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Pop Wagner lyrics
Genre: Folk
Spark of Life (2003) 01. Dance All Night with a Bottle in My Hand [add]
02. Jealous Hearted Me [add]
03. Goodbye Miss Liza [add]
04. Frankie and Albert [add]
05. Goodbye to My Stepstone [add]
06. Otto Wood the Bandit [add]
07. Jeraldine [add]
08. The Lone Pilgrim [add]
09. The Trail to Mexico [add]
10. I Took My Gal A-Walkin' [add]
11. You've Been a Friend to Me [add]
12. The Golden Vanity [add]
13. Peach Pickin' Time in Georgia [add]
14. The Danville Blues [add]
15. Stop That Thing (One Time for Your Daddy Now) [add]

Forty a Month and Found (2003) 01. Kiyee Kiyo [add]
02. Old Paint [add]
03. Harriet [add]
04. Ridge Runnin' Roan [add]
05. Big Sciota [add]
06. The Cowboy Hat at the High Class Soiră© [add]
07. Ms. McLeod's Reel [add]
08. Snagtooth Sal [add]
09. Forty a Month and Found [add]
10. Jake and Roany [add]
11. Lee's Ferry [add]
12. Zebra Dunn [add]
13. Pert' Near Perkins [add]
14. Utah Carroll [add]
15. A Little Big Foot [add]
16. Roll on Little Doggies [add]
17. Saddle Bum [add]
18. Monday Night Breakdown/Blake's Beige Blanket in the Bunkhouse [add]

Disco on the Bayou (2003) 01. Disco on the Bayou [add]
02. Louisiana 'Bo [add]
03. Monday Night Breakdown/Blakes Beige Blanket in the Bunkhouse [add]
04. I Saw the Light [add]
05. Madronas [add]
06. J'Ai Passe Devant Ta Porte [add]
07. Impressionists' Two-Step [add]
08. I-Yi-Yi [add]
09. Making Music with You [add]
10. Eli Green's Cakewalk [add]
11. Daisies on the Island [add]
12. Le Paradis des Musiciens [add]
13. Dance Close and Snuggle [add]
14. South Wind [add]

Pop Wagner & Bob Bovee (2004) 01. Didn't He Ramble [add]
02. Sail Away Ladies [add]
03. Rovin' Gambler [add]
04. Daddy Let Me Know Before You Go [add]
05. Sweet Talkin' Mama [add]
06. I Don't Want Your Millions, Mister [add]
07. Old 97, Where Did You Go [add]
08. The Cowboy [add]
09. Chesterfields [add]
10. Skid Row [add]
11. Yella Gal/Rye Straw [add]
12. Streetsingers Heaven [add]
13. Northern Line [add]
14. Hobb Dye [add]
15. Whiskey in My Glass [add]
16. Bringin' in the Georgia Mail [add]
17. Bonaparte Crossing the Alps [add]
18. Hobo Blues [add]
19. Blue Mountain [add]
20. Milwaukee Blues [add]
21. I'm Going Back to Dixie [add]

Cinchin' Saddles and Pullin' Bridle Reins (2006) 01. Hittin' the Trail Tonight [add]
02. Drive Them Critters (To the Rail) [add]
03. Roving Cowboy [add]
04. Tennessee Stud [add]
05. Stewball [add]
06. Bravest Cowboy [add]
07. Doney Gal [add]
08. Choppo [add]
09. Manito [add]
10. Buddies in the Saddle [add]
11. Platonia, Pride of the Plains [add]
12. Tarry Not [add]
13. Strawberry Roan [add]
14. Old Paint [add]
15. Palomino Pal of Mine [add]

Pop-In-A-Box (2006) 01. CD Pop Wagner & Bob Bovee [add]
02. CD Forty a Month and Found [add]
03. CD Disco on the Bayou [add]
04. CD Spark of Life [add]
05. CD Cinchin' Saddles and Pullin' Bridle Reins [add]

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