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Captain Music lyrics
Genre: Rock
I Like to Wiggle! (2003) 01. Come on In [add]
02. Dalmatian Disco [add]
03. Elephant Parade [add]
04. I Like to Wiggle! [add]
05. Leap Frog [add]
06. I Don't Know How to Dance [add]
07. Can't Get Up in the Morning [add]
08. Barrel of Monkeys [add]
09. Alligator Snap [add]
10. Kangaroo Hop [add]
11. Games We Play [add]
12. Trampoline [add]

Character Counts...So Do I! (2003) 01. Character Epress [add]
02. Greetings [add]
03. Character Counts...So Do I! [add]
04. Fly Away [add]
05. Know the Good [add]
06. House Chores [add]
07. Bear Hugs [add]
08. Best Friends [add]
09. Respect (Learn It, Earn It) [add]
10. Good Citizens [add]
11. Change the World [add]
12. Mr. In-A-Hurry [add]
13. Character Counts...So Do I! (Reprise) [add]

A B Seas! (2004) 01. Set Sail With Captain Music (Theme Song) [add]
02. That's How You Make a Word [add]
03. Two Sounds, One Letter [add]
04. Aeiou (The Vowel Movement) [add]
05. A B Seas [add]
06. My Favorite Letter [add]
07. That Funny Letter X [add]
08. Blends [add]
09. Backwards Bob [add]
10. Alphabet Soup [add]
11. Twenty-Six Terrific Tongue Twisters [add]

Get Fit with Captain Music (2006) 01. Shake It Up - Club Mix [add]
02. Move Your Feet - Bounce, Walk, Tip Toe, Gallup Run [add]
03. Transportation - Be a Truck, Car & Train [add]
04. I'll Be Your Partner - Play Ball with a Friend [add]
05. In the Ring - Boxing Movements [add]
06. I Can Only Count - Move to the Times Table [add]
07. Sanford Square Dance [add]
08. Shape Up and Shout - Shape Movements [add]
09. Head and Shoulders - Directions [add]
10. Geomotion - Geomat Step Patterns [add]
11. Geomotion - Geomat Without Step Patterns [add]
12. I'll Be Your Partner - (Without Instructions) [add]
13. In the Ring - Make Up Your Own Boxing Movements [add]
14. I Can Only Count - (Without Answers) [add]
15. Sanford Square Dance - (Without Calls) [add]
16. Shape Up and Shout - Make Up Your Own Movements [add]
17. Head and Shoulders - Make Up Your Own Movements [add]
18. Shake It Up - Geomotion Mix with Instructions [add]
19. Shake It Up - Geomotion Mix Without Instruction [add]
20. Butterfly Flutter By - Cool Down [add]

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