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Herman Düne lyrics
Genre: Rock
Glow in the Dark (1998) 01. What Do You Know (About My Philosophy)? [add]
02. Skinhead [add]
03. Carnival of Souls (The Red Nose Deer Ans the Mountain Goat) [add]
04. Sitting Beside You [add]
05. All My Savings [add]
06. Switch on the Hope [add]
07. No More Pacemaker [add]
08. I Smoke Tara Jane O'Neil's Underwear [add]
09. A True Lover's Knot [add]
10. Pen vs. Harmony [add]

Turn off the Light (2000) 01. Our Smell Lingers [add]
02. Drug-Dealer in the Park [add]
03. You're So Far from Me [add]
04. I Do the Crabwalk [add]
05. Shakespeare and North Hoyne [add]
06. World of Workers [add]
07. Ulrika's Body [add]
08. A Hundred Times Better [add]
09. As Long as Fakers Rule [add]
10. From That Night [@ the Lounge Ax] [add]
11. Slight Miscalculation [add]

They Go to the Woods (2001) 01. The Right Path Lays Open Before Me [add]
02. They Go to the Woods [add]
03. By the Door of the Temple [add]
04. Heed the Wrath [add]
05. From German Streets [add]
06. I Look at You at Night [add]
07. Strange Plot [add]
08. I'll Come Back When I Come Back [add]
09. Deer Wild Bay [add]
10. For the Night [add]
11. Black Dog [add]

Switzerland Heritage (2001) 01. Two Crows [add]
02. HD Rider [add]
03. The Speed of a Star [add]
04. Blinded [add]
05. Black Cross [add]
06. Little Architect [add]
07. Martin Donovan in Trust [add]
08. Going to Everglades [add]
09. Not Knowing [add]
10. Pukka [add]
11. With a Tankful of Gas [add]
12. Coffe and Fries [add]
13. After Y2K [add]
14. Expect the Unexpected [add]

Mash Concrete Metal Mushroom (2003) 01. Intro T-C [add]
02. New Jersey Cross Concrete [add]
03. On the Knick [add]
04. Monkey Song [add]
05. Let Me Pry [add]
06. All About You [add]
07. Not That Big a Story [add]
08. Futon Song [add]
09. Metal Mash [add]
10. Why Would That Hurt? (If You Never Loved Me) [add]
11. Taking Taxis in Winter Clothes [add]

Mas Cambios (2003) 01. With a Fistful of Faith [add]
02. Red Blue Eyes [add]
03. Show Me the Roof [add]
04. My Friends Kill My Folks [add]
05. In the Summr Camp [add]
06. In August [add]
07. You Stepped on Sticky Fingers [add]
08. Sunny Sunny Cold Cold Day [add]
09. At Your Luau Night [add]
10. Winners Lose [add]
11. The Static Comes from My Broken Heart [add]
12. So Not What I Wanted [add]

Not on Top (2006) 01. Little Wounds [add]
02. Not on Top (67 Better Ways to Make Some Sense) [add]
03. Had I Not Known [add]
04. Walk, Don't Run [add]
05. Slow Century [add]
06. This Will Never Happen [add]
07. German Green [add]
08. Recording Farfisa [add]
09. You Could Be a Model, Goodbye [add]
10. Seven Cities [add]
11. Good for No One [add]
12. Orange Hat [add]
13. Whatever Burns the Best Baby [add]
14. Eleven Stones [add]
15. Warning Spectrum [add]

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