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Raggs Kids Club Band lyrics
Genre: Children's
Pawsuuup! (2000) 01. Raggs Rock [add]
02. T N T (Trilby's Theme) [add]
03. Raggs Kids Club House [add]
04. Wag & Wiggle [add]
05. Razzles Rap [add]
06. Pawsuuup! [add]
07. Everyday [add]
08. Funiculý, FuniculÓ [add]
09. The Drummer With the Dinner (Pido's Theme) [add]
10. Rock-N-Roll Baby [add]
11. B. Max Mix (Minuet in G Written by J.S. Bach) [add]
12. Found Me a Cat [add]
13. New Yankee Doodle [add]
14. Raggs Rock (En Espanol) [add]

Wag & Wiggle (2004) 01. Wag & Wiggle [add]
02. Yo Yo Hey [add]
03. TNT (Trilby's Theme) [add]
04. Raggs Kids Club House [add]
05. B. Max Mix [add]
06. Funiculi Funicula [add]
07. Everyday [add]

Raggs Rock (2004) 01. Raggs Rock [add]
02. Pawsuuup! [add]
03. Razzles Rap [add]
04. Rock 'N Roll Baby [add]
05. Found Me a Cat [add]
06. Drummer with the Dinner [add]
07. New Yankee Doodle [add]
08. Raggs Rock (En Espanol) [add]

Unleashed (2004) 01. Raggs to Rock N' Roll [add]
02. Yo Yo Hey [add]
03. Positive Doggone Attitude [add]
04. Bow Wow Boogie [add]
05. Diddy Do Wah Day [add]
06. In a Song [add]
07. Hound Dog [add]
08. Razzle Dazzle [add]
09. My Friend [add]
10. This Land Is Your Land [add]
11. Rockin' Robin [add]
12. Doggy (Who Let the Dogs Out)? [add]

Holiday Jam (2004) 01. Up on the House Top [add]
02. Jingle Bells [add]
03. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer [add]
04. Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town [add]
05. The Twelve Days of Christmas [add]
06. Joy to the World [add]
07. Frosty the Sno-Man [add]
08. Deck the Halls [add]
09. I Saw Three Ships [add]
10. Feliz Navidad [add]
11. We Wish You a Merry Christmas [add]
12. Silent Night [add]

Red, White & Raggs (2005) 01. Freedom Rocks [add]
02. The 50 States That Rhyme [add]
03. Anchors Aweigh [add]
04. The Caisson Song [add]
05. Marines Hymn [add]
06. Army Air Corps Song [add]
07. You're a Grand Old Flag [add]
08. Take Me Out to the Ballgame [add]
09. America the Beautiful [add]
10. The Battle of New Orleans [add]
11. Tribal Wind [add]
12. Yankee Doodle Dandy [add]
13. All American Band [add]
14. When the Dogs Go Marching In [add]
15. The Star Spangled Banner [add]
16. This Land Is Your Land [add]
17. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy [add]
18. New Yankee Doddle [add]
19. Oh, Where Has My Little Dog Gone [add]
20. Pledge of Allegiance [add]

Season I Super Hits (2006) 01. TV Theme Song-Diddy Do Wah Day [add]
02. R-A-G-G-S [add]
03. The Flea Song [add]
04. Pawsuuup! [add]
05. Sunshine Kinda Day [add]
06. Crazy Critter Party [add]
07. Yo Yo Hey [add]
08. Rockin' the Beat [add]
09. You & Me [add]
10. Bow Wow Boogie [add]
11. Tutti Frutti Baby [add]
12. Rockin' Robin [add]
13. Oofa Woofa Loofa [add]
14. Let's Play [add]
15. Wag & Wiggle [add]

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