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Carole Peterson lyrics
Genre: Rock
H.U.M. - Highly Usable Music, All Year Long! (2004) 01. Hello Everybody, Yes Indeed [add]
02. The Mitten Song [add]
03. I Can Make a Snowman [add]
04. Love Grows One by One [add]
05. Ring Those Bells [add]
06. The Windy Day [add]
07. Alligator Pie [add]
08. Ducks Like Rain [add]
09. Weather Rhythms [add]
10. Inky Dinky Do! [add]
11. B - I - N - G - O! [add]
12. Going on a Picnic [add]
13. Goofy Old MacDonald [add]
14. Yankee Doodle/You're a Grand Ol' Flag [add]
15. The Pirate Song [add]
16. Sleeping Bag Chant [add]
17. Sea Shell, Sea Shell [add]
18. There's a Dog in School [add]
19. The Apple Tree [add]
20. When It's Autumn [add]
21. Black Bat Farm [add]
22. Please Pass the Peas [add]
23. The Turkey Hop [add]
24. I'm a Little Snowman [add]
25. Snowflake, Snowflake [add]
26. Goodbye Rap [add]

Sticky Bubble Gum...and Other Tasty Tunes (2004) 01. Hello Everybody [add]
02. Sticky Bubble Gum [add]
03. Clap Clap Clap Your Hands [add]
04. Creepy Mouse/Sneaky Cat [add]
05. Little Old Wagon [add]
06. Jimmy Crack Corn [add]
07. My Grandfather's Clock [add]
08. The Wiggle Song [add]
09. Two Little Blackbirds [add]
10. The Muffin Man Dance [add]
11. Horsey Rides [add]
12. My Pet Dinosaur [add]
13. Gifts for Mommy [add]
14. I Am a Fine Musician [add]
15. Splash! [add]
16. Baby Duck/Duckie Countdown [add]
17. The Hokey Pokey [add]
18. The Beaver Call [add]
19. Roll the Ball [add]
20. Criss Cross, Applesauce [add]
21. Goodbye Medley [add]

Tiny Tunes (2005) 01. Hicketty Picketty Bumble Bee [add]
02. Say Good Day! [add]
03. The Bathtub Song [add]
04. Duckie Duddle [add]
05. Five Plump Peas [add]
06. I'm a Little Seed [add]
07. Walkin' Shoes [add]
08. Play the Band! [add]
09. Fuzzy Wuzzy Caterpillar/Butterfly [add]
10. Who Will Be My Friend? [add]
11. Walk, Walk [add]
12. Everybody Has a Face [add]
13. Goolie Goolie [add]
14. Wake Up, You Lazybones! [add]
15. Chair Rhymes [add]
16. What Shall We Do? [add]
17. Looby Loo [add]
18. Jelly in the Bowl [add]
19. The Little Mouse Goes Creeping [add]
20. Say Goodbye! [add]
21. Bonus: Walkin' Shoes Dance Mix [add]

Stinky Cake (2005) 01. Shine, Shine, Shine! [add]
02. Shake a Friend's Hand [add]
03. Stinky Cake! [add]
04. Everybody Clap Your Hands [add]
05. Popcorn Chant [add]
06. As I Was Walking to Town [add]
07. The Little Fish [add]
08. I Can Hammer [add]
09. Red Red Robin Sticks Dance [add]
10. Icky Sticky and Ooey Gooey [add]
11. B-Banana/Monkey See, Monkey Do [add]
12. I Like My Hat [add]
13. Partner Dance [add]
14. Great Big Man [add]
15. Drumming Medley [add]
16. Tommy Thumb Is Up! [add]
17. The Wind [add]
18. The Penguin Song [add]
19. There's a Little Wheel [add]
20. Skinnamarink [add]
21. Bonus Track: Instrument I.D. [add]
22. Macaroni Soup Singers [add]

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