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Harvey Taylor lyrics
Genre: Spoken Word
A Planet Where Flowers Bloom, And Bombs Fall (2004) 01. The Dove of Peace [add]
02. The Empire Throws Another Temper Tantrum [add]
03. Looking Through My Father's Eyes [add]
04. How Happy They Must Be [add]
05. Stepping Closer, And Closer [add]
06. Ground Zero [add]
07. For a Few Minutes Today [add]
08. Words of Wisdom [add]
09. Welcome to My Dream [add]
10. Cover-Up [add]
11. A Place You Care About [add]
12. Bombs Fall on Baghdad [add]
13. A War Crime Beyond Comprehension [add]
14. In the Middle of This Nightmare [add]
15. A Sequence of Words [add]
16. Detained at the Border [add]
17. I Just Got Here from the Moon [add]
18. One Small World [add]
19. We've Been Adbucted by Aliens [add]
20. I'm Uncle Sam [add]
21. Sunshine & Rain [add]
22. The 'President' Holds Another 'Press Conference' [add]
23. This Just In [add]
24. Headline [add]
25. Paul Revere Rides Again [add]
26. (1st Track on 2nd CD) -My Father's Flag [add]
27. Butterfly-Blessing [add]
28. Setting a Good Example [add]
29. You Can Believe Everything I Say [add]
30. A Story for Scheherazade [add]
31. Clean-Up Time [add]
32. Flora Galora [add]
33. Scarlet, Yellow, Brown [add]
34. Time out of Mind [add]
35. Humanity Hanging on a Cross of Iron [add]
36. My Father Was a Sailor [add]
37. Boot Camp [add]
38. Listening to the Moon [add]
39. O, Little Town [add]
40. Peace [add]
41. Broke & Hungry [add]
42. A Different World [add]
43. Obsession [add]
44. A Planet Where Flowers Bloom, And Bombs Fall [add]
45. We Dreamers Gather [add]
46. The Healing Song [add]
47. Books of Peace [add]
48. Listening to the Crickets' Song [add]
49. Delete [add]

Taking the Whole World Along (2005) 01. The Garden Path [add]
02. Chocolate Chip Cookies, & Broccoli [add]
03. Bessie [add]
04. Behind Those Bars of Steel [add]
05. I'm Not Complaining [add]
06. Three-Way Mirrors [add]
07. Brother Ray [add]
08. A Lonesome Day [add]
09. Azul [add]
10. Taking the Whole World Along [add]
11. Dirge for the War Dead [add]
12. Scheherazade Casts Another Spell [add]
13. Someone I Really Admire [add]
14. In a Cocoon [add]
15. If I Had Wings [add]
16. Movin' On [add]
17. Too Bad [add]
18. It Was a Very Good Year [add]
19. Round & Round, & Round We Go [add]
20. At the Door [add]
21. Eyes Moving Rapidly [add]

Points of View (2007) 01. A Tree, Singing [add]
02. Reverence & Mystery [add]
03. Haruki Murakami Regards Raymond Carver [add]
04. Condensing the Dictionary [add]
05. Spinning [add]
06. They're Still Dancing, By God [add]
07. The Beachwalkers [add]
08. Walking with Jean & Gini [add]
09. Bathing Baby Buddha [add]
10. How Cuba Got Its Name [add]
11. The Lunatics Are Running the Asylum [add]
12. All Night, And All Day [add]
13. Break the Vicious Cycle [add]
14. Damn Good [add]
15. A Lesson from Louis [add]
16. One with Catnip [add]
17. Salad Cow [add]
18. Determination [add]
19. Torturers R Us [add]
20. Recovering Egomaniac [add]
21. A Clue [add]
22. It Used to Really Bug Me [add]
23. Another Look at the Blueprint [add]
24. Blessings & Great Happiness [add]
25. Snowy Night [add]

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