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Wolf Colonel lyrics
Genre: Rock
Vikings of Mint (2000) 01. A Medium Root Beer [add]
02. Mister Easter Aeroplane [add]
03. The Emperor in the Sky [add]
04. These Aquatic Droids [add]
05. The Clam, the Owl [add]
06. Moral of the Story [add]
07. Agave's Lament [add]
08. Uncle of France [add]
09. Dear Elliott [add]
10. Know What the Story Is [add]
11. T-Resistible [add]
12. You Ignore Me [add]
13. The Idean Ocean [add]
14. The Top Seven Singles Club [add]
15. Scared of a Snail [add]

The Castle (2000) 01. The Perspective That A New Year Brings [add]
02. Is This What We Asked For? [add]
03. Pet You Over [add]
04. The Almond Gorilla [add]
05. I Swear I Am [add]
06. We'll Always Have Phoenix [add]
07. Sabatoge the Alley [add]
08. Fantasy Soccer [add]
09. He Goes Places No One Goes [add]
10. Here We Go My Friends [add]
11. Nectarine Island [add]
12. Jerusalem [add]
13. Russian Sandwiches [add]
14. Cookie Saucer [add]
15. Dirty Dreem [add]

Something/Everything! (2002) 01. Astronaut, Astronaut! [add]
02. Moon Song [add]
03. From Wisconsin [add]
04. Break the News [add]
05. One Thousand Ways [add]
06. Citizen's Arrest [add]
07. Jet Ski Accidents [add]
08. Sophomore [add]
09. The Most Delicious Part [add]
10. Now We Choose [add]
11. That's My Life [add]
12. Thinking About You [add]
13. The Goodbye [add]
14. Bless Us Now [add]

Intercontinental Pop Exchange No. 1 (2003) 01. Citizen's Arrest (Wolf Colonel) [add]
02. The Most Delicious Part (Wolf Colonel) [add]
03. A Medium Root Beer [add]
04. From Wisconsin (Wolf Colonel) [add]
05. All Available Light (The Paperbacks) [add]
06. A Northern Allowance (The Paperbacks) [add]
07. The New Poverty (The Paperbacks) [add]
08. Grey Skies (The Paperbacks) [add]

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