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The Sensational Nightingales lyrics
Genre: Gospel
It's Gonna Rain Again (1975) 01. At the Meeting lyrics
02. A Heart Like Thine lyrics
03. At Calvary [add]
04. Where Could I Go But to the Lord [add]
05. The Last Mile [add]
06. It's Gonna Rain Again lyrics
07. The Sweet Forever [add]
08. Love Led Him to Calvary [add]
09. The Old Account [add]
10. Hold to God's Hand [add]

Jesus Is Coming (1976) 01. Jesus Is Coming [add]
02. Saved by His Grace [add]
03. Hard Fighting Soldier [add]
04. Learning to Lean [add]
05. Bad Storm a Raging [add]
06. At the Cross [add]
07. How to Be Born Again [add]
08. Another River to Cross [add]

Stay on the Boat (1992) 01. Stay on the Boat [add]
02. Real Peace Is in You Lord [add]
03. See You in the Rapture lyrics
04. Oh, How He Loves You and Me [add]
05. If It Had Not Been for You Lord [add]
06. In God's Own Time [add]
07. We Shall Behold Him [add]
08. A Fountain Filled with Blood [add]
09. Finishing Line [add]

Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God (1993) 01. Seek Ye First [add]
02. I Owe It All to Jesus [add]
03. Separation Line [add]
04. I Must Tell Jesus [add]
05. Only What You Do for Christ [add]
06. Face to Face [add]
07. Power in Prayer [add]
08. Redeemed [add]
09. Another River to Cross [add]
10. Jesus Is Calling [add]

Live So God Can Use You (1994) 01. Live So God Can Use You [add]
02. Come Ye Disconsolate [add]
03. Prune Us Lord [add]
04. Someone [add]
05. We're Gonna Be Caught Up [add]
06. Judge Ye Not [add]
07. Take Your Burden to the Lord [add]
08. Perilous Times [add]
09. Lead Me to Calvary [add]
10. A Testimony [add]

Live: In the Spirit (1995) 01. Over in Zion [add]
02. Standing on the Promises [add]
03. Hard Headed Jonah [add]
04. I Can't Even Walk Without You Holding My Hand [add]
05. His Grace Is Sufficient [add]
06. Live So God Can Use You [add]
07. What a Friend We Have in Jesus [add]
08. Got to Keep Movin On [add]
09. Don't Give Up [add]
10. Whosoever Will, Pt. 2 [add]

Handwriting on the Wall (1996) 01. Handwriting on the Wall [add]
02. When the Saints Go Marching In [add]
03. When He Was on the Cross (I Was on His Mind) [add]
04. Somewhere Listening for My Name [add]
05. Pass Me Not [add]
06. We Are Our Father's Children [add]
07. Blessed Calvary [add]
08. At the Cross [add]
09. God Will Take Care of You [add]
10. Wait on the Lord [add]
11. Lighthouse [add]
12. Center of My Joy [add]
13. Last Mile of the Way [add]

Don't Give Up (1998) 01. Hard Headed Jonah [add]
02. Don't Give Up [add]
03. What a Friend We Have in Jesus [add]
04. Judge Ye Not [add]
05. Take Your Burden to the Lord [add]
06. Perilous Times [add]
07. Real Peace Is in You Lord [add]
08. If It Had Not Been for You Lord [add]
09. In God's Own Time [add]
10. Freedom After a While [add]

God Is Not Pleased (1998) 01. God Is Not Pleased [add]
02. Almighty Hand [add]
03. 'Tis So Sweet [add]
04. The Way to Heaven [add]
05. Keep Going On [add]
06. We Are Our Brother's Keeper [add]
07. Morning Train [add]
08. The Blood of Jesus [add]
09. This Little Light of Mine [add]
10. Life's Railway to Heaven [add]
11. My Brothers and Sisters [add]
12. Come, Sinner Come [add]

God's Word Through Song (1999) 01. So Heavenly Minded (No Earthly Good) [add]
02. How to Be Blessed [add]
03. Glory to His Name [add]
04. You, I and Everyone [add]
05. Workers of Iniquity [add]
06. Lifting up His Name [add]
07. Saved by His Grace [add]
08. This May Be the First Day [add]
09. More Love to Thee [add]
10. The New Jerusalem [add]

Wasted Years (2001) 01. You Got to Do Something [add]
02. Wasted Years [add]
03. Christians, We Are the Ones [add]
04. Saints Never Deny God [add]
05. Nothing Between My Soul and Savior [add]
06. Golden Streets [add]
07. Look No Further [add]
08. He Touched Me [add]
09. Let Nothing Shake Your Faith [add]
10. Lord Send Me, I'll Go [add]
11. Jesus Cares for You [add]
12. Come Unto Jesus, Pt. 2 [add]

Songs to Edify (2003) 01. Please Send Lazarus [add]
02. Hold On (God Will See You Through) [add]
03. I'm Blessed [add]
04. Going Where Jesus Is [add]
05. My Life Is in God's Hands [add]
06. Satan You Lose Again [add]
07. Separation Line [add]
08. Hallelujah to the King [add]
09. You Will Never Find a Friend [add]
10. Goodness, Mercy and Grace [add]
11. Caught Up [add]
12. Give God the Honor [add]

Let Us Encourage You (2005) 01. I'm Taking Back Everything That the Devil Stole from Me [add]
02. Every Promise in the Book Is Mine [add]
03. Good News [add]
04. Your Close Friend [add]
05. Broken Vessel [add]
06. We Just Can't Be Defeated [add]
07. He Left the Ninety Nine [add]
08. Just Wait and See [add]
09. Oh, I Want to See Him [add]
10. The Parable of the Sower [add]
11. Will the Lord Remember Me? [add]
12. I Can Hardly Wait (My Brand New Home) [add]
13. Just as I Am [add]

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