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Hilary James [Folk] lyrics
Genre: Folk
Burning Sun (1993) 01. Over the Ocean [add]
02. Busy Old Fool [add]
03. La Marche des Rois [add]
04. Polly Vaughan [add]
05. Two Sisters [add]
06. Bay of Biscay [add]
07. Lascia Chio Pianga [add]
08. Seeds of Love [add]
09. Lonesome Day [add]
10. Les Berceaux [add]
11. March Borrowed from April [add]
12. Sail Away [add]

Love, Lust & Loss (1996) 01. Salisbury Plain [add]
02. Snowy Breasted Peal [add]
03. Jack O Braidiesley [add]
04. Corn Rigs [add]
05. Barbara Allen [add]
06. Come to the Bower [add]
07. Appleton Fair [add]
08. Dreamless Sleep [add]
09. Thornaby Woods [add]
10. Annan Water [add]
11. Searching for Lambs [add]
12. Bruton Town [add]
13. Water Is Wide [add]

Bluesy (1999) 01. Travellin' Blues [add]
02. Hong Kong Blues [add]
03. Brady and Duncan [add]
04. Poor Wayfaring Stranger [add]
05. Fighting the Jug [add]
06. Double Crossin' Papa [add]
07. Melancholy Blues [add]
08. Me and My Chauffeur [add]
09. Meet Me Where They Play the Blues [add]
10. Ready for the River [add]
11. Blues in the Night [add]
12. One Black Rat [add]
13. Rising Sun Blues [add]
14. Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens [add]

Musical Mystery Tour 5: Midsummer Market (2000) 01. Cocos Island [add]
02. Sketch: Early Morning Call [add]
03. This Way That Way [add]
04. Sketch: Simon's Damp Shed [add]
05. The Spider in the Shed [add]
06. Sketch: A Morning Cuppa [add]
07. Granny Had a Washboard [add]
08. The Grand 'Ol Duke of York [add]
09. Curly Tails [add]
10. Cajun Yodel [add]
11. Harry the Hicupping Horse [add]
12. Greedy Goats [add]
13. Sketch: What's at the Market? [add]
14. Thomas & Strange Stradivari [add]
15. Midsummer Market [add]
16. Sketch: Wandering Round the Fair [add]
17. Midsummer Market [add]

Musical Mystery Tour 4: Snowman & Kings (2000) 01. The Snowman's Song [add]
02. Australian Father Christmas [add]
03. I Saw Three Ships [add]
04. When the Snow Falls Softly Down [add]
05. Sketch: Hilary Feeds Puss [add]
06. Shipwreck on Hawaii [add]
07. Sketch: Strange Plants [add]
08. Crazy Lazy Daisy [add]
09. The Turkish Toetapper [add]
10. Clickety Clack [add]
11. Sketch: Trainspotter! [add]
12. Under the Old Oak Tree [add]
13. Sketch: Mrs Tucker's Horse [add]
14. Flop-Eared Mule [add]
15. Sketch: Dan Gets His Present [add]
16. Old Dan Tucker's Last Ride [add]
17. Sketch: Dan Loses His Teech [add]
18. King Wastelot & Right Royal Rubbish Dump [add]
19. Magpie Sitting on a Broken Chair [add]

Musical Mystery Tour 3: A Big Surprise (2000) 01. If You Want to Talk to a Bee [add]
02. Sketch: Simon's Door Bell [add]
03. My Bike [add]
04. Sketch: Sitting in a Cowpat [add]
05. A Big Surprise [add]
06. Sketch: Counting Sheep [add]
07. Sleepy Sheep [add]
08. Chico the Bandit [add]
09. Sketch: Who Left These Toffees? [add]
10. Toss the Pancake [add]
11. Sketch: Strange Sounds [add]
12. Will a Willow [add]
13. Sketch: A Man of Few Worlds! [add]
14. The Scarecrow Song [add]
15. The Trumpet Hornpipe [add]
16. Sketch: Buried Treasure [add]
17. Bobbed in on the Tide [add]
18. King Canute at Cleethorpes [add]
19. The Road to Banbury [add]

Musical Mystery Tour 2: Up in a Big Balloon (2000) 01. I Love All the Fruit [add]
02. Sketch: Pink Flying Elephants [add]
03. A Flock of Fat Flamingoes [add]
04. Sketch: Simon Sees a Dodo [add]
05. Hum Hum Hum [add]
06. The Slippery Slimy Trout [add]
07. Wait for the Wagon [add]
08. Sketch: Where's Dan Tucker? [add]
09. Old Dan Tucker's Tune [add]
10. Pipped at the Post [add]
11. Old Dan Tucker's Song [add]
12. Give Me a Drum [add]
13. The Farmyard Tango [add]
14. Hoots and Whistles [add]
15. Buffalo Girls [add]
16. Sketch: Blowing Up a Balloon [add]
17. Up in a Big Balloon [add]

Musical Mystery Tour 1: Gobble! Gobble! Gobble! (2000) 01. Sketch: Turkeys Invade [add]
02. The Sailor's Hornpipe [add]
03. The Parrot Song [add]
04. The House Next Door [add]
05. The Hen's March [add]
06. Sketch: Turkeys Are Back! [add]
07. It Ain't Gonna Rain No More [add]
08. Herring's Head [add]
09. Sally Ann Johnson [add]
10. The Fire Brigade [add]
11. I Like to Eat [add]
12. Sketch: Two Cunning Turkeys [add]
13. The Fat Fat Farmer [add]
14. Clucking in the Henhouse [add]
15. Lime Rock [add]
16. The Bucking Mule [add]
17. Gobble! Gobble! Gobble! [add]

Lullabies With Mandolins (2004) 01. Lavender's Blue [add]
02. Pieds-En-L'Air [add]
03. Fais Do Do [add]
04. All the Pretty Little Horses [add]
05. Over the Hills and Far Away [add]
06. Grieg's Cradle Song [add]
07. Dance to Your Daddy [add]
08. Andante from Vivaldi's Mandolin Concerto [add]
09. Golden Slumbers [add]
10. Schubert's Cradle Song [add]
11. Hush-A-Bye Baby [add]
12. Raisins and Almonds [add]
13. German Cradle Song [add]

Laughing With the Moon (2004) 01. The Dream [add]
02. The Reel Thing [add]
03. The Shearing's Not for You [add]
04. Hunt the Squirrel/Long Odds [add]
05. Newcastle [add]
06. Carolan's Concerto [add]
07. Andrew Lammie [add]
08. Hey Johnny Cope!/Athol Highlanders [add]
09. Fireflies [add]
10. Laughing With the Moon [add]
11. Shenandoah [add]

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