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Rozz Williams lyrics
Genre: Rock
Every King a Bastard Son (1992) 01. Whorse [add]
02. Mind Fuck (Soundtrack to a Murder) lyrics
03. The Beast (Invocation) [add]
04. Currents lyrics
05. To He Who Shall Come After (Mystic Fragments) [Mystic Fragments] [add]
06. The Evil Ones [add]
07. No Soldier (Cloak of Shit) [add]
08. Walls/Voices [add]

Dream Home Heartache (1995) 01. In Every Dream Home a Heartache lyrics
02. These Vulnerable Eyes [add]
03. The Pope's Egg Hat [add]
04. Manic Depression [add]
05. Flowers lyrics
06. A World Apart [add]
07. Moon Without a Tear [add]
08. In Every Dream Home a Heartache(Reprise) [add]

Neue Sachlichkeit (1995) 01. Neue Schlichkeit [add]
02. Gleichschaltung [add]
03. Doubtful Origins [add]
04. The Enemy [add]
05. Faith & Separation [add]
06. Frozen Roads [add]
07. Firestorm [add]
08. Blut und Ehre [add]
09. Flusterwitze [add]
10. Schane Dich [add]
11. Gotterdammerung [add]
12. The Great King [add]
13. Stille Nacht [add]
14. ...And Not Look Back [add]

Whorse's Mouth (1997) 01. Temptation [add]
02. Life Is But a Dream [add]
03. Raped [add]
04. Who's in Charge Here? (Beneath the Triumph of Shadows) [add]
05. A Fire of Uncommon Velocity lyrics
06. Her Only Sin [add]
07. Interlude [add]
08. A Brother of Low Degree [add]
09. Dear Skin [add]
10. Maggot Drain lyrics
11. Dec. 30, 1334 [add]
12. Best of the Breed [add]

Wound of Exit (1998) 01. Alone with the Devil [add]
02. Head [add]
03. At the End of Every Day [add]
04. Rope Trick [add]
05. Two Thirteen [add]
06. Wound of Exit [add]
07. Alone with the Devil II [add]
08. Ruptured Walls (7700 Volts) [add]
09. Sick Swing [add]
10. Purged and Destroyed [add]
11. Flesh and Blood (You Are My) [add]
12. The End Is Here/Exit [add]

Live in Berlin (2000) 01. Love Lies [add]
02. Sunken Rags [add]
03. Red Handed [add]
04. 2 Steps [#] [add]
05. Nothing [#] [add]
06. Lord of the Flies [add]
07. World Inside [#] [add]
08. Working on Beyond [add]
09. The Stranger [add]
10. Days of Glory [add]

Accept the Gift of Sin [live] (2003) 01. Cavity [add]
02. When I Was Bed [add]
03. Tomorrow Belongs to Me [From Caberet] [add]
04. Beautiful Brown Shirtedman [add]
05. I'm Not in Love [add]
06. Dream a Little Dream of Me [add]
07. Mindfuck (Soundtrack to a Murder) [add]

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