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Manos Hadjidakis lyrics
Genre: Soundtrack
Never on Sunday (1960) 01. Titles [add]
02. Pireaus Children [add]
03. Prologue [add]
04. Bouzoukia [add]
05. Hassapiko [add]
06. Zeibekikos [add]
07. Dance [add]
08. Wilderness [add]
09. Joys of Ilya [add]
10. Let's Take a Walk to the Moon [add]
11. Piraeus Children [add]
12. Hassapikos Dance [add]
13. Barrel-Organ Tune [add]
14. Betrayal [add]
15. Morning [add]
16. Barrel-Organ Tune [add]
17. Finale [add]

30 Night Songs (1987) 01. The Ballad of Uri [add]
02. The Neighbourhood Virgin [add]
03. North Star [add]
04. Crazy Girl of the Moon [add]
05. Paper Moon [add]
06. Immortality [add]
07. The Polite Lady [add]
08. Mother Dear [add]
09. Drunken Girl [add]
10. The Boys Down in the Plain [add]
11. There's a Dance in Lavrion [add]
12. 1940 Hasapiko [add]
13. Kemal or the Legend of Sinbad [add]
14. Little Rallou [add]
15. The Rose [add]
16. Let's Go to the Moon [add]
17. Look into My Eyes [add]
18. In an Open-Air Market [add]
19. Love in the Heart [add]
20. A Rose on the Breast [add]
21. How Time Flies [add]
22. Magic Town [add]
23. Carnation in the Ear [add]
24. The Sadness of Success [add]
25. Slow Night Zeibekiko [add]
26. Eastern Star [add]
27. Little Cypress Tree [add]
28. Bitterness Today [add]
29. Weary Young Man [add]
30. The Waltz of the Lost Dreams [add]

O Skilros Aprilis Tou 1945 (2005) 01. Wheel Will Also Turn [add]
02. Sorceress of Arab Land [add]
03. Your Eyelashes Shine Brig [add]
04. Spread My Bed So I Can SL [add]
05. Mirror [add]
06. Tough Guy of Votanikos [add]
07. Tough Guy Went out for a [add]
08. Bat [add]
09. Down on Lemonadika Docks [add]
10. I Came out to the Environ [add]
11. Bitter Boy [add]
12. Your Own Pining Pain [add]

Through Branches of the Stars (2005) 01. And It Was Once Upon a Time (Prologue) (Ki Htan Pou Lete Mia for A) [add]
02. Dance (Xoros) [add]
03. Sailor, Good Old Sailor (Nayti Gero Nayti) [add]
04. Sweet Mother Mine (Manoula Mou) [add]
05. The Cannon Hushes at the Riverside (Stin Potamia Sopainei to Kanoni) [add]
06. Flag Song (Tragoudi Tis Simaias) [add]
07. Oh! Mister Michael Dear [O Kyr Mixalis] [add]
08. Hector and Andromache (O Ektoras Kai H Andromaxi) [add]
09. The Ironsmith (O Sideras) [add]
10. Deep into the Well I Cast My Loving Heart (Rixno Tin Kardia Sto Pigadi) [add]
11. Gone Is the Time (Paei O Kairos) [add]
12. Weary Gallant Lad (Kourasmeno Palikari) [add]
13. An Old Windmill (Enas Palios Anemomylos) [add]
14. How Deep the Stretches of the Sea (To Pelago Einai Vathy) [add]
15. On the Stubble After Harvest (Pano Sti Therismani Laxania) [add]
16. Their Own Country Is Tied in Their Sails (Me Tin Patrida Tous Demeni St [add]
17. Now That You're off to Distant Lands (Tora Pou Pas Sti Xenitia) [add]

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