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The Dixie Hummingbirds lyrics
Genre: Gospel
Christian Testimonial (1959) 01. The Final Edition [add]
02. Oh, How I Love Jesus [add]
03. I Just Want to Tell You [add]
04. Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen [add]
05. God Is Now Speaking [add]
06. Poor Pilgrim of Sorrow [add]
07. Devil Can't Harm a Praying Man [add]
08. Christian Testimonial [add]

Mama (1990) 01. Mama [add]
02. Heaven's Grocery Store [add]
03. Jesus Is All I Need [add]
04. Moving On [add]
05. What's Wrong With Your [add]
06. We Need Power [add]
07. Jesus Is Coming Soon [add]
08. The Love of Joseph and Mary [add]

Smooth Sailing (1990) 01. Smooth Sailing [add]
02. Ain't It Wonderful to Know What God Can Do [add]
03. I Know My Redeemer Lives [add]
04. Get in Touch With Jesus [add]
05. Don't Give Up [add]
06. I'm So Glad I Know Him [add]
07. Heartaches and Pain [add]
08. This World Is a Dressing Room [add]

In These Changing Times (1991) 01. Loves Me Like a Rock [add]
02. Let It Alone [add]
03. Jesus Children of America [add]
04. In These Changing Times [add]
05. Oh, I Want to See Him [add]
06. Sweet by and By [add]
07. Swing Low [add]
08. Jesus Speaks to Me [add]
09. Just One Moment [add]
10. I Found Jesus [add]

In Good Health (1993) 01. It Will Be Alright [add]
02. You Are Everything I Need [add]
03. Thank You for One More Day [add]
04. I'll Be Free [add]
05. It Will Be So Wonderful [add]
06. Good Health [add]
07. Let Us Praise Him [add]
08. Testify [add]
09. I'll Live Again [add]
10. Jesus Is the Light of the World [add]

Call on the Lord (1997) 01. Touch Me Lord [add]
02. Mother Is Crying Again [add]
03. The Works of God [add]
04. After the Rapture [add]
05. Movin' On [add]
06. Call on the Lord [add]
07. When the Dollar Rules the Pulpit [add]
08. What a Friend We Have in Jesus [add]
09. Anthem [add]

Move on up a Little Higher (2000) 01. Move on up a Little Higher [add]
02. In the Morning [add]
03. Beaming From Heaven [add]
04. Jesus Will Answer Prayer [add]
05. Young Man [add]
06. I'll Be Satisfied [add]
07. Standing on the Highway [add]
08. Get Away Jordan [add]
09. Mercy Lord [add]
10. Is There Anyone in Heaven That You Know [add]
11. Cool Down Yonder [add]
12. I Must Have Jesus [add]

Diamond Jubilation: 75th Anniversary (2003) 01. God's Radar [add]
02. He Watches Out for You and Me [add]
03. Too Many Troubles [add]
04. Someday [add]
05. When I Found Jesus Christ [add]
06. When I Go Away [add]
07. I've Been Born Again [add]
08. City of Gold [add]
09. Nobody's Fault [add]
10. I Bid You Goodnight [add]
11. Rasslin' Jacob [add]

Still... Keeping It Real: The Last Man Standing (2006) 01. Ezekiel Saw the Wheel [add]
02. Wonderful to Be Alive [add]
03. He Watches out for Me [add]
04. Father Alone [add]
05. Personal Jesus [add]
06. It Won't Be Long [add]
07. Christian's Automobile [add]
08. Love Your Fellow Man [add]
09. Go Tell It on the Mountain [add]
10. Don't Let Me Fall [add]

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