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The Swirling Eddies lyrics
Genre: Comedy
Let's Spin! (1988) 01. Let's Spin! [add]
02. Catch That Angel [add]
03. The Unsuccessful Dutch Missionary [add]
04. The Big Guns [add]
05. Rodeo Drive [add]
06. Ed Takes a Vacation [add]
07. Snowball [add]
08. I've Got an Idea [add]
09. Don't Ask Me How I Feel [add]
10. Ed Again [add]
11. What a World, What a World [add]

Outdoor Elvis (1989) 01. Outdoor Elvis [add]
02. Driving in England [add]
03. Urban Legends [add]
04. Tiny Town [add]
05. Attack of the Pulpit Masters [add]
06. Mystery Babylon [add]
07. Arthur Fhardy's Yodelling Party [add]
08. Hell Oh [add]
09. Blowing Smoke [add]
10. Hide the Beer, The Pastor's Here [add]
11. Hold Back the Wind, Donna [add]
12. Knee Jerk [add]
13. Don't Hate Yourself [add]
14. All the Way to Heaven [add]
15. Rubber Sky [add]
16. Coco the Talking Guitar [add]
17. Yer' Little Gawd [add]
18. Billy Graham [add]
19. Potential [add]
20. Strange Days [add]
21. Elimination (The Band That Won't Go Away) [add]

Swirling Mellow (1989) 01. Let's Spin! [add]
02. Catch That Angel [add]
03. The Big Guns [add]
04. Rodeo Drive [add]
05. Ed Takes a Vacation [add]
06. Snowball [add]
07. I've Got an Idea [add]
08. Don't Ask Me How I Feel [add]
09. What a World, What a World [add]

Zoom Daddy (1994) 01. I Had a Bad Experience With the CIA and Now I Gonna Show You My ... [add]
02. Mr. Sharky [add]
03. (Disco) Love Grapes [add]
04. Nightmare at the Elks' Lodge [add]
05. The Golden Girl of the Golden West [add]
06. Sweet Mother of God [add]
07. The Twist [add]
08. God Went Bowling [add]
09. Multipurpose Man [add]
10. Pyro Sets a Wildfire [add]
11. Some Friendly Advice [add]
12. Art Carney's Dream [add]
13. Holy, Holy, Holy [add]
14. Zoom Daddy [add]

Sacred Cows (1996) 01. God Good, Devil Bad [add]
02. Baby Baby [add]
03. Satan, Bite the Dust [add]
04. Not for Me [add]
05. I Luv Rap Music [add]
06. Convertibles [add]
07. I Use the J Word [add]
08. Alcatraz [add]
09. Big House [add]
10. Sing-A-Long Song [add]

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