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Oscar James lyrics
Genre: R&B
The Power of Courage (1997) 01. One One Pennie [add]
02. Can't Stop the Carnival [add]
03. Courage [add]
04. You [add]
05. Violence & Wars [add]
06. Woman Band [add]
07. Kateater [add]
08. One One Pennie (Rap) [add]
09. I Love You St. Vincent [add]
10. You in Pan Rhapsody [add]
11. No Pare el Festival [add]
12. Babylon Dread [add]

Soca Anthology, Vol. 1 (2000) 01. Party Crashers [add]
02. Sweet Carnival [add]
03. Party on Fire [add]
04. Take Me Home [add]
05. La Bamba [add]
06. Come Lel We Party [add]
07. Party Time [add]
08. Carnival Sweet [add]
09. Soca la Bamba [add]

My Time (2002) 01. Fight the Terrorist [add]
02. Finger Man [add]
03. Playing With Meh Head [add]
04. Peace Not War [add]
05. Commissioner [add]
06. Can't Let You Go [add]
07. Amagidon [add]
08. Terrorist [add]
09. Let You Go [add]
10. Finger Man [add]
11. Amagidon [add]
12. A Time Will Come [add]
13. Living Martyrs [add]
14. Wisemen [add]
15. My Woman [add]
16. In a Town Called Chateau [add]
17. Commissioner T. V . Track [add]

Peace on Earth (2003) 01. Siilver Bells [add]
02. Feliz Navidad [add]
03. White Christmas [add]
04. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer [add]
05. Jingle Bells [add]
06. I Wish You a Merry Christmas [add]
07. Christmas Time [add]
08. We Don't Want Christmas Done [add]
09. Have a Merry Christmas [add]
10. Christmas Reggae Medley [add]
11. Christmas Time Instrumental [add]
12. We Don't Want Christmas Done [add]
13. Have a Merry Christmas-Pan Solo [add]
14. Pomp and Circumstance [add]
15. Ode to Joy [add]
16. Minuet in G [add]
17. Bourree [add]

Learn the Computer (2005) 01. Learn the Computer [add]
02. Party Woman [add]
03. Te Queriro St. Vincent [add]
04. Guitars in Babylom [add]
05. Computer Technology [add]

The Man and His Music (2006) 01. Cock [add]
02. Sideman [add]
03. Fun Time Again [add]
04. Woman Band [add]
05. Playing with Meh Head [add]
06. Katrina [add]
07. Feeling&Emotion [add]
08. This Is Misery [add]
09. Sideman [add]
10. Zouke Music [add]

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