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Peter Moses lyrics
Genre: Children's
Boogie in the Mud (2005) 01. Boogie in the Mud [add]
02. We Are One [add]
03. Down the Shore [add]
04. More & More Awesome [add]
05. Harmony [add]
06. Still Like Being with Me [add]
07. Comes Back [add]
08. Fun [add]
09. The Thing About Time [add]
10. Kid Cool [add]
11. A Taste of What You Are [add]
12. Dream [add]

Sweet! The Best of the Early Years (2005) 01. Free [add]
02. Dance Through Life [add]
03. The Imagination Wheel [add]
04. Everybody Has a Heart [add]
05. Time for Bed [add]
06. I-Land [add]
07. Gee It's Great [add]
08. The Tease [add]
09. No & Oh Yeah [add]
10. I Can See Tomorrow [add]
11. Teapot Rock [add]
12. You Are a Star [add]
13. Special [add]

90 Nifty Songs (2005) 01. The More We Get Together [add]
02. She'll Be Comin' Around the Mountain [add]
03. Take Me out to the Ballgame [add]
04. Wheels on the Bus [add]
05. I've Been Workin' on the Railroad [add]
06. Row Row Row Your Boat [add]
07. Are You Sleeping? [add]
08. You Are My Sunshine [add]
09. Today Is Monday [add]
10. There Was an Old Lady [add]
11. Down by the Station [add]
12. Maryanne [add]
13. Day-O [add]
14. Be Kind to Your Web-Footed Friends [add]
15. Baa-Baa Sad Sheep [add]
16. Don't Put Your Trash in My Trashcan [add]
17. Home, Home on the Range [add]
18. Love, Love Is All Around [add]
19. Apples and Bananas [add]
20. I Went to the Animal Fair [add]
21. On Top of Spaghetti [add]
22. Do Your Ears Hang Low? [add]
23. B-A-Bay [add]
24. Down by the Bay [add]
25. Nobody Likes Me [add]
26. The Bear Went Over the Mountain [add]
27. Eensy Weensy Spider [add]
28. Skiddamarink [add]
29. Way Up High [add]
30. Jack in the Box [add]
31. Tommy Thumb [add]
32. One Finger, One Thumb [add]
33. Two Little Blackbirds [add]
34. Two Little Froggies [add]
35. I'm a Little Teapot [add]
36. Teapot Rock [add]
37. Clap, Clap, Clap [add]
38. We've Got the Whole World [add]
39. Peter Hammers [add]
40. Goin' to Kentucky [add]
41. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt [add]
42. Little Red Caboose [add]
43. Moonshine Tonight [add]
44. Yankee Doodle [add]
45. Old Brass Wagon [add]
46. Farmer in the Dell [add]
47. Oats, Peas, Beans & Barley Grow [add]
48. Santa Maloney [add]
49. Go Round and Round the Village [add]
50. Sally Go Round the Sun [add]

Kid Songs for Sweet Dreams (2007) 01. It's Time for Bed [add]
02. Quiet, Quiet [add]
03. Getting There [add]
04. Down the Shore [add]
05. Loveable [add]
06. Seasons [add]
07. Are You Sleeping [add]
08. Row Your Boat [add]
09. Sing [add]
10. The Imagination Wheel [add]
11. You'll Always Be [add]
12. Special [add]
13. Dream [add]

How I Wonder (2007) 01. How I Wonder [add]
02. Get to It [add]
03. Getting There [add]
04. On an Adventure [add]
05. (Reprise) On an Adventure [add]
06. Hide and Seek [add]
07. The Storyteller [add]
08. Seasons [add]
09. They're Cool [add]
10. The Beat Is Sweet [add]
11. Boo Boos & Shoes [add]
12. Future [add]
13. Only You Can Know [add]
14. While I'm Gone [add]

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