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Thaddeus Carlton lyrics
Genre: Easy Listening
Alive at the Studio (2003) 01. Talk to the Hand [add]
02. Merci Beaucoup [add]
03. Bedroom Eyes [add]
04. You're My Girlfriend [add]
05. Cheeseburger [add]
06. Mamacita [add]
07. Broken Heart [add]
08. Dream [add]
09. Nothin's Changed [add]
10. I'm in Love [add]
11. If You Want My Love [add]
12. The Very First Time [add]
13. Lving in Heaven [add]
14. Just Chillin' [add]

Thaddeus Carlton (2004) 01. The First Kiss [add]
02. Right Number [add]
03. American Idol [add]
04. I Just Want to Dance [add]
05. Things Change [add]
06. Spy Movie [add]
07. If Ever [add]
08. I'm Still in Love [add]
09. Keep on Doin' to Me [add]
10. Over and Over Again [add]
11. Tell It Like It Is [add]

Proud to Be American (2004) 01. Proud to Be American [add]
02. Two More Days 'Til Xmas [add]
03. Last Call for Love [add]
04. A Lover's Work Is Never Done [add]
05. Making Love [add]
06. Baby, Baby [add]
07. It Almost Feels Like Love [add]
08. Who's Your Daddy? [add]
09. Power to the People [add]
10. The Girl Next Door [add]
11. Fake Id [add]
12. I Love Her to the Bone [add]

Monster (2004) 01. Monster [add]
02. Bling , Bling ! [add]
03. I Saw You at the Club [add]
04. What Goes Up Comes Down [add]
05. My Heart Belongs to You [add]
06. You're So Hot ! [add]
07. I Love You [add]
08. If You See My Girl [add]
09. Nightmare [add]
10. I Got Somethin' [add]
11. Theme from 'Alias' [add]
12. Dancin' With No Music [add]

Ambrosia (2004) 01. Four Seasons [add]
02. Give It to Me [add]
03. After the Show [add]
04. Get It On [add]
05. Fan Club [add]
06. Ambrosia [add]
07. City Life [add]
08. Black & White Only [add]
09. Lady in th' House [add]
10. Friends [add]
11. Dependent Woman [add]
12. J.D.C.W.K.C.y.D. [add]
13. Stop Lyin' [add]
14. Rock Your World [add]

Get Busy (2004) 01. Get Busy [add]
02. Tough Guys [add]
03. Every Time We Touch [add]
04. All of Me [add]
05. If This Ain't the Blues [add]
06. A Lone Saxophone [add]
07. Baby It's Me [add]
08. I Love You for Being You [add]
09. Let's Stay Inside [add]
10. My Baby's Back [add]
11. My Letters [add]

Retro (2004) 01. Consensual Sex [add]
02. Mrs. Smith [add]
03. No Tell Motel [add]
04. Cruisin' Down the Avenue [add]
05. 3 (X) A Day [add]
06. Illusions [add]
07. Never Was [add]
08. The Thrill of It All [add]
09. Crazy Mad Psycho [add]
10. If It Feels Good [add]
11. Heartbreaker [add]
12. The Baby's Daddy [add]

When Two People Come Together (2005) 01. Everyday People [add]
02. When Two People Come Together [add]
03. Desperate Housewives [add]
04. Moonstruck [add]
05. Mind Your Own Business [add]
06. You Had Me at Hello [add]
07. You Call Him Allah [add]
08. Bump, Bump [add]
09. Lingerie [add]
10. Hit Song [add]
11. God Is Watching Us [add]
12. The Rules of the Ghetto [add]

Next (2005) 01. You Can't Run from the Night [add]
02. All Night Long [add]
03. Don't Call Me Lover [add]
04. Thats the Way You Dance [add]
05. Somebody [add]
06. Brighter Day [add]
07. Valentine [add]
08. Circumstantial Evidence [add]
09. Bring It [add]
10. Thats Cool [add]
11. Revenge [add]
12. The Party Don't Begin (Til I Get There) [add]

Magic Man (2005) 01. Magic Man [add]
02. Musica Latina [add]
03. Genie in a Bottle [add]
04. Let's Get Wild [add]
05. Forever Yours [add]
06. Hollywood Star [add]
07. Seven Numbers [add]
08. Always [add]
09. We're Only Human [add]
10. Press My Button [add]
11. Living Under the Microscope [add]
12. My Name [add]
13. Funky, Funky Jones [add]
14. Be Faithful [add]

Family Begins with Love (2005) 01. Family Begins with Love [add]
02. Let It Go [add]
03. Everybody Knows She's My Baby [add]
04. Boy Toy [add]
05. On and On [add]
06. Sugar Free Love [add]
07. Body Language [add]
08. Your Great Day [add]
09. Hard Work [add]
10. Stop! [add]
11. Hip Huggers [add]
12. It Feels Good [add]
13. Luther's Song [add]
14. Weekend Dad [add]

Lucky 13 (2005) 01. I Want to Know Your Name [add]
02. That Girl She Lied [add]
03. You're the One [add]
04. I Can Do Anything [add]
05. Livin' in Debt [add]
06. Remember Where You Came From [add]
07. I'll Always Be There [add]
08. I'll Never Leave You [add]
09. If the World Was Perfect [add]
10. A Little Bit of Love [add]
11. Rock and a Hard Place [add]
12. I Think I'm in Love This Time [add]
13. To Be a Pimp [add]

California (2006) 01. Halloween [add]
02. Hustlin' [add]
03. I'll Never Love Again [add]
04. Its Unheard Of [add]
05. Dance and Get Down [add]
06. Lover's Paradise [add]
07. You Are the World to Me [add]
08. Spank That Ass [add]
09. Six Pack [add]
10. Martin and Coretta [add]
11. Blame It on Love [add]
12. I Started to Smoke [add]
13. Juanita [add]
14. Sleepin' in My Bed [add]

Superdelicious (2006) 01. Superdelicious [add]
02. A Good Man Is Hard to Find [add]
03. Friends Til the End [add]
04. Bad Man [add]
05. Another Bad Hair Day [add]
06. Merry Christmas [add]
07. Keepin' It Real [add]
08. Jesus Is Our Savior [add]
09. Cryin' on the Inside Blues [add]
10. This I Promise [add]
11. She's Too Hot to Be Your Friend [add]
12. Now Is the Time for Love [add]
13. Beautiful Music [add]
14. I Can Tell You're in Love [add]
15. That Girl Is Crazy [add]

Saturday Night Fever (2007) 01. Mo' Better [add]
02. Paycheck to Paycheck [add]
03. Shakin' That Butter [add]
04. Saturday Night Fever [add]
05. Go 'Head on White Girl [add]
06. Misunderstood [add]
07. Candy Girl [add]
08. Don't Hate the Player [add]
09. You're Gonna Lose Me This Time [add]
10. It's Never Too Late to Fall in Love [add]
11. Louise [add]
12. Strip Club [add]
13. Sugar in Your Coffee [add]
14. The Baby's Not Yours [add]
15. Trust Me [add]

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