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Terry Scott Taylor lyrics
Genre: Gospel
John Wayne (1998) 01. Writer's Block [add]
02. Mr. Flutter [add]
03. Too Many Angels [add]
04. Boomtown [add]
05. You Told Them Exactly What I Didn't Say [add]
06. Big Shot and Miniature Girl [add]
07. Ten Gallon Hat [add]
08. Hey John Wayne [add]
09. Chicken Crosses the Road [add]
10. You Lay Down [add]

Avocado Fault Line (2003) 01. Cowboys With Engines [add]
02. Startin' Monday [add]
03. Capistrano Beach [add]
04. Pie Hole [add]
05. The Afternoon [add]
06. Built Her a Cloud [add]
07. Angels Must Smile Like That [add]
08. With What I Should Have Said [add]
09. Pretend I'm Elvis (Just for One Night) [add]
10. Papa Danced on Olvera Street [add]
11. Kind Word [add]

Imaginarium: Songs from the Neverhood (2004) 01. Klaymen Shuffle [add]
02. Olley Oxen Free [add]
03. Everybody Way Oh! [add]
04. Rock and Roll Dixie [add]
05. Cough Drops [add]
06. Skat Radio [add]
07. Lowdee Hun [add]
08. Klaymen's Theme [add]
09. Operator Plays a Little Pingpong [add]
10. Jose Faliciano [add]
11. Homina Homina [add]
12. Potatoes, Tomatoes, Gravy and Peas [add]
13. Triangle Square [add]
14. Dum da Dum Doi Doi [add]
15. Southern Front Porch Whistler [add]
16. Confused and Upset [add]
17. The Neverhood Theme [add]
18. The Weasel Chase [add]
19. Pulling of the Pin [add]
20. The Battle of Robot Bil [add]
21. Klogg's Castle [add]
22. Time to Goof Off [add]
23. Klaymen Takes the "A" Train [add]
24. Low Down Doe [add]
25. Gargling Drummer [add]
26. Resolution #8 [add]
27. An Elf Sings His ABC's [add]
28. Thumb Nail Sketch [add]
29. I'm Thirsty, I Need Wahwah [add]
30. Sound Effects Record #32 [add]
31. The Laughing, Crying, Screaming Masses [add]
32. Sound Effects Record #33 [add]
33. B3, B.C. [add]
34. Coffee and Other Just Desserts [add]
35. Spring Has Sprung [add]
36. Chiming In [add]
37. Scary Robot Man [add]
38. Playing Pool in Outer Space [add]
39. Down in the Mines [add]
40. Olley Oxen Free [Early Demo] [add]
41. Rock and Roll Dixie [Early Demo] [add]
42. Jose Feliciano [Early Demo] [add]
43. Klaymen's Theme [Early Demo] [add]
44. Skullmonkeys (Theme) [add]
45. Incident at Skullmonkey Gat [add]
46. She Reminded Me With Science [add]
47. Monkey Shrines [add]
48. Hard Boiler Eggs [add]
49. Sno, Yell 'Oh! ' [add]
50. Monkey Brand Hot Dogs [add]

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