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Danielle Howle lyrics
Genre: Rock
Live at McKissick Museum (1996) 01. Red Candles [add]
02. Big Puffy Girl Handwriting [add]
03. Frog Song [add]
04. Back of Your Mind [add]
05. I Held the Satchel [add]
06. Wrestling Song [add]
07. All [add]
08. Spider Writer [add]
09. Why You Worry [add]

About to Burst (1996) 01. Threatened [add]
02. Feel So Bad for You [add]
03. Trust in Love [add]
04. World War Defense [add]
05. Evidence [add]
06. Red Candles [add]
07. Soft White China Patterns on His Teeth [add]
08. I Held the Satchel [add]
09. Parakeet Protest Song [add]
10. The Parlor [add]
11. Spider Writer [add]
12. Down [add]
13. Lonely Is a Word [add]
14. Sounds of the Elements of Beauty [add]
15. All [add]

Do a Two Sable (1997) 01. She Has a Past [add]
02. Feel So Bad [add]
03. You Came a Knockin' [add]
04. Host for the Notes [add]
05. Anything Can Get Into My Heart [add]
06. If You Wanna Leave [add]
07. It Chains [add]
08. Where Were You [add]
09. Cartoon in the Courtroom [add]
10. Dusty [add]
11. Big Front Porch [add]

Catalog (1999) 01. From the Tops of Trees [add]
02. Grandpa [add]
03. Still in Love With You [add]
04. Laughter in Your Head [add]
05. Tie up the Moon [add]
06. Plug in the Light [add]
07. Old [add]
08. Passing Through [add]
09. Willow in the Chair [add]
10. Ode to the Group Boys [add]
11. Kissing Game [add]
12. Lullabye [add]

Skorborealis (2002) 01. Could Be Here [add]
02. Sneaky A.M. [add]
03. Cut a Rug [add]
04. Karaoke [add]
05. Subclassic [add]
06. Swamp Song [add]
07. Soft White China Patterns [add]
08. Big Puffy Girl Handwriting [add]
09. Camaro Power [add]
10. Let the Angels Commit [add]
11. Conversation [add]
12. Hello Kitty [add]
13. High School Dance [add]
14. I'm in It [add]
15. Down [add]
16. Dark Like the Coat [add]

Thank You, Mark (2006) 01. Roses from Leroy's [add]
02. I'll Be Blue [add]
03. Fields of Cotton [add]
04. Oh Swear [add]
05. If I Can't Have You [add]
06. This Kind of Light [add]
07. Walking Through the Black [add]
08. Love Is a Fall [add]
09. Who Knows [add]
10. Woman to Win [add]
11. Jesus Won't Wait [add]

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