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Nancy White lyrics
Genre: Comedy
Sort of Political (0000) 01. Sewing Machines [add]
02. Graciela [add]
03. Nous Sommes des Enfants [add]
04. Hymn to Oscar Romero [add]
05. Something in the Wind/No Thanks [add]
06. Black and White Dreams [add]
07. Victor Jara Presente [add]
08. Good Girl [add]
09. Desaparecidos [add]
10. No Hot Cargo [add]
11. We're the Banks [add]

Civil Service Songwriter (1978) 01. Maliase du Mountie [add]
02. Trudeau-Horner Medley [add]
03. The Old Ones [add]
04. Jet Lag [add]
05. Test Tube Religion [add]
06. The Bloom Is off the Rose [add]
07. First Kiss [add]
08. Seduction of the Doughboy [add]
09. Post Office Medley [add]
10. Les Moutons [add]
11. Smokers' Waltz [add]
12. Canadian Eyes [add]
13. Vacations Canada [add]
14. Little Old Lady [add]
15. Chain Me [add]
16. Bad Taste in Men [add]
17. Queensong [add]
18. Teenage Prince [add]
19. Best Wishes [add]
20. Tribal Drums in the Jungles of Botswana [add]

What Should I Wear to the Revolution? (1982) 01. What Should I Wear to the Revolution? [add]
02. La Maudite Guerre [add]
03. Not a Game [add]
04. Sterile Women Super Men [add]
05. Scandal in Caracas [add]
06. Children of War [add]
07. Watch Over Liberty [add]
08. Elliot Lake [add]
09. She Gets By [add]
10. My Friends from the Bar [add]
11. Bullets and Guitars [add]

Unexpected [Mouton] (1983) 01. When the Wino [add]
02. Mrs. Linda [add]
03. Florida Kitchenette [add]
04. Snow Angel [add]
05. Cocktail of Tears [add]
06. Ballerina in the Wings [add]
07. I Know Cuba (Includes "Guantanamera") [add]
08. Nous Sommes des Enfants [add]
09. Every Dozen Years [add]
10. Volver a los 17 (To Be 17 Again) [add]
11. Desparecidos [add]
12. Footprints on My Floor [add]

The Sunday Morning Tapes (1984) 01. Maybenot Waltz [add]
02. Your Sweet Words [add]
03. Boystown-On-The-Rideau [add]
04. T for Tactile [add]
05. Are You Fit? [add]
06. Life of Brian [add]
07. Twenty Minute Sit-It-Out [add]
08. Thirty Years a Princess [add]
09. Mister Sincerity [add]
10. Yuppie Love [add]
11. Nancy and Ronnie in China [add]
12. Kiss Our Tarmac [add]

Unimpeachable (1987) 01. Freedom Train to Texas [add]
02. French from France [add]
03. Unimpeachable [add]
04. Hubba Hubba Newfoundland [add]
05. How Blind Was Our Trust [add]
06. Oh Dennis [add]
07. Tory Christmas [add]
08. One Year of Mulroney [add]
09. Reagan's Rhumba [add]
10. No Farleys [add]
11. Welded at the Hip [add]
12. Memo to Droola [add]
13. Forever Fluffy [add]
14. Little Miss Mount Pearl [add]
15. Broken Promises [add]

Bimbolandia and Other Songs of the 80's (1988) 01. Bimbolandia [add]
02. Brian Finds Love at Last [add]
03. Yups of Yesteryear [add]
04. Lament for Bonnie Johnny [add]
05. Old Gunslinger [add]
06. The Christmas Pitch lyrics
07. T-T-T-T-Tories [add]
08. Imelda's Blues [add]
09. Hard on Shoes [add]
10. I'm Not Mila [add]
11. Take Back Yer Link [add]
12. Ed Tells a Fib [add]
13. Why Can't the Contras Win? [add]

Momnipotent: Songs for Weary Parents (1990) 01. I'm Babbling [add]
02. It's So Chic to Be Pregnant at Christmas [add]
03. Memo to Droola [add]
04. Child on Board [add]
05. Suzie Money Gone Away [add]
06. Everything Turn to Ratshit in My Life [add]
07. Momnipotent [add]
08. Stroller Ladies [add]
09. Daughters of Feminists [add]
10. Leonard Cohen's Never Gonna Bring My Groceries In [add]
11. Mamma's Have a Secret [add]
12. The Children's Entertainer [add]
13. Open the Can [add]

Pumping Irony (Songs of the 90's) as Heard on CBC Radio's Sunday Morning (1993) 01. Bambi the Refugee [add]
02. Senator Lawson at the Motel Cucaracha [add]
03. Canada's Sweetheart Joe Clark [add]
04. What an Embarrassing Mayday [add]
05. Noveau Calgary [add]
06. Royal Couch Potato [add]
07. Vienna Rap [add]
08. Barnacle Betty and Psycho Pike [add]
09. Gods of America [add]
10. Saving Fracis' Bacon [add]
11. Geezers in Love [add]
12. The Auld Alliance [add]
13. Cute for a Tory [add]
14. Viva Papa Pierre [add]
15. Baby on the Potty All Day [add]
16. Hurray for Bobbi Bondar [add]
17. Hall of Hosers [add]

Homely for the Holidays: Songs From Lovers in Bedeque (1994) 01. Homely for the Holidays [add]
02. Barnacle Betty and Psycho Pike [add]
03. Lovers in Bedeque [add]
04. Gold Cup and Saucer Girl Number Nine [add]
05. Are We There Yet? [add]
06. Take Back Yer Link [add]
07. Les Moutons [add]
08. Ram 'Er In [add]

Songs of the Spanish Civil War and Other Struggles (1936-1939) (1994) 01. Si Me Quieres Escribir [add]
02. Los Cuzto Generales [add]
03. Cancion de Exillo [add]
04. Solo le Pido a Dios [add]
05. La Pasionaria's Address to the Mothers of Spain and International ... [add]
06. Viva la Quince Brigade [add]
07. Si Buscabas [add]
08. El Quinto Regimiento [add]
09. Jarma [add]
10. Song for the Unsung Heroes [add]

Gaelic Envy and Other Torch Songs (1998) 01. Gaelic Envy [add]
02. Bet He Can Tango [add]
03. Un Peu Cochon [add]
04. Pierced Matron [add]
05. Gracias a la Vida [add]
06. Clapping Song for Grownups [add]
07. When You Fall in Love Like That [add]
08. He Wrote Too Many Songs About His Girlfriend [add]
09. Manly Band [add]
10. Seamless Dance of the Old Folks [add]
11. Moose on the Highway [add]
12. A Dream I've Had of Late [add]
13. My Life Is Picking Up [add]

Stickers on Fruit (2002) 01. Jesus at Tim's [add]
02. I Sweep the Sidewalk With the Hose [add]
03. River Mend My Heart [add]
04. And I Copied It [add]
05. Stickers on Fruit [add]
06. Les Belles Belles Fesses [add]
07. Freefloating Anxiety [add]
08. Love in Wartime [add]
09. My God My Mom [add]
10. Like an Old John Deere [add]
11. Mitterrand's Last Meal [add]
12. Nova Scotia Squirrel Stuffer [add]
13. The Shabbas Goy C'est Moi [add]
14. So Damn Taut [add]
15. Ballad of the Wannabe [add]
16. Procrastination Rag [add]
17. Gone Like Brigadoon [add]
18. Mary Jane's Got Your Number [add]

Unexpected [Borealis] (2005) 01. Ballerina in the Wings [add]
02. Footprints on My Floor [add]
03. Every Dozen Years [add]
04. I Know Cuba [add]
05. Florida Kitchenette [add]
06. Mrs. Linda [add]
07. Dakota Radio Suit [add]
08. When the Wino [add]
09. Cocktail of Tears [add]
10. Snow Angel [add]
11. Volver a Lost 17 [add]
12. Desaparecidos [add]

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