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The Triffids lyrics
Genre: Rock
Treeless Plain (1983) 01. Red Pony [add]
02. Branded [add]
03. My Baby Thinks She's a Train [add]
04. Rosevel [add]
05. I Am a Lonesome Hobo [add]
06. Place in the Sun [add]
07. Plaything [add]
08. Old Ghostrider [add]
09. Hanging Shed [add]
10. Hell of a Summer [add]
11. Madeline [add]
12. Nothing Can Take Your Place [add]

Raining Pleasure (1984) 01. Jesus Calling [add]
02. Embedded [add]
03. St. James Infirmary [add]
04. Everybody Has to Eat [add]
05. Ballad of Jack Frost [add]
06. Property Is Condemned [add]
07. Raining Pleasure [add]

Born Sandy Devotional (1986) 01. The Seabirds [add]
02. Estuary Bed [add]
03. Chicken Killer [add]
04. Tarrilup Bridge [add]
05. Lonely Stretch [add]
06. Wide Open Road [add]
07. Life of Crime [add]
08. Personal Things [add]
09. Stolen Property [add]
10. Tender Is the Night (The Long Fidelity) [add]

In the Pines (1986) 01. Suntrapper [add]
02. In the Pines [add]
03. Kathy Knows [add]
04. 25 to 5 [add]
05. Do You Want Me Near You? [add]
06. Once a Day [add]
07. Just Might Fade Away [add]
08. Better off This Way [add]
09. Only One Life [add]
10. Keep Your Eyes on the Hole [add]
11. One Soul Less on Your Fiery List [add]
12. Born Sandy Devotional [Edit] [add]
13. Love and Affection [add]

Love in Bright Landscapes (1986) 01. You Don't Miss Your Water [add]
02. Red Pony [add]
03. Raining Pleasure [add]
04. Hell of a Summer [add]
05. Jesus Calling [add]
06. Bright Lights, Big City [add]
07. Rosevel [add]
08. Property Is Condemned [add]
09. My Baby Thinks She's a Train [add]
10. Monkey on My Back [add]
11. Embedded [add]
12. Old Ghostrider [add]
13. Madeline [add]

Calenture (1987) 01. Bury Me Deep in Love [add]
02. Kelly's Blues [add]
03. A Trick of the Light [add]
04. Hometown Farewell Kiss [add]
05. Unmade Love [add]
06. Open for You [add]
07. Holy Water [add]
08. Blinder by the Hour [add]
09. Vagabond Holes [add]
10. Jerdacuttup Man [add]
11. Calenture [add]
12. Save What You Can [add]

The Black Swan (1989) 01. Too Hot to Move, Too Hot to Think [add]
02. American Sailors [add]
03. Falling over You [add]
04. Goodbye Little Boy [add]
05. Bottle of Love [add]
06. The Spinning Top Song [add]
07. Butterflies into Worms [add]
08. New Year's Greetings (The Country Widower) [add]
09. Good Fortune Rose [add]
10. One Mechanic Town [add]
11. Black Eyed Susie [add]
12. The Clown Prince [add]
13. Fairytale Love [add]

Stockholm: Live (1990) 01. Property Is Condemned [add]
02. Hell of a Summer [add]
03. Personal Things [add]
04. Raining Pleasure [add]
05. Lonely Stretch [add]
06. Sure the Girl I Love [add]
07. Wide Open Road [add]
08. Keep Your Eyes on the Hole [add]
09. In the Pines [add]
10. Billy [add]
11. I Am a Lonesome Hobo [add]
12. How Could I Help But Love You [add]

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