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Lost Dogs lyrics
Genre: Gospel
Little Red Riding Hood (1993) 01. No Ship Coming In [add]
02. Imagine That [add]
03. You Satisfy [add]
04. Bad Indigestion [add]
05. Dunce Cap [add]
06. Jesus Loves You, Brian Wilson [add]
07. Precious Memories [add]
08. Rocky Mountain Mines [add]
09. Jimmy [add]
10. Eleanor, It's Raining Now [add]
11. Free at Last [add]
12. Red, White, and Blue [add]
13. I'm a Loser [add]
14. No Room for Us [add]
15. Pray Where You Are [add]
16. On The Good Ship Lollipop [add]

The Green Room Serenade, Part 1 (1996) 01. The Green Room Serenade [add]
02. Up in the Morning [add]
03. Cry Baby [add]
04. Love Takes over the World [add]
05. Close But No Cigar [add]
06. All That Remains [add]
07. Sweet Work of Love [add]
08. If It Be Your Will [add]
09. Mexico [add]
10. The Prodigal Bride [add]
11. Hey, You Little Devil [add]
12. I Don't Love You [add]
13. Reasonable Service [add]
14. Waiting for You to Come Around [add]
15. Breathe Deep [add]

Gift Horse (1999) 01. Ghost Train to Nowhere [add]
02. A Vegas Story [add]
03. If You Loved Here You'd Be Home by Now [add]
04. Diamonds to Coal [add]
05. A Blessing in Disguise [add]
06. Loved and Forgiven [add]
07. Rebecca Go Home [add]
08. Honeysuckle Breeze [add]
09. Ditto [add]
10. The Wall of Heaven [add]
11. Farther Along [add]

Real Men Cry (2001) 01. A Certain Love [add]
02. The Gates of Eden [add]
03. Real Men Cry [add]
04. Three Legged Dog [add]
05. When the Judgment Comes [add]
06. In the Distance [add]
07. The Great Divide [add]
08. The Mark of Cain [add]
09. Dust on the Bible [add]
10. Wild Ride [add]
11. Golden Dreams [add]
12. No Shadow of Turning [add]

Nazarene Crying Towel (2003) 01. Moses in the Desert [add]
02. There You Are [add]
03. Deeper in the Heart [add]
04. Come Down Here [add]
05. Be My Hiding Place [add]
06. Jesus on the Shore [add]
07. Mercy Again [add]
08. Cry Out Loud [add]
09. The Yearning [add]
10. Crushing Hand [add]
11. Home Again [add]
12. Darkest Night [add]

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