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The Black Watch lyrics
Genre: Rock
Amphetamines (1994) 01. Come Inside [add]
02. See You Around lyrics
03. Whatever You Need [add]
04. Kill [add]
05. Just Get Away [add]
06. Letter [add]
07. King of Good Intentions [add]
08. Whirl [add]
09. You've Got This Thing [add]
10. Tulip [add]
11. Just Last Night [add]
12. Night Light [add]

Ladies from Hell (1998) 01. 4/4 Marches [add]
02. Selection [add]
03. Retreat Airs [add]
04. March, Strathspey and Reel [add]
05. Slow Air, Jigs and Hornpipe [add]
06. 6/8 Marches [add]
07. Reel [add]
08. 2/4 Marches [add]
09. Slow Air, Hornpipe, Jig and Hornpipe [add]
10. 4/4 Marches [add]
11. Compound Marches [add]
12. Reels [add]
13. Retreat Marches [add]
14. Selection [add]

The King of Good Intentions (1999) 01. Uncheerupable [add]
02. Parachutes [add]
03. Drag [add]
04. Quasi Stellar Radio Source [add]
05. Evangeline [add]
06. Obligatory Blues [add]
07. The Wrong People [add]
08. Your Mary Janes [add]
09. Pretty [add]
10. Hey Hey Hey [add]

Lime Green Girl (2000) 01. Caroline [add]
02. Bring Me the Shears! [add]
03. Seven Rollercoasters [add]
04. I Remember Swimming [add]
05. All the Stars Are Jewel-Bright [add]
06. If You Could Read My Mind [add]
07. Cellophane [add]
08. Purple Milk & Yr Pink Sky [add]
09. Summerland [add]
10. Quasi Stellar Radio Source [*] [add]
11. Uncheerupable [*] [add]
12. Steve Albini [*] [add]
13. Whatever You Need [*] [add]
14. See You Around [*] [add]
15. Humming [*] [add]
16. Terrific [*] [add]

Jiggery-Pokery (2002) 01. The Tennis-Playing Poet Roethke Said [add]
02. Alice in Lotusland [add]
03. Lovestruck [add]
04. Bathyscope to Astronaut [add]
05. What Is the Color of Happiness? [add]
06. Dear Abby [add]
07. Here Today [add]
08. Come Tomorrow [add]
09. Everything Is Just a Scam [add]
10. Persephone Achieves [add]
11. Mr. Ordinary Man [add]
12. Westminster [add]
13. To William, My Father, Who Brought Home Books on India [Doot Doot Mix] [add]

Very Mary Beth (2003) 01. All These Shivers [add]
02. Mary Beth [add]
03. There Must Be Something Wrong [add]
04. Beautiful [add]
05. Bitter Getting Better [add]
06. Floating [add]
07. That's Just How It Went This Time Around [add]
08. Kick [add]
09. Kensington Gardens [add]
10. The Girl of My Dreams [add]
11. The Tug Attraction [add]
12. Magic Shoes [add]

The Hypnotizing Sea (2005) 01. Innercity Garden [add]
02. Buttercup Fairchild [add]
03. Papercut [add]
04. Dylan Dylan Dylan [add]
05. The Hypnotizing Sea [add]
06. The Teacup Song [add]
07. Willing to Wait [add]
08. How I Go Round [add]
09. Another Summer Coming [add]
10. The Shakespeare Song [add]
11. Story of Your Life [add]
12. Room 407 [add]
13. The Way of the World [add]

The Dark Island (2005) 01. The Dark Island [add]
02. Company Marches: Atholl Highlanders/Lord Alexander Kennedy/Ho Ro My Nut [add]
03. Highland Troop: My Home/Highland Cradle Song/Skye Boat Song/Corriechoil [add]
04. Rose of Kelvingrove [add]
05. Amazing Grace [add]
06. Company Set: [add]
07. Glamis Castle [add]
08. Glencoe [add]
09. 51st Highlanders Division/Battle of Waterloo/Killiecrankie/Marquis of H [add]
10. Loch Maree [add]
11. Regiemental Marches: Black Bear/Heilan' Laddie [add]
12. Slow Air/Jigs: [add]
13. Caledonia, Devil's Staircase [add]
14. Long Reveille: Soldier's Return/Grannie Duncan/Say Will Ye Yet (Wearing [add]
15. She Moves Through the Fair, Airlie's Big Day [add]
16. Solo Piper, Sleep Dearie Sleep [add]
17. Frank Thomson, Dundee City Police Pipe Band, Fairview Cottage [add]
18. Morag of Dunvegan/Lady Madelina Sinclair/Piper of Drummond/The High Roa [add]
19. Roses of Prince Charlie/Ye Jacobites by Name/The Forty Second/Gillie Ca [add]
20. Colin's Cattle, Dunkirk Boatman [add]
21. The Day Thou Gavest, Auld Lang Syne [add]

Tatterdemalion (2006) 01. Tatterdemalion [add]
02. The Angels Just Might Be on Her Side [add]
03. Where Were Orange Trees [add]
04. Williamsburg [add]
05. Ashly [add]
06. Covers 0The Bummers [add]
07. The Lost Colony of Roanoake [add]
08. Autoportrait [add]
09. Her Jet Black Hair [add]
10. Blue Umbrella [add]
11. Never Know [add]

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