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Genre: Easy Listening
Piano Deco, Vol. 2 (1995) 01. Southern Charms/Moods of a New Yorker [add]
02. At Dusk [add]
03. Movie Ballet [add]
04. Relaxation [add]
05. After Theater (Tango) [add]
06. The Blue-Robed Mandarins [add]
07. Abelard and Heloise [add]
08. Little Boys Sail Little Boats [add]
09. Poor Buttermilk/Here Are Ladies [add]
10. Serenade For Madame Chang Kai-Shek [add]
11. Grandmother's Sunday School Days [add]
12. Lines for Ann Rutledge [add]
13. Her Mother Was Irish [add]
14. Shropshire Lass [add]
15. Southern Memories [add]
16. Knee High To A Grasshopper [add]
17. Summer Glow/Fourth of July [add]
18. Parade [add]
19. Minuet For Betty Schuyler [add]
20. Swing Your Partner [add]
21. Waltz On The Village Green [add]
22. Song of the Bayou [add]

Piano Deco, Vol. 1 (1995) 01. Persimmon Pucker [add]
02. In a Mist [add]
03. The Old Guide's Story [add]
04. The Legend of Lonesome Lake [add]
05. Downstream [add]
06. The Land of the Loon [add]
07. A Dirge for Jo Indian [add]
08. Lumber-Jack Dance [add]
09. Candleights [add]
10. The Crap-Shooters [add]
11. Around the Hall [add]
12. A Gringo Tango [add]
13. North of Boston [add]
14. Powwow [add]
15. Flashes [add]
16. Sea Burial [add]
17. Girl on Tiptoe [add]
18. In the Dark [add]
19. Sapphire [add]
20. Silhouette [add]
21. Davenport Blues [add]

You Tell 'em Ivories (1996) 01. Soliloquy [add]
02. Tale of the Samovar [add]
03. Preamble [add]
04. Uncle Tom and Legree [add]
05. Littel Eva [add]
06. Topsy's Dance [add]
07. Sand Shuffel [add]
08. Uncle Tom's Dance [add]
09. Sold Down the River [add]
10. Dirg [add]
11. Little Eva Goes to Heaven [add]
12. Impromptu [add]
13. Romanza [add]
14. Novelette [add]
15. Waterfall Serenade [add]
16. That Futuristic Rag [add]
17. Caravan from China [add]
18. In Sleepy Hollow [add]
19. On Tappan Zee [add]
20. A Mid-October Afternoon [add]
21. Katrina's Waltz [add]
22. Calm Lake and Quite Lovers [add]
23. A Stately Mansion [add]
24. Spring Holiday [add]
25. Lady Jane Grey [add]
26. Spring Fever [add]
27. You Tell 'Em, Iveries [add]

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