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Genre: Soundtrack
Face Off [Original Soundtrack] (1997) 01. Face On [add]
02. 80 Proof Rock [add]
03. Furniture [add]
04. The Golden Section Derma Lift [add]
05. This Ridiculous Chin [add]
06. No More Drugs for That Man [add]
07. Hans' Loft [add]
08. Ready for the Big Ride, Bubba [add]

Endurance (1999) 01. Gigi's Lament [add]
02. Main Titles [add]
03. The Dressing Room [add]
04. The Struggle of Life [add]
05. Mother [add]
06. Halie Runs to the School [add]
07. Stealing Batteries for the Radio [add]
08. Chasing the Bull [add]
09. The Great Tree [add]
10. Mother Falls [add]
11. Mother Is Sent Away [add]
12. Forbidden [add]
13. The Bus to Addis [add]
14. Chosen to Run for Ethiopia [add]
15. The Final Race [add]
16. My Son [add]

Chicken Run (2000) 01. Opening Escape [add]
02. Main Titles [add]
03. The Evil Mrs. Tweedy [add]
04. Rats! [add]
05. Chickens Are Not Organized [add]
06. We Need a Miracle [add]
07. Rocky and the Circus [add]
08. Flight Training [add]
09. A Really Big Truck Arrives [add]
10. Cocktails and Flighty Thoughts [add]
11. Bars' Big Break [add]
12. Flip Flop and Fly-Ellis Hall [add]
13. Up on the Roof [add]
14. Into the Pie Machine [add]
15. Rocky, a Fake All Along [add]
16. Building the Crate [add]
17. The Wanderer [add]
18. The Chickens Are Revolting [add]
19. Lift Off [add]
20. Escape to Paradise [add]

Just Visiting (2001) 01. Thibault Goes to England [add]
02. The Hag's Hut [add]
03. Rosaline and Thibault [add]
04. Hallucination and Execution [add]
05. To Chicago [add]
06. Kill the Car [add]
07. Thibault Sees Julia [add]
08. My Cousin, My Desendant [add]
09. Ode de Toilet [add]
10. Tub for Two [add]
11. So Many Descendants [add]
12. Kissing Cousins [add]
13. Searching for a Wizard [add]
14. Another Visitor [add]
15. On the Bridge [add]
16. Feel Like a Lady [add]
17. Andre Can't Ask [add]
18. The Wizard Pulls Himself Together [add]
19. The Wizard Cooks [add]
20. Andre Asks to Stay [add]
21. Not a Bunny [add]
22. The Big Chase [add]
23. What Will I Do Without You [add]
24. Thibault and the Wizard Return Home [add]
25. In the Icehall [add]
26. Hunter Gets It/Julia Sees the Castle [add]
27. Your Time Will Come [add]

Evolution [Original Score] (2001) 01. The Meteor [add]
02. Cells Divide [add]
03. In the Hall by the Pool [add]
04. The Army Arrives [add]
05. The Ira Kane? [add]
06. Fruit Basket for Russell Woodman [add]
07. The Water Hazard [add]
08. Burgled [add]
09. The Forest [add]
10. The Cave Waltz [add]
11. Blue Fly [add]
12. Cutie Pie [add]
13. Animal Attack [add]
14. Dino Valley [add]
15. The Mall Chase [add]
16. Monitors Out [add]
17. Room for One More [add]
18. Fire [add]
19. Selenium [add]
20. The Fire Truck [add]
21. The Amoeba Emerges [add]
22. To Go Where No Man Has Gone Before [add]
23. Our Heroes [add]

Rat Race [Original Score] (2001) 01. Let's Meet Our Contestants [add]
02. A Very Special Reception [add]
03. I'll Take the Stairs [add]
04. The Chase Begins [add]
05. Flights Cancelled [add]
06. Roswell, New Mexico? [add]
07. The Cabbie Dumps Owen [add]
08. The Squirrel Lady [add]
09. Helicopter Dance [add]
10. Switch Keys and Should Have Bought a Squirrel [add]
11. Pollini Wakes and Owen Gets Some Clothes [add]
12. Wanna See a Heart? [add]
13. Stealing Some Gas [add]
14. Chase to the Balloons [add]
15. I Lost My Heart to a Dog [add]
16. Bike Dyke Attack [add]
17. All Alone in the World [add]
18. From a Rocket Car to a Nut Bus [add]
19. A Family on Drugs! [add]
20. The Lucys Chase Owen and Third Reich in the Parking Lot [add]
21. Arrival at Silver City [add]
22. Grisham Runs off With the Hooker [add]
23. Tour Bus Crash [add]
24. All the Little Children [add]
25. La Habaņero Loca [add]
26. Before We Were Russian [add]

I Am Sam [Original Score] (2002) 01. Starbucks and Hospital [add]
02. It's OK Daddy [add]
03. Sam's Friends [add]
04. Reading Together [add]
05. At the Park [add]
06. The Birthday Party [add]
07. Rita [add]
08. Sam Visits Lucy [add]
09. Buying Shoes [add]
10. Lucy Runs and Sam Loses [add]
11. Annie's Father [add]
12. Making Coffee [add]
13. Kramer V. Kramer [add]
14. Torn Away [add]
15. Lucy Paints, Sam Makes Origami [add]
16. Lucy, Calm Down [add]
17. Nighttime Visits [add]
18. I'm Getting More from This [add]
19. On the Stairs [add]

The Bourne Identity (2002) 01. The Bourne Identity, Film Score: Main Titles [add]
02. The Bourne Identity, Film Score: Bourne Gets Well [add]
03. The Bourne Identity, Film Score: Treadstone Assassins [add]
04. The Bourne Identity, Film Score: At the Bank [add]
05. The Bourne Identity, Film Score: Bourne on Land [add]
06. The Bourne Identity, Film Score: Escape from Embassy [add]
07. The Bourne Identity, Film Score: The Drive to Paris [add]
08. The Bourne Identity, Film Score: The Apartment [add]
09. The Bourne Identity, Film Score: At the Hairdressers [add]
10. The Bourne Identity, Film Score: Hotel Regina [add]
11. The Bourne Identity, Film Score: The Investigation [add]
12. The Bourne Identity, Film Score: Taxi Ride [add]
13. The Bourne Identity, Film Score: At the Farmhouse [add]
14. The Bourne Identity, Film Score: Jason Phones It In [add]
15. The Bourne Identity, Film Score: On Bridge Number 9 [add]
16. The Bourne Identity, Film Score: Jason's Theme [add]
17. The Bourne Identity, Film Score: Mood Build [add]
18. The Bourne Identity, Film Score: The Bourne Identity [add]
19. The Bourne Identity, Film Score: Drum and Bass Remix [add]

Two Weeks Notice (2003) 01. Love Theme [add]
02. Divorce [add]
03. Take Away [add]
04. Trying to Get Fired [add]
05. Helicopter Ride [add]
06. In the Limo [add]
07. Bobcat Pretzel [add]
08. Protest [add]
09. Interviews [add]
10. Emergency [add]
11. Absolutely Beautiful [add]
12. Sad Bowels [add]
13. George's Speech [add]
14. Finale [add]
15. Epilogue [add]

The Italian Job [Original Score] (2003) 01. Opening Titles [add]
02. The Italian Job [add]
03. Venice Gold Heist [add]
04. Boat Chase [add]
05. Mourning John [add]
06. Planning the Heist [add]
07. Pawning the Gold [add]
08. Cable Check [add]
09. Getting the Axe [add]
10. The Devil Inside [add]
11. Bitter Suite [add]
12. The New Plan [add]
13. Tunnel Run [add]
14. Chopper Chase/Face-Off [add]
15. Golden [add]

Gigli (2003) 01. Opening Titles [add]
02. Can I Go? [add]
03. Dinner [add]
04. Read to Me [add]
05. Tai Moi Chai [add]
06. Mum's Arse [add]
07. Yoga Music [add]
08. Cut It Off [add]
09. God Bless You/You With Me? [add]
10. The Morgue [add]
11. Friend of Yours? [add]
12. Love Scene [add]
13. Some Place Clean [add]
14. Pro Perogative [add]
15. Step Up [add]
16. Drive to Baywatch [add]
17. Goodbye [add]
18. Nice Weather [add]
19. Rochelle [add]

The Bourne Supremacy (2004) 01. Goa [add]
02. The Drop [add]
03. Funeral Pyre [add]
04. Gathering Data [add]
05. Nach Deutschland [add]
06. To the Roof [add]
07. New Memories [add]
08. Berlin Foot Chase [add]
09. Alexander Platz/Abbotts Confesses [add]
10. Moscow Wind Up [add]
11. Bim Bam Smash [add]
12. Atonement [add]
13. Extreme Ways [add]

Robots [Original Score] (2005) 01. Robots Overture [add]
02. Rivet Town Parade [add]
03. Bigweld TV/Creating Wonderbot [add]
04. Wonderbot Wash [add]
05. Train Station [add]
06. Crosstown Express [add]
07. Wild Ride [add]
08. Madam Gasket [add]
09. Chop Shop [add]
10. Meet the Rusties [add]
11. Bigweld Workshop [add]
12. Phone Booth [add]
13. Gathering Forces [add]
14. Escape [add]
15. Deciding to Fight Back [add]
16. Attack of the Sweepers [add]
17. Butt Whoopin' [add]
18. Homecoming [add]
19. Dad's Dream [add]

Mr. and Mrs. Smith [Original Score] (2005) 01. Mr. & Mrs. Smith/Bogota [add]
02. Mr. & Mrs. Smith/The Bedroom [add]
03. Mr. & Mrs. Smith/Playing House [add]
04. Mr. & Mrs. Smith/Assignments [add]
05. Mr. & Mrs. Smith/His and Her Hits [add]
06. Mr. & Mrs. Smith/Office Work [add]
07. Mr. & Mrs. Smith/Desert Foxes [add]
08. Mr. & Mrs. Smith/John and Jane's Identity [add]
09. Mr. & Mrs. Smith/Dinner [add]
10. Mr. & Mrs. Smith/Hood Jump [add]
11. Mr. & Mrs. Smith/Mutual Thoughts [add]
12. Mr. & Mrs. Smith/John Drops In [add]
13. Mr. & Mrs. Smith/Tango de los Asesinos [add]
14. Mr. & Mrs. Smith/Two Phone Calls [add]
15. Mr. & Mrs. Smith/Kiss and Make Up [add]
16. Mr. & Mrs. Smith/Minivan Chase [add]
17. Mr. & Mrs. Smith/Shopping Spree [add]
18. Mr. & Mrs. Smith/Dodging Bullets [add]
19. Mr. & Mrs. Smith/The Next Adventure [add]

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown (2006) 01. The Waterpark [add]
02. The Vulture of Doom [add]
03. Migration [add]
04. Call of the Mammoth [add]
05. Sad Manny and the Possums [add]
06. Manny and Ellie Meet [add]
07. Traveling with Possums [add]
08. 12 Ton Mammoth & A 10 Ton Possum [add]
09. Attack from Below the Ice [add]
10. Extreme Possum [add]
11. Who Will Join Me on the Dung Heap? [add]
12. Log Moving [add]
13. Ellie Remembers [add]
14. Foggy Balance [add]
15. Goodnight Sweet Possums [add]
16. Kidnapped [add]
17. Sid's Sing-A-Long [add]
18. Food Glorious Food [add]
19. The Boat and the Geysers [add]
20. The Dam Breaks [add]
21. Ellie Gets Trapped [add]
22. Manny to the Rescue [add]
23. Rescues All Round [add]
24. Scrat to the Rescue [add]
25. The Water Recedes [add]
26. Mammoths [add]
27. With the Herd [add]
28. Into the Sunset [add]
29. The Pearly Gates (Adagio from Spartacus) [add]
30. CPR [add]
31. Mini-Sloths Sing-A-Long [add]
32. The Meltdown [add]

X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) 01. 20 Years Ago [add]
02. Bathroom Titles [add]
03. The Church of Magneto, Raven Is My Slave Name [add]
04. Meet Leech, Then off to the Lake [add]
05. Whirlpool of Love [add]
06. Examining Jean [add]
07. Dark Phoenix [add]
08. Angel's Cure [add]
09. Jean and Logan [add]
10. Dark Phoenix Awakes [add]
11. Rejection Is Never Easy [add]
12. Magneto Plots [add]
13. Entering the House [add]
14. Dark Phoenix's Tragedy [add]
15. Farewell to X [add]
16. The Funeral [add]
17. Skating on the Pond [add]
18. Cure Wars [add]
19. Fight in the Woods [add]
20. St Lupus Day [add]
21. Building Bridges [add]
22. Shock and No Oars [add]
23. Attack on Alcatraz [add]
24. Massacre [add]
25. The Battle of the Cure [add]
26. Phoenix Rises [add]
27. The Last Stand [add]

United 93 (2006) 01. Prayers [add]
02. Pull the Tapes [add]
03. Take Off [add]
04. 2nd Plane Crash [add]
05. Making the Bomb [add]
06. The Pilots [add]
07. The Pentagon [add]
08. Phone Calls [add]
09. The End [add]
10. Dedication [add]

Happy Feet [Original Score] (2006) 01. The Huddle [add]
02. The Eggs Hatch [add]
03. Birth of Mumble [add]
04. Wives Ho! [add]
05. Singing Lessons [add]
06. The Skua Birds [add]
07. In My Room [add]
08. Graduation [add]
09. Fish [add]
10. Leopard Seal [add]
11. Adelieland [add]
12. Bob's Led [add]
13. Finding Aliens [add]
14. Lovelace's Pile [add]
15. If I Could Sing [add]
16. Exile [add]
17. The Leader of the Pack [add]
18. Finding Lovelace [add]
19. Gloria Joins [add]
20. The Hill [add]
21. Fun Food Storm [add]
22. Killer Whales [add]
23. The Alien Ships [add]
24. In the Zoo [add]
25. First Contact [add]
26. Mumble Returns [add]
27. Tap Versus Chant [add]
28. The Helicopter [add]
29. Communication [add]

The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) 01. Six Weeks Ago [add]
02. Tangiers [add]
03. Thinking of Marie [add]
04. Assets and Targets [add]
05. Faces Without Names [add]
06. Waterloo [add]
07. Coming Home [add]
08. Man Verses Man [add]
09. Jason Is Reborn [add]
10. Extreme Ways (Bourne's Ultimatum) [add]

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