]
02. The Tinker Behind the Door/Snug in a Blanket [add]
03. The Joker's Pulska/Breton Gavottes [add]
04. J'Entends le Moulin/Louis Cyr [add]
05. The Discharged Drummer [add]
06. Breton Suite Pourlet/The Alley II [add]
07. Tippy Get Your Haircut/Rickey's White Face/Florence Kelly's [add]
08. Canaday I O/The Farrier/Plutos in Scorpio [add]
09. Bury Me Not in the Deep Deep Sea [add]
10. Reel d'Issoudun/La Grondeuse [add]
11. Ma Commere, Ma Mie/Retour de Montaignac [add]
12. Sur La Route de Dijon [add]
13. Soul of the Limestone Rock [add]
14. Eugene O'Donnell/Bea Mae's/Tuttle's/Lady Ann Montgomery [add]

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