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Johnny Shines lyrics
Genre: Blues
Master of the Modern Blues, Vol. 1 (1966) 01. Rollin' and Tumblin' [add]
02. Trouble Is All I See [add]
03. Mr. Tom Green's Farm [add]
04. My Black Mare [add]
05. What Kind of Little Girl Are You [add]
06. So Cold in Vietnam [add]
07. Sweet Home Chicago [add]
08. Walkin' Blues [add]
09. Black Panther [add]
10. Two Trains Runnin' [add]

Last Night's Dream (1968) 01. Solid Gold [add]
02. From Dark 'Til Dawn [add]
03. I Will Be Kind to You [add]
04. Last Night's Dream [add]
05. Baby Don't You Think I Know [add]
06. Pipeline Blues [add]
07. I Don't Know [add]
08. Black Panther [add]
09. I Had a Good Home [add]
10. Mean Fisherman [add]

Johnny Shines with Big Walter Horton (1969) 01. Hello Central [add]
02. You Don't Have to Go [add]
03. Sneakin' and Hidin' [add]
04. Till I Made My Tonsils Sore [add]
05. Fat Mama [add]
06. G. B. Blues [add]
07. Worried Life Blues [add]
08. I Cry, I Cry [add]
09. If It Ain't Me [add]
10. I Want to Warn You [add]
11. I Cry, I Cry (Alternate Take) [alternate take/#] [add]
12. Sneakin' and Hidin', Pt. 2 [#] [add]

Sitting on Top of the World (1972) 01. Delta Pine [add]
02. Pony Blues [add]
03. Milk Cow Blues [add]
04. Dynaflow Blues [add]
05. Glad Rags [add]
06. Pet Rabbit [add]
07. Sitting on Top of the World [add]
08. Ramblin' Blues [add]
09. Tell Me Mama [add]
10. Bumble Bee Blues [add]
11. It Ain't Nobody's Fault But Mine [add]
12. Arguing and Booding [add]

Johnny Shines & Co., Vol. 2 (1974) 01. Little Wolf [add]
02. Mister Cover [add]
03. Shaker [add]
04. Shotgun Whupin' [add]
05. Lost Love Letter Blues [add]
06. Stand by Me [add]
07. Blood Ran Like Wine [add]
08. Chief Tiscaloosa [add]
09. I'm Getting Old [add]
10. Mother's Place [add]
11. Jim String [add]

Country Blues (1974) 01. Ramblin' Blues [add]
02. Maggie Lee Blues [add]
03. You're the One That I Love [add]
04. Sweet Home Chicago [add]
05. Shake 'Em on Down [add]
06. Moaning and Groaning [add]
07. Terraplane Blues [add]
08. Dead Shrimp Blues [add]
09. Steady Rollin' Man [add]
10. Me and the Devil Blues [add]
11. Mean Hearted Woman [add]
12. Ramblin' Blues [add]
13. Hobo Blues [add]
14. Milk Cow Blues [add]
15. Mistreated So Long [add]
16. Sail on Little Woman [add]
17. Hoodoo Man [add]

Too Wet to Plow (1975) 01. Too Wet to Plow [add]
02. Travelling Back Home [add]
03. Hot Tamale [add]
04. Moanin' the Blues [add]
05. Red Sun [add]
06. Winding Mind [add]
07. You Better Turn Around [add]
08. The Wind Is Blowin' [add]
09. Trouble's All I See [add]
10. 30 Days in Jail [add]
11. Pay Day Woman [add]
12. Epilog [add]

Johnny Shines [Hightone] (1976) 01. Give My Heart a Break [add]
02. Too Lazy [add]
03. Moaning and Groaning [add]
04. Just a Little Tenderness [add]
05. I Know the Winds Are Blowing [add]
06. Just Call Me [add]
07. My Love Can't Hide [add]
08. Skull and Crossbones Blues [add]
09. Vallie Lee [add]
10. Can't Get Along with You [add]
11. Have to Pay the Cost [add]
12. Ramblin' [add]

Hey Ba-Ba-Re-Bop (1978) 01. Sweet Home Chicago [add]
02. Delta Pines [add]
03. Kind Hearted Woman [add]
04. I Will Be Kind [add]
05. When Your Troubles Get Like Mine [add]
06. Milk Cow Blues [add]
07. Hey! Ba-Ba-Re-Bop [add]
08. Saddle My Pony [add]
09. I Had a Good Home [add]
10. Terraplane Blues [add]
11. Mean Mistreater [add]
12. Going to the River [add]
13. Do Like the Lord Say Do [add]

Dust My Broom (1980) 01. Ramblin' [add]
02. Fish Tail [add]
03. Cool Driver [add]
04. Ain't Doin' No Good [add]
05. Dust My Broom [add]
06. Pearly B [add]
07. Aw Aw Baby [add]
08. Sweet Woman (From Maine) [add]
09. Evening Sun [add]
10. No Name Blues [add]
11. Evil Hearted Woman [add]
12. Gonna Call the Angel [add]
13. Gonna Call the Angel [Take 3] [add]
14. Evening Shuffle [add]
15. Dust My Broom [alternate take] [add]

Back to the Country (1991) 01. Trouble in Mind [add]
02. Corrine Corrina [add]
03. Cool Driver [add]
04. They're Red Hot [add]
05. Crossroads [add]
06. Lost a Good Woman [add]
07. Evening Sun [add]
08. Peace in Hell [add]
09. Sen Your Man to War [add]
10. Come on in My Kitchen [add]
11. Blues Come to Texas [add]
12. Moon Is Rising [add]
13. Hey Bobba Re Bop [add]
14. Terraplane [add]
15. I Make You Happy [add]

Mr. Cover Shaker (1992) 01. The Devil's Daughter [#] [add]
02. Look Behind the Door [#] [add]
03. Two Steps to Hell [#] [add]
04. The Face in the Courthouse [#] [add]
05. Blood Ran Like Wine [#] [add]
06. May I Apologize [#] [add]
07. Blood Ran Like Wine [add]
08. I'm Getting Old [add]
09. Mother's Place [add]
10. Mr. Cover Shaker [add]
11. Shotgun Whupin' [add]
12. Lost Love Letter Blues [add]
13. Stand by Me [add]

Standing at the Crossroads (1995) 01. Standing at the Crossroads [add]
02. Milk Cow's Troubles [add]
03. Death Hearse Blues [add]
04. Drunken Man's Prayer [add]
05. Hoodoo Snake Doctor Blues [add]
06. It's a Low Down Dirty Shame [add]
07. Your Troubles Can't Be Like Mine [add]
08. Kind Hearted Woman [add]
09. Baby Sister Blues [add]
10. My Rat [add]
11. Don't Take a Country Woman [add]

Worried Blues Ain't Bad (1996) 01. Slavery Time Breakdown [add]
02. This Morning [add]
03. Country Blues [add]
04. Deep Freeze [add]
05. Devil's Daughter [add]
06. You're the One I Love [add]
07. About My Wish [add]
08. Went to the River to Drown [add]
09. I Thought I Heard a Tone [add]
10. Down in Spirit [add]
11. Worried Blues Ain't Bad [add]
12. Stop Cryin' [add]
13. Goodbye [add]

Evening Shuffle (2002) 01. Ramblin' [add]
02. Fish Tail [add]
03. Cool Driver [add]
04. Ain't Doin' No Good [add]
05. Livin' in the White House [add]
06. Please Don't [Take 2] [add]
07. Evening Sun [Take 3-Master] [add]
08. No Name Blues [add]
09. Brutal Hearted Woman [add]
10. Gonna Call the Angel [Master - Take 1] [add]
11. Evening Shuffle [Take 1] [add]
12. Gonna Call the Angel [Rehearsal] [add]
13. Evening Shuffle [Take 2] [add]
14. Please Don't [Take 1] [add]

Heritage of the Blues: Skull & Crossbones Blues (2003) 01. Give My Heart a Break [add]
02. Johnny's Walkin' Blues [add]
03. Skull and Crossbones Blues [add]
04. What Kind of Little Girl Are You? [add]
05. My Black Mare [add]
06. Standing at the Crossroads [add]
07. Rollin' and Tumblin' [add]
08. Trouble Is All I See [add]
09. Fat Mama [add]
10. Drunken Man's Prayer [add]
11. Two Trains Runnin' [add]
12. You Don't Have to Go [add]

"Live" in Europe 1975 (2005) 01. 30:20 Blues [add]
02. Did You Ever Love a Woman (That Didn't Love You) [add]
03. Instrumental [add]
04. Stormy Monday [add]
05. I Believe I'll Dust My Broom [add]
06. I Don't Know [add]
07. Rock Me Mama [add]
08. Motherless Children [add]
09. Got My Mojo Working [add]
10. How Long [add]
11. Kind Hearted Woman [add]
12. Won't Be Your Fool No More [add]
13. Roll and Tumble Blues [add]
14. Why I Sing the Blues So Sad [add]
15. Instrumental [add]
16. Why Do You Treat Me So Mean? [add]
17. St. Louis Blues [add]
18. You Ain't Sugar No More [add]
19. Shake Your Money Maker [instrumental] [add]
20. Ramblin' [add]
21. Stand by Me [add]

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