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Jeff and Sheri Easter lyrics
Genre: Gospel
The Gift (1994) 01. No Limit [add]
02. There Is a Way [add]
03. She's Loved Him for So Many Years [add]
04. In Everything Give Thanks [add]
05. Just for the Love of It [add]
06. Sweeping All the Debt Away [add]
07. I Wonder How Many Souls Were Saved [add]
08. My Pearls [add]
09. Sending up Timber [add]
10. The Gift I Bring [add]

Places in Time (1996) 01. Carry Me [add]
02. I Just Wanted You to Know lyrics
03. Go Ahead and Throw lyrics
04. Nothing Takes the Place of Time [add]
05. Do a Little Dyin' Every Day [add]
06. Burning Up the Barn [add]
07. Seeing Is Believing [add]
08. Ever Since I Gave My Heart to You [add]
09. Ain't That Love [add]
10. Simple Stone [add]
11. You Loved the Fool Out of Me [add]

Work in Progress (1998) 01. All That Really Matters [add]
02. Tavern to a Temple [add]
03. Peace [add]
04. Been There, Done That [add]
05. Sunshine or Shadow [add]
06. A Work in Progress [add]
07. The Unexpected Cross [add]
08. Loving by Heart [add]
09. Hannah Prayed [add]
10. Faith Like That [add]

Sittin' on Cloud Nine (1999) 01. Morning's Coming lyrics
02. You've Got to Break to Mend [add]
03. It Won't Be Long [add]
04. I Don't Have a Prayer Without You [add]
05. As Good as Goodbye Gets [add]
06. Sitting on Cloud Nine [add]
07. Praise His Name lyrics
08. Let's Live "I Love You" [add]
09. Weeping Alone [add]
10. Mind Over Matter [add]

Ordinary Day (2000) 01. We're Not Gonna Bow [add]
02. That's What I've Learned from You [add]
03. One Way lyrics
04. Finally Free [add]
05. Remembering Angels [add]
06. Ordinary Day [add]
07. The Moon and I [add]
08. Live Until I Die [add]
09. Missing You [add]
10. Goin' Away Party lyrics

My, Oh My! (2002) 01. Sing, Sister, Sing lyrics
02. John Saw [add]
03. Learn to Love Again lyrics
04. New Day [add]
05. Is There Anything I Can Do? [add]
06. She Loved lyrics
07. You Must Be Born Again [add]
08. A Wave in the Sea [add]
09. Wolf in Sheep's Clothing [add]
10. Falling in Love (With You) [add]
11. He Sends His Angels [add]
12. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot [add]

Forever and a Day (2003) 01. Happy Hour [add]
02. No Matter How Far [add]
03. My Country [add]
04. Forever and a Day [add]
05. Light at the River [add]
06. Melody [add]
07. The Missing Peace lyrics
08. That Same Tear [add]
09. Open Your Eyes [add]
10. Higher and Higher [add]

Sunshine (2004) 01. Why Don't You Try Jesus? [add]
02. He Can't See My Past [add]
03. Sunshine [add]
04. Guilty [add]
05. We Are Broken [add]
06. It's My Time [add]
07. His Heart's Already Home (Pop's Song) [add]
08. You're My Best Friend lyrics
09. Live Like That [add]
10. In the Garden [add]
11. River of Jordan [add]

Miles and Milestones (2005) 01. Carry Me [add]
02. Been There, Done That [add]
03. Praise His Name lyrics
04. Morning's Coming lyrics
05. The Missing Peace lyrics
06. One Way lyrics
07. Tavern to a Temple [add]
08. Learn to Love Again lyrics
09. I Need You lyrics
10. Goin' Away Party lyrics
11. Speak to the Mountain lyrics
12. Singing in My Soul lyrics
13. Thread of Hope lyrics
14. Thank You, Lord, For Your Blessings lyrics
15. We're Not Gonna Bow [add]

Life Is Great and Gettin Better (2007) 01. Life Is Great and Gettin' Better [add]
02. Livin' in the Rain [add]
03. Over and Over [add]
04. Joshua's Song lyrics
05. Feelin' Alright, Doin' Okay [add]
06. I Wouldn't Change You If I Could [add]
07. All the Days That End in Why [add]
08. A Lullaby [add]
09. Come See Me lyrics
10. Daddy Hung the Moon lyrics
11. Old Chunk of Coal [add]
12. Dance lyrics

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