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Canadian Studmuffin lyrics
Genre: Spoken Word
Family Secrets (2003) 01. Intro [add]
02. Like a Virgin [add]
03. In My Bedroom [add]
04. Sex With Gus [add]
05. The Day We Met (With Danny Berk) [add]
06. The Foaming Popcorn Caper [add]
07. Obnoxious [add]
08. All About Gardening With Gus [add]
09. The Most Boring Song in the World [add]
10. The Barbie Doll Incident [add]
11. The Sock Song [add]
12. Gus and the Aliens [add]
13. My Vasectomy Operation [add]
14. Gus Sings [add]
15. It Was in the Toilet [add]
16. Gus Gets a Job [add]
17. My Shortest Song [add]
18. The Mousetrap [add]
19. Ants in My Pants [add]
20. Gus the Mailman [add]
21. At the Bar (With Eric Myers) [add]
22. The Garden [add]
23. The Life I Lead [add]

Orgy (2004) 01. Welcome [add]
02. In My Bedroom [add]
03. At the Bar (With Neil Young) [add]
04. Ants in My Pants [add]
05. The Most Boring Song in the World [add]
06. Man to Man [add]
07. The Day We Met [add]
08. Priceless Blues [add]
09. Bob Dylan Rap [add]
10. 157 Stitches [add]
11. Agitated Beaver [add]
12. The Sock Song [add]
13. Abducted by Aliens [add]
14. Lost Remote Control Blues [add]
15. Tales from Topographic Oceans [add]
16. I Am Studmuffin [add]
17. The Blind Leading the Blind [add]
18. Dog of My Life [add]
19. It Was in the Toilet [add]
20. My Best Song Yet [add]
21. Breakfast at the Institution [add]
22. Me and You and Geddy Lee [add]
23. Pixie the Poodle (Flatter Than a Pancake) [add]
24. Repair Man [add]
25. The Life I Lead [add]
26. A Creative Mind [add]

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