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The Violet Burning lyrics
Genre: Gospel
Chosen (1989) 01. There Is Nowhere Else [add]
02. If You Let Me [add]
03. I Will Always Stand By You [add]
04. Rise Like The Lion [add]
05. The Killing [add]
06. Love Is The Loaded Gun [add]
07. The Last Ones [add]
08. Groove Baby [add]
09. White Heart [add]
10. Violet [add]
11. Sweet Mercy [add]
12. Heart Wide Open [add]
13. New Breed Children Rise [add]

Strength (1992) 01. There Is No One Like You [add]
02. The Face of Beauty [add]
03. Stay with Me [add]
04. Undone [add]
05. As I Am [add]
06. Like the Sun [add]
07. Gold [add]
08. Song of the Harlot [add]
09. Eleanor Rigby [add]
10. Through My Tears [add]

Violet Burning (1996) 01. Crush [add]
02. Arabic Tremolo Radio [add]
03. Blind [add]
04. Fever [add]
05. The Sun and the Sky [add]
06. Underwater [add]
07. Low [add]
08. Silver [add]
09. Goldmine [add]
10. Waiting [add]
11. Eleven [add]
12. Feel [add]

Faith and Devotions of a Satellite Heart (2000) 01. Invitacion Fountain [add]
02. Clean (My God Has Rescued Me) [add]
03. The Blood of Jesus [add]
04. Forty Weight [add]
05. All Right [add]
06. Nobody Else [add]
07. Beautiful (I Can't Live Without You) [add]
08. Maker of the Stars [add]
09. I Remember [add]
10. Lord, Shine Your Light [add]

Demonstrates Plastic and Elastic (2001) 01. Elaste [add]
02. Moon Radio [add]
03. Berlin Kitty [add]
04. She Says Electric [add]
05. I'm No Superman [add]
06. Oceana [add]
07. Sugarlight U.S.A. [add]
08. Ilaria [add]
09. Robot Fluide Robot [add]
10. Gorgeous [add]
11. We Close Our Eyes [add]
12. Seamonster [add]

This Is the Moment (2003) 01. Lovesick [add]
02. Everywhere I Go [add]
03. Radio Jesus Superstar [add]
04. The Only One [add]
05. I'm Not Letting Go [add]
06. Heaven Holds My Heart [add]
07. Lost Without You Near Me [add]
08. Lord, Rescue Me [add]
09. Slowa [add]
10. I See Stars [add]
11. Let It Begin [add]
12. Manta Rae [add]

drop-dead (2006) 01. Humm [add]
02. All I Want [add]
03. Do You Love Me? [add]
04. Already Gone [add]
05. More [add]
06. Swan Sea [add]
07. Eleanor [add]
08. Rewind [add]
09. Blown Away [add]
10. Trans [add]
11. The Ends Begin [add]
12. One Thousand Years [add]

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