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Sina Vodjani lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Freedom (2001) 01. Alap [add]
02. Freedom [add]
03. Feeling of Love [add]
04. Tara Mantra [add]
05. Mahakala, Pt. 1 [add]
06. Tea Offering Prayers [add]
07. Taking Refuge in the Three Jewels [add]
08. Prayer for the Long Life of K.H. the Dalai Lama [add]
09. Dorje Chang [add]
10. Incarnation [add]
11. Rain of Blessing [add]

Mahakala (2002) 01. Mahakala, Pt. 1 [add]
02. Mahakala, Pt. 2 [add]
03. Mahakala, Pt. 3 [add]

Sacred Buddha (2002) 01. Straight to the Heart [add]
02. Om Mani Padme Hung [add]
03. Milarepa [add]
04. Dorje Chang [add]
05. Karmapa Jenno II, Two [add]
06. Wisdom of Love [add]
07. Incarnation [add]
08. Golden Child [add]
09. Mahakala [add]
10. Sacred Buddha [add]
11. Rain of Blessing [add]

Om Shanti (2002) 01. Om Shanti [add]
02. Indian Colours [add]
03. Emaho [add]
04. Alap [add]
05. Feeling of Love [add]
06. Blue Sky [add]
07. Mohabit [add]
08. Dosa [add]

Healing the Heart (2002) 01. Request to My Root Lama Lobsang Jampa Khedrup [add]
02. Praise to Tara in 21 Homages, Mantra and Praises [add]
03. Prayer und Mantras of the Three Long Life Deities [add]
04. Tea Offering Prayers [add]
05. Heartsytra [add]
06. Offering One's Virtues [add]
07. Inviting Padmasambhava, Mantra and Request to Him [add]
08. Request to Tsongkhapa [add]
09. Blessing of the Ground [add]
10. Prayer for the Practice of Lamrim [add]
11. Taking Refuge in the Three Jewels [add]
12. Prayer to Be Able to Complete One's Practice [add]
13. Dedication [add]
14. Prayer for the Long Life of H.H. the Dalai Lama [add]
15. Request and Prayer to Avalokitesvara [add]

Bird of Hope (2002) 01. Lovers! [add]
02. Bird of Hope [add]
03. Freedom [add]
04. Prélude [add]
05. Gardener [add]
06. Fairy or Angel? [add]
07. Blue Sky [add]
08. Spring [add]
09. The Peace Dove [add]
10. Alap [add]

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