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Genre: Folk
A Little Gest of Robin Hood (2001) 01. First Fit: Little John, Much and Scarlett Bring the Gentle Knigh [add]
02. Second Fit: The Gentle Knight Holds His Day and Settles Up With [add]
03. Third Fit: Little John Is the Sheriff's Man and Steals His Money [add]
04. Fourth Fit: Little John, Much and Scarlett Bring the Wealthy Mon [add]
05. Fifth Fit: The Sheriff Holds an Archery Contest. And Breaks His [add]
06. Sixth Fit: The Sheriff Takes the Knight. And Robin Takes the SH [add]
07. Seventh Fit: The King Goes to Bernsdale Looking for Robin Hood. [add]
08. Eighth Fit: Robin Lives With the King for Twelve Months, And The [add]

Keep on Burning (2002) 01. Journey to Myself [add]
02. Since the Midway Came to Town [add]
03. Canebrake [add]
04. Back to Ensenada [add]
05. Break My Heart Again [add]
06. Out on the Prairie [add]
07. Judas Iscariot [add]
08. Old Truckers [add]
09. With Sabers in Our Hands [add]
10. Headlights [add]

Pledge of Allegiance (2004) 01. Red Neck, Blue Collar [add]
02. Medical Marijuana [add]
03. Coming into Glen Rock [add]
04. Horses and Cattle [add]
05. Night Train [add]
06. Unwanted Children [add]
07. Medicine Wheel [add]
08. Pledge of Allegiance [add]
09. One Big Family [add]
10. Incident at the Laundromat [add]
11. Riding on a Train [add]
12. Hot Dusty Day [add]
13. Plains of Moab [add]
14. Man from the Red Sand Land [add]
15. Love Pours In [add]

Ride the Restless Wind (2005) 01. Little Ol' Cabin Home [add]
02. Monroe, Lousisiana, Pipeliners' Brawl [add]
03. Cup of Wine [add]
04. One Last Dive [add]
05. Lost Avenue [add]
06. Within a Few Degrees [add]
07. Luther Brown [add]
08. My Buckskin Lady [add]
09. Painted Arrow [add]
10. Tough Guys [add]
11. Holy Ground [add]
12. Love Pours In [add]

World Without End (2006) 01. Little Wiley Harpe, 1803 [add]
02. Joaquin Murietta, 1853 [add]
03. Tupelo, Mississippi, 1936 [add]
04. Bubba Rose, 1961 [add]
05. Madeline, 1796 [add]
06. John Willis, 1984 [add]
07. Jesse Washington, 1916 [add]
08. Kid Curry, 1904 [add]
09. Boss Weatherford, 1033 [add]
10. Doc Cunningham, 1868 [add]

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