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Praise & Worship lyrics
Genre: Gospel
I Exalt Thee (1986) 01. What a Mighty God [add]
02. Chosen Generation [add]
03. We Are Able [add]
04. There Is Power in the Blood [add]
05. Are You Washed in the Blood [add]
06. Victory in Jesus [add]
07. Enter into His Gates [add]
08. Bless the Lord, O My Soul [add]
09. Holiness Unto the Lord [add]
10. Great Is Your Love [add]
11. Come into the Holy of Holies [add]
12. Your Glorious Throne [add]
13. Who Is Like Our God [add]
14. It Is You [add]
15. Spirit of the Living God [add]
16. I Exalt Thee [add]

Glory to the Lord (1986) 01. Glory to the King [add]
02. The Lord Reigns [add]
03. He Reigns on High [add]
04. The Lord Reigneth [add]
05. It Is Good [add]
06. You Make Me Lie Down in Green Pastures [add]
07. I Will Praise You Lord [add]
08. Sing Unto the Lord [add]
09. Nothing But the Blood [add]
10. Oh the Blood of Jesus [add]
11. Come into the King's Chambers [add]
12. More Precious Than Silver [add]
13. Thou Art Worthy, Great Jehovah [add]
14. Hail to the King [add]
15. To Thee We Ascribe Glory [add]

To Him Who Sits on the Throne (1986) 01. Shout Joyfully [add]
02. I Will Sing [add]
03. I Will Bless Thee, O Lord [add]
04. Jesus, Name Above All Names [add]
05. I Will Come and Bow Down lyrics
06. Worthy Is the Lamb [add]
07. Exalt the Lord Our God [add]
08. More Than Conquerors [add]
09. Christ in You [add]
10. Exalt the Lord Our God [add]
11. Hosanna [add]
12. Magnify the Lord and Sing [add]
13. To Him Who Sits on the Throne [add]

Praise & Worthy (1987) 01. Come Sing a New Psalm [add]
02. Come Let Us Offer [add]
03. I Will Worship You Lord [add]
04. I Will Love Thee [add]
05. Who Is God Besides Our Lord [add]
06. Blessed Be the Rock [add]
07. Fear Not [add]
08. Be Bold and Be Strong [add]
09. We Will Triumph in the Lord [add]
10. People of God [add]
11. As the Deer [add]
12. O Lord God of Israel [add]
13. In Moments Like These [add]
14. Holy Is the Lord of Hosts [add]
15. Amen! Praise and Honor [add]

Lamb of God (1987) 01. Great Is the Lord [add]
02. Rejoice [add]
03. Let Praise Arise [add]
04. Sing for Joy in the Lord [add]
05. His Love Endures Forever [add]
06. Lord Have Mercy [add]
07. Lamb of God [add]
08. My Heart Overflows [add]
09. Think About His Love [add]
10. The Lord Thy God [add]
11. The Steadfast Love of the Lord [add]
12. Thou Art Worthy [add]
13. Song for the Nations [add]

In His Presence (1987) 01. He Has Made Me Glad (I Will Enter His Gates) [add]
02. Crowned with Mercy (Bless the Lord) [add]
03. Lion of Judah [add]
04. He's Worthy to Be Praised [add]
05. Sing Unto the Lord [add]
06. He That Is in Us [add]
07. The Battle Belongs to the Lord [add]
08. Praise Him [add]
09. Heary My Cry [add]
10. Have Mercy on Me [add]
11. All Consuming Fire [add]
12. Take Me In [add]
13. We Love You, Lord [add]
14. Praise the Name of Jesus [add]

I Will Rejoice (1987) 01. Come, Let Us Sing for Joy [add]
02. Oil of Gladness [add]
03. I Will Rejoice [add]
04. I Love to Praise Him [add]
05. O How Lovely [add]
06. As David Did [add]
07. Sound of Joyful Shouting [add]
08. I Will Praise Him With My Whole Heart [add]
09. Blessed Be the Lord God Almighty [add]
10. He's Our Victorious King [add]
11. I Will Give You Praise (Only You) [add]
12. I Worship You Lord [add]
13. Holy Is My God and King [add]
14. There Is None Holy as the Lord [add]
15. O Lord, Our Lord [add]
16. Now Unto Him [add]

Arise and Sing (1987) 01. How Excellent Is Thy Name [add]
02. Hosanna [add]
03. Arise and Sing [add]
04. I Will Rejoice [add]
05. O, Clap Your Hands [add]
06. Rejoice and Be Exceedingly Glad [add]
07. Blessing and Honor [add]
08. Hallelujah [add]
09. You're Alive Forevermore [add]
10. Hallowed Be Thy Name [add]
11. We Give You Praise [add]
12. See His Glory [add]
13. Jesus, You Alone Are Worthy [add]
14. My All in All [add]
15. The Lord's Prayer [add]

Mighty Warrior (1987) 01. Victors in Christ lyrics
02. Great and Mighty Army lyrics
03. Arise Praise His Name lyrics
04. Arise in the Name of Jesus lyrics
05. Make a Joyful Noise lyrics
06. Thanks Be to God lyrics
07. The Lord Is Building Jerusalem lyrics
08. The God of Israel Is Mighty lyrics
09. Blow the Trumpet in Zion [add]
10. Lift High the Lord Our Banner [add]
11. Mighty Warrior lyrics
12. O Come Let Us Sing for Joy lyrics
13. Joy of My Desire lyrics
14. Alleluia lyrics
15. Glory to the Lamb [add]

The Solid Rock (1988) 01. Come into His Presence [add]
02. Thou Shalt Love the Lord [add]
03. I Will Sing of the Mercies of the Lord [add]
04. Blessed Be Your Glorious Name [add]
05. My Life Is in You, Lord [add]
06. Hosanna [add]
07. Revival in the Land [add]
08. Corner Stone [add]
09. The Solid Rock [add]
10. Rock of My Salvation [add]
11. Change My Heart, Oh God [add]
12. More Than Anything [add]
13. Praise the Lord [add]
14. Bless His Holy Name [add]
15. Worthy Is the Lamb [add]

Lord of All (1988) 01. Come and Worship [add]
02. I Will Sing Praise [add]
03. Celebrate Jesus [add]
04. Come and Worship (Reprise) [add]
05. Clap Your Hands [add]
06. Lord of All [add]
07. Let Us Proclaim His Majesty [add]
08. Hallelujah! The Lord Our God Reigns [add]
09. Joy to the World [add]
10. God Is My Refuge [add]
11. You Are the Mighty King [add]
12. The Sweetest Name of All [add]
13. Holy Is the Precious Blood of Jesus [add]
14. Here in Your Presence [add]
15. O Come Let Us Adore Him [add]

Lord Reigns [10 LP] (1988) 01. The Lord Is Come [add]
02. The Lord Our God Is With Us [add]
03. Victory Ghant [add]
04. Above All Else [add]
05. We Declared That the Kingdom of God Is Here [add]
06. The Lord Reigns (Reprise) [add]
07. He Is Lovely [add]
08. Unto You [add]
09. I Stand in Awe [add]
10. I Will Magnify [add]
11. Crown Him With Many Crowns [add]

Army of God (1988) 01. Glory, Glory to the King [add]
02. The Mighty One of Israel [add]
03. Not by Might nor by Power [add]
04. Jesus, Jesus, Glorious One [add]
05. Salvation Belongs to Our God [add]
06. Bring Forth the Royal Robe [add]
07. Raise Up an Army [add]
08. Go Forth [add]
09. Heal Our Land [add]
10. All We Like Sheep [add]
11. Yahweh Is Holy [add]
12. For This Purpose [add]
13. Battle Hymn [add]

We Have Overcome (1989) 01. The Lord God Is a Sun and Shield [add]
02. The Lord Lives [add]
03. Rejoice, Rejoice [add]
04. My Glory and the Lifter of My Head [add]
05. He Is the King of Kings [add]
06. Rejoice, Rejoice (Reprise) [add]
07. Rejoice for the Steps lyrics
08. God Has Given Us the City [add]
09. No Weapon Formed [add]
10. Shout for He Has Given Us the City [add]
11. The Spirit of Power lyrics
12. We Serve the Mighty God [add]
13. I Am Free [add]
14. Hallelujah! Jesus Christ Is Lord [add]
15. There Is a Fountain Filled With Blood [add]
16. If God Be for Us [add]
17. We Have Overcome [add]

The Lord Reigns [CD] (1989) 01. The Lord Is Come [add]
02. The Lord Our God Is With Us [add]
03. Victory Chant [add]
04. Above All Else [add]
05. We Declare That the Kingdom of God Is Here [add]
06. The Lord Reigns [add]
07. One God [add]
08. The Lord Reigns (Reprise) [add]
09. He Is Lovely [add]
10. Unto You [add]
11. I Stand in Awe [add]
12. I Will Magnify [add]
13. Crown Him With Many Crowns [add]

My Refuge (1989) 01. As I Praise and Worship You [add]
02. We Have Come to Glorify [add]
03. How Great, How Glorious [add]
04. Worship the King [add]
05. A Shield About Me lyrics
06. O Lord, You're Beautiful [add]
07. You're My Refuge [add]
08. Hiding Place [add]
09. How Lovely Are Thy Dwelling Places lyrics
10. Yet Will I Praise Thee lyrics
11. Lead Me to the Rock lyrics
12. Rock of My Salvation [add]
13. Jehovah-Nissi lyrics

Enter His Gates (1989) 01. Enter His Gates [add]
02. The Celebration Song [add]
03. King of Kings [add]
04. Awake, O Israel [add]
05. The Zeal of God [add]
06. The Path of the Righteous [add]
07. Stand Up [add]
08. Blessed Be the Lord [add]
09. One Voice [add]
10. Trust in the Lord [add]
11. With All My Heart [add]
12. You Have Been Given [add]
13. I Sing Praises [add]
14. Hymn of Glory [add]
15. Great Is the Lord [add]

Bless the Lord [Bonus Tracks] (1989) 01. Jesus, You're Worthy [add]
02. I Will Bless the Lord at All Times [add]
03. Jesus, You're Worthy (Reprise) [add]
04. Boundless Love [add]
05. I Was Glad [add]
06. Boundless Love (Reprise) [add]
07. The Lord Is My Strength and My Song [add]
08. The Lord Is My Light [add]
09. We Lift Up a Shout [add]
10. I Want to Be Where You Are [add]
11. Here We Are [add]
12. There's Glory All Around [add]
13. Worthy Is the Land [add]
14. This Is My Holy Place [add]

Bless the Lord (1989) 01. Jesus, You're Worthy [add]
02. I Will Bless the Lord at All Times [add]
03. Jesus, You're Worthy (Reprise) [add]
04. Boundless Love [add]
05. The Lord Is My Strength and My Song [add]
06. The Lord Is My Light [add]
07. We Lift up a Shout [add]
08. I Want to Be Where You Are [add]
09. Here We Are [add]
10. There's Glory All Around [add]
11. Worthy Is the Lamb [add]
12. This Is My Holy Place [add]

See His Glory (1990) 01. Sing, Shout, Clap [add]
02. Jesus, We Celebrate Your Victory lyrics
03. Blessed Be the Lord [add]
04. We Rejoice in the Grace of God [add]
05. We See Your Glory [add]
06. O Most High [add]
07. The Spirit Says Arise [add]
08. You Alone Are Holy [add]
09. You Alone [add]
10. We Exalt You [add]
11. You Reign With Power [add]
12. Honor and Glory [add]

Shouts of Joy (1990) 01. My Trust Is in the Name of the Lord [add]
02. Clap Your Hands [add]
03. This Is the Day [add]
04. Clap Your Hands (Reprise) [add]
05. From the Rising of the Sun [add]
06. O, Clap Your Hands [add]
07. For the Lord He Is Great [add]
08. You Are the Light of My Soul [add]
09. Shouts of Joy [add]
10. How Good It Is [add]
11. All of My Life [add]
12. You're the Love of My Life [add]
13. O How I Love Thy Law [add]
14. The Law of the Lord Is Perfect [add]
15. I Bow My Knee [add]
16. Exalted [add]

Exalt the Lord (1990) 01. I Will Sing to the Lord Forever [add]
02. Arise, O Lord [add]
03. Be Bold and Be Strong [add]
04. God Is Gone up With a Shout [add]
05. Our God Is Lifted Up [add]
06. My Soul Magnifies the Lord [add]
07. Our God Is Lifted Up (Reprise) [add]
08. Exalt the Lord Our God [add]
09. Purify My Heart [add]
10. Great Is Your Mercy [add]
11. How Majestic [add]
12. In the Presence [add]
13. I Want to Be More Like You [add]

Eternal God (1990) 01. I Will Come to You [add]
02. God With Us [add]
03. God Is Good [add]
04. Now Unto the King Eternal [add]
05. Praise Looks Good on You [add]
06. Let Me Be a Sacrifice [add]
07. More Than Anything [add]
08. All Things [add]
09. God Will Make a Way [add]
10. You Are Eternal [add]
11. Ascribe Greatness [add]
12. It Is Well With My Soul [add]
13. I Will Come to You (Reprise) [add]

Arise, O God (1990) 01. Bless the Lord [add]
02. Blessing and Glory [add]
03. Give Unto the Lord [add]
04. Bless the Lord (Reprise) [add]
05. You Alone Are My Rock [add]
06. Clap, Clap Your Hands [add]
07. How Magnificent [add]
08. Arise, O God [add]
09. Let God Arise [add]
10. I Was Made to Praise You [add]
11. He Is the Living God [add]
12. Let's Glorify Jesus [add]
13. The King Is on His Throne [add]
14. High and Lifted Up [add]
15. Behold the Lamb [add]
16. High and Lifted up (Reprise) [add]

Amazing Love (1990) 01. The Feast [add]
02. O Magnify the Lord [add]
03. You Have Called Us [add]
04. Send Us Forth [add]
05. Go Forth in His Name [add]
06. Amazing Love [add]
07. You Have Been Good [add]
08. Only by Grace [add]
09. Hear My Cry [add]
10. Shine, Jesus, Shine [add]
11. Lift High the Cross [add]
12. Lift High the Banners of Love [add]
13. Shine, Jesus, Shine (Reprise) [add]

Give Thanks (1991) 01. Give Thanks [add]
02. Let the Redeemed [add]
03. Ah, Lord God [add]
04. What a Mighty God We Serve [add]
05. I Will Celebrate [add]
06. Jehovah Jireh [add]
07. I Am the God That Healeth Thee [add]
08. I Will Bless the Lord [add]
09. My Soul Follows Hard After Thee [add]
10. Lord, I'm Gonna Love You [add]
11. Like a Shepherd lyrics
12. Blessed Be the Name of the Lord [add]
13. Worthy, You Are Worthy [add]
14. You Are My God [add]
15. Give Thanks (Reprise) [add]

Come to the Table [live] (1991) 01. All Creatures of Our God and King/Doxology [add]
02. The Lord Is Marching Out [add]
03. Sing and Be Glad in Him [add]
04. He Put a New Song [add]
05. Under the Blood [add]
06. I Am Not My Own [add]
07. He Whom the Son Sets Free [add]
08. I'm So Glad [add]
09. Your Love [add]
10. Your Grace Is Sufficient [add]
11. Come to the Table [add]
12. Remember Me [add]
13. By Your Blood [add]
14. I Will Praise Him [add]
15. Here I Am [add]
16. Lord, Send Me [add]

Up to Zion (1991) 01. I Hear a Sound [add]
02. The Day of the Lord [add]
03. It Is Good [add]
04. Bless the Lord [add]
05. Let Us Rejoice and Be Glad [add]
06. Praise the Lord [add]
07. Let Us Rejoice and Be Glad (Reprise) [add]
08. Ascribe to the Lord [add]
09. He Shall Reign [add]
10. We Give You Thanks [add]
11. By Your Blood [add]
12. Worthy Is the Lamb [add]
13. Great and Marvelous [add]
14. Worthy Is the Lamb (Reprise) [add]
15. Who Is Like Thee (Mikamocha) [add]
16. The Song of Moses [add]
17. Come Let Us Go up to Zion [add]
18. Come Let Us Go Up [add]

He Is Faithful (1992) 01. I Love to Be in Your Presence [add]
02. Change My Heart, Oh God [add]
03. Guiding Light [add]
04. Faithful to Lead Us On [add]
05. Teach Me Your Ways [add]
06. No Eye Has Seen [add]
07. Lord, I Lift Your Name on High [add]
08. Let Us Draw Near [add]
09. Call Us from the Outer Court [add]
10. Bowing My Heart [add]
11. You Are Lord of Everything [add]
12. Sing to the Lord [add]
13. I Will Celebrate [add]
14. To the Only God [add]

Acapella (Praise Workshop) (1992) 01. Praise to the Lord, the Almighty [add]
02. Why So Downcast? [add]
03. Give Thanks [add]
04. Blessed Be the Lord [add]
05. Lamb of Got [add]
06. Mighty Warrior lyrics
07. I Will Sing to the Lord [add]
08. I Worship You, Almighty God/There Is None Like You Medley [add]
09. Be Exalted, O God/Shine, Jesus, Shine [add]
10. Now Unto Him [add]

Almighty (1992) 01. You Are Lord [add]
02. Holy Is the Lord [add]
03. The Name of the Lord [add]
04. We Are Marching [add]
05. What a Refuge [add]
06. You Are Lord [add]
07. Almighty [add]
08. Stronghold [add]
09. All I Desire [add]
10. Yes [add]
11. We Stand Together [add]
12. Bread to the Nations [add]
13. All Nations [add]

Jesus Is Alive (1993) 01. Let There Be Joy [add]
02. Hallowed Be Thy Name [add]
03. Thine Is the Kingdom [add]
04. Rock of Ages [add]
05. Making War in the Heavenlies [add]
06. We Are Possessing [add]
07. Jesus Is Alive [add]
08. Lord, You're the One [add]
09. Keeper of My Heart [add]
10. You Are the Holy One [add]
11. Holy Lord [add]
12. Be Glorified [add]
13. Redeemed [add]

Secret Place (1993) 01. Awesome in This Place [add]
02. Spirit Touch Your Church [add]
03. Send Your Rain [add]
04. Father Bring Together [add]
05. Psalm 149 [add]
06. You Are My God [add]
07. Turn My Heart [add]
08. I Love to Love You [add]
09. I Have Loved You [add]
10. We Proclaim [add]
11. Forever and Ever [add]

Be Magnified (1993) 01. Sanctuary [add]
02. Let the Heavens Rejoice [add]
03. We Praise You Jesus [add]
04. Let the Heavens Rejoice (Reprise) [add]
05. I Belong to a Mighty God [add]
06. Lord, We Pray [add]
07. The Apostles Creed [add]
08. He Reigns [add]
09. How Great Is Your Goodness [add]
10. A Place at Your Altar [add]
11. Lord I Thirst for You [add]
12. More Love, More Power [add]
13. Be Magnified [add]
14. Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus [add]

In His Presence: Acappella (1994) 01. Give Thanks [add]
02. Spiritual Touch [add]
03. Shout of Praise [add]
04. How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place [add]
05. There Is No Other Name [add]
06. More [add]
07. Lord, We Worship Your Name [add]
08. We Have Seen His Glory [add]
09. Open My Heart [add]
10. Lord, I Want to Be a Servant [add]
11. In Your Presence [add]
12. Now to Him [add]
13. Better Than Life [add]
14. To Him Who Sits on the Throne [add]
15. You Are the God [add]
16. I'm Free [add]

30 Classic Songs & Choruses (1994) 01. I Rejoiced in Your Love lyrics
02. The Lord Is Come [add]
03. The Lord Our God Is With Us [add]
04. Jesus, We Celebrate Your Victory lyrics
05. Making War in the Heavenlies [add]
06. You Reign [add]
07. The Battle Is the Lord's [add]
08. Joy of My Desire lyrics
09. You Are My God [add]
10. No Eye Has Seen [add]
11. Awesome in This Place [add]
12. I Will Come and Bow Down lyrics
13. No Other Name [add]
14. Majesty lyrics
15. Blessed Be the Name of the Lord [add]
16. Let Everything That Has Breath [add]
17. My Heart Rejoices [add]
18. Let Us Rejoice and Be Glad [add]
19. Praise the Lord [add]
20. Let Us Rejoice and Be Glad (Reprise) [add]
21. Firm Foundation [add]
22. Hear My Cry [add]
23. In the Presence [add]
24. Sweet Shalom [add]
25. God Is My Refuge [add]
26. Like a Shepherd lyrics
27. O Lord, You're Beautiful [add]
28. I Bow My Knee [add]
29. Let Your Spirit Come [add]
30. Come into the Heavenlies [add]
31. All Nations [add]

As for My House (1995) 01. Blessed Be the Name of the Lord [add]
02. As for Me and My House [add]
03. A Thankful Heart [add]
04. Lord Forever [add]
05. Great Is Thy Faithfulness [add]
06. Choose to Forgive [add]
07. Who Can Satisfy [add]
08. One Love [add]
09. We Will Serve the Lord [add]
10. Father Me [add]
11. Right Where We Are [add]
12. You Reign in Majesty [add]
13. Majesty lyrics

Sing for Joy (1995) 01. Let It Rain [add]
02. I Belong to a Mighty God [add]
03. In Your Presence [add]
04. Such Joy [add]
05. Peace [add]
06. We Are One Body [add]
07. I Love to Love You [add]
08. I Have Loved You [add]
09. As High as the Heavens [add]
10. All the Earth [add]
11. Lift Up Your Eyes [add]
12. How Great Is Your Goodness [add]
13. As We Pray [add]
14. Stand in the Gap [add]
15. Show Us the Ancient Paths [add]
16. Bread to the Nations [add]

Holy Ground (1996) 01. Right Here, Right Now [add]
02. Send It on Down [add]
03. Joy in My Heart [add]
04. I Will Sing [add]
05. Joy in My Heart (Reprise) [add]
06. Made up Mind [add]
07. One True Living God [add]
08. Touch of Grace [add]
09. O Broken Lamb [add]
10. Mercy Saw Me [add]
11. In the Presence of Jehovah [add]
12. In His Presence [add]
13. Holy Ground (Standing On) [add]
14. Deeper, Higher, Wider [add]

Firm Foundation (1996) 01. Healing Grace [add]
02. Come and Behold Him [add]
03. Firm Foundation [add]
04. We Rejoice [add]
05. I Look to You [add]
06. Unto You [add]
07. Flow, O Mighty Holy River [add]
08. I Offer My Life [add]
09. Sanctify My Heart [add]
10. We Will Meet You There [add]
11. No Greater Love [add]
12. O Mighty Cross [add]
13. Only Jesus [add]
14. May Christ Be Exalted in Me [add]

Love & Joy (1999) 01. Amazing Love [add]
02. As High as the Heavens [add]
03. I Rejoice in Your Love [add]
04. Such Joy [add]
05. In Your Presence [add]
06. Let the Heavens Rejoice [add]
07. Mourning into Dancing [add]
08. I Will Sing [add]
09. Think About His Love [add]
10. Your Love [add]

Refuge and Calm (2002) 01. Worthy of Praise [add]
02. Crowned with Mercy (Bless the Lord) [add]
03. God Will Make a Way [add]
04. You Are My Everything [add]
05. Give Thanks [add]
06. More Precious Than Silver [add]
07. Be Glorified [add]
08. I Hear Angels [add]
09. Amazing Grace [add]
10. Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring [add]

Love and Devotions (2002) 01. In Your Presence [add]
02. Guiding Light [add]
03. Call Us from the Outer Court [add]
04. Worthy You Are Worthy [add]
05. He Will Come and Save You [add]
06. Mourning into Dancing [add]
07. I Confess My Trust [add]
08. Our Heart [add]
09. Let There Be Glory and Honor and Praises [add]
10. O Lord to You [add]

Joy and Purpose (2002) 01. We Lift Up Your Name [add]
02. Ancient of Days [add]
03. Lead Me to the Rock lyrics
04. Into Your Courts [add]
05. Change My Heart O God [add]
06. Grace and Mercy [add]
07. Faithful to Lead Us On [add]
08. Teach Me Your Ways [add]
09. Mourning into Dancing [add]
10. Righteousness, Peace, Joy [add]

Healing and Renewal (2002) 01. The Solid Rock [add]
02. My Heart Rejoices [add]
03. We Behold You [add]
04. To Him Who Sits on the Throne [add]
05. Mighty Is Our God [add]
06. Such Joy [add]
07. On Our Side [add]
08. Your Thoughts [add]
09. God Is Able [add]
10. Be Magnified [add]

Faith and Assurance (2002) 01. My Life Is in You Lord [add]
02. Don't Grow Weary [add]
03. Give Thanks [add]
04. Trust in the Lord [add]
05. All the Earth [add]
06. Those Who Are With Us [add]
07. On Bended Knee [add]
08. Firm Foundation [add]
09. I Look to You [add]
10. Into Your Courts [add]

Instrumental (2002) 01. Adonai [add]
02. Change My Heart Oh God [add]
03. God Is in This Place [add]
04. Draw Me Close [add]
05. I Can Only Imagine [add]
06. All the Glory and the Honor [add]
07. Grace Alone [add]
08. You Have Been Good [add]
09. Give Me Jesus [add]
10. You Are God [add]
11. El Shaddai [add]
12. Praise His Name [add]
13. In the Presence of Jehovah [add]
14. Heart of Worship [add]
15. Oh Lord, You're Beautiful [add]
16. Surely the Presence of the Lord Is in This Place [add]

Bible Story Songs (2003) 01. We're Going to Have a Party [add]
02. Floatin' Moses [add]
03. One Smooth Stone [add]
04. Go, Go Joshua [add]
05. As David Did [add]
06. If We Confess Our Sins [add]
07. Five Loaves, Two Fishes [add]
08. Moses Led His People [add]
09. In the Beginning [add]
10. Daniel & The Lions [add]
11. Zaccheus [add]
12. No Room at the Inn [add]

Lullabies (2003) 01. Ride a White Pony [add]
02. My-O-My-Little-Joy-O [add]
03. You Are a Blessing [add]
04. Beautiful Baby [add]
05. One Little Life [add]
06. Teddy Is Ready [add]
07. Handmade by God [add]
08. Angels [add]
09. Share With Teddy Bear [add]
10. Lullaby, Lullaby [add]
11. Tick Tock [add]

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