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Rance Allen lyrics
Genre: Gospel
Straight from the Heart (1972) 01. Joy [add]
02. Security [add]
03. California Gold (Keeps Calling Me) [add]
04. I Belong to You [add]
05. Stand up for Love [add]
06. You Can Take My Music (But You Can't Take My Song) [add]
07. I Found a Friend [add]
08. The Wheel of Life [add]
09. White Christmas [*] [add]
10. Lying on the Truth [live/*] [add]
11. I Know Who [#/*] [add]
12. Reach Out [#/*] [add]
13. Candle in the Dark [#/*] [add]

A Soulful Experience (1975) 01. Ring My Bell [add]
02. Ain't No Need of Crying [add]
03. What a Day [add]
04. The Painter [add]
05. Talk That Talk, Pt. 1 [add]
06. Talk That Talk, Pt. 2 [add]
07. Just Found Me [add]
08. I Give My All to You [add]
09. Harlem Heaven [add]

Phenomenon (1991) 01. Miracle Worker [add]
02. Level Ground [add]
03. I Appreciate You [add]
04. Running [add]
05. He Delivered Me [add]
06. Sing Lord Sing [add]
07. Like a Good Neighbor [add]
08. Savior, I Don't Want to Be Lost [add]
09. Baby's Cry [add]
10. God Bless America [add]
11. Miracle Worker [Remix] [add]

Up Above My Head (1995) 01. Everything Is Gonna Be Alright [add]
02. Heaven Is Where the Heart Is [add]
03. That Will Be Good Enough for Me [add]
04. Up Above My Head [add]
05. Greatness of God [add]
06. Put Your Hand in the Hand [add]
07. God Is Wonderful [add]
08. Be True [add]
09. God Is Where It's At [add]
10. Mama [add]
11. For Once in My Life lyrics
12. Harlem Heaven [add]
13. (There's Gonna Be A) Showdown [add]
14. Heartaches [add]

You Make Me Wanna Dance (1995) 01. You Make Me Wanna Dance [add]
02. Wait on Him [add]
03. You Never Changed [add]
04. It Shall Be Done [add]
05. I Still Love You [add]
06. He's All I Need [add]
07. Joy in My Soul [add]
08. Deep on the Inside [add]
09. Christ in Me [add]
10. Awesome God [add]
11. You Mean the World to Me [add]
12. All the Time [add]

Miracle Worker (2000) 01. Miracle Worker [Remix] [add]
02. You Make Me Wanna Dance [add]
03. Wait on Him [add]
04. He Delivered Me [add]
05. It Shall Be Done [add]
06. I Still Love You [add]
07. Sing Lord Sing [add]
08. Joy in My Soul [add]
09. Like a Good Neighbor [add]
10. Awesome God [add]
11. Savior, I Don't Want to Be Lost [add]
12. All in Time [add]
13. God Bless America [add]
14. Miracle Worker [Original Version] [add]

All the Way (2002) 01. Living Witness [add]
02. Do Your Will [add]
03. Honey Out of the Rock [add]
04. Rain on Me [add]
05. Hold On [add]
06. Blessing Me Again [add]
07. Emma Pearl [add]
08. All the Way [add]
09. Say Yes [add]
10. Taking It Easy [add]
11. The Sweetest Name [add]
12. Stay With Me [add]
13. Cease Fire [add]
14. The House of the Lord [add]
15. Jesus Can Satisfy [add]

Soulful Truth Of (2003) 01. Ain't No Need of Crying [add]
02. There's Gonna Be a Showdown [add]
03. Talk That Talk (Pt. 1) [add]
04. Smile [add]
05. Joy [add]
06. Ring My Bell [add]
07. I Give My All to You [add]
08. Put Your Hand in the Hand [add]
09. Just My Imagination (Just My Salvation) [add]
10. God Is Wonderful [add]
11. He Will See You Through [add]
12. The Painter [add]
13. Hot Line to Jesus [add]
14. Lying on the Truth [add]
15. I Got to Be Myself [add]
16. Stand Up for Love [add]
17. Security [add]

The Live Experience (2004) 01. Welcome [add]
02. Mircale Worker [add]
03. Ain't No Need of Crying [add]
04. Preacher Man [add]
05. I Belong to You [add]
06. I Can't Help Myself [add]
07. I'm Gonna Make It After All [add]
08. Joy in My Soul [add]
09. That Will Be Good Enough for Me [add]
10. Praise the Lord [add]
11. Do Your Will [add]
12. You Make Me Wanna Dance [add]
13. Something About the Name Jesus [add]

Closest Friend (2007) 01. Closest Friend [add]
02. "Intro" (Steve and Lil' Steve Allen) [add]
03. For Your Feet [add]
04. Let's Praise [add]
05. Be Thou Exalted [add]
06. Keep on Blessin' [add]
07. Sacrificial Offering [add]
08. Doin' All Things [add]
09. Melody of Love [add]
10. Reach Out [add]
11. Season of Jubilee [add]
12. My Help [add]
13. Can't Live Without You [add]
14. Nothing Separate Me [add]
15. Oh How Amazing [add]
16. Heaven [add]

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