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The Willis Brothers lyrics
Genre: Country
The Willis Brothers in Action (1962) 01. Everlovin' Dixieland [add]
02. Pretty Diamonds [add]
03. Old Chisholm Trail [add]
04. Jack O'Diamonds [add]
05. Billy the Kid [add]
06. It's the Miles [add]
07. Black Jack David [add]
08. Y'all Come [add]
09. Blood on the Saddle [add]
10. Big Daddy [add]
11. Little Footprints in the Snow [add]
12. Roving Gambler [add]
13. Tattooed Lady [add]
14. Patonia [add]

Code of the West (1963) 01. Wagon Train [add]
02. Cimarron (Roll On) [add]
03. Cool Water [add]
04. Rye Whiskey/That Pioneer Mother of Mine [add]
05. Buffalo Gals [add]
06. Cody of the Pony Express/Streets of Laredo [add]
07. Tumbling Tumbleweeds [add]
08. Missouri [add]
09. Red River Valley/I've Been Working on the Railroad [add]
10. I Still Do [add]
11. Strawberry Roan [add]
12. Ace in the Hole [add]
13. Battle Hymn of the Republic [add]

Give Me 40 Acres (1965) 01. Truck Stop Cutie [add]
02. One Thousand Acres [add]
03. Wheels a Turnin' [add]
04. I Just Broke Up With My Baby [add]
05. When I Come Driving Thru [add]
06. Too Early to Get Up [add]
07. Give Me Forty Acres [add]
08. Love Avenue [add]
09. Blazing Smoke Stack [add]
10. Strange Old Town [add]
11. Truck Driving Sam [add]
12. Gonna Buy Me a Jukebox [add]

The Willis Brothers Goin' to Town (1966) 01. Don't Let Me Do It [add]
02. One Man's Sugar [add]
03. Ruby Ann [add]
04. Soft Shoulders [add]
05. Bringing Mary Home [add]
06. Ain't It Funny [add]
07. Pay Pay Pay [add]
08. Behind the Footlights [add]
09. She's My Antibiotic [add]
10. Show Her Lots of Gold [add]
11. Diamonds for Ruby [add]
12. Goin' to Town [add]

The Wild Side of Life (1966) 01. Wild Side of Life [add]
02. Color of the Blues [add]
03. Good Girl Bad [add]
04. I'm Ragged But I'm Right [add]
05. Room Across the Hall [add]
06. Pretty Diamonds [add]
07. Invitation to the Blues [add]
08. Nobody's Business [add]
09. Three Sheets in the Wind [add]
10. When the Lights Go Dim Downtown [add]
11. Don't Let My Glass Run Dry [add]
12. Waltzing With Sin [add]

Bob (1967) 01. Bob [add]
02. Too Hot to Handle [add]
03. End of the Road [add]
04. Goodbye New Orleans [add]
05. Rosebuds and You [add]
06. Drivin' in My Blood [add]
07. Ring of Fire [add]
08. Weekend Willie [add]
09. You Are the One [add]
10. I Found My Girl in the USA [add]
11. Stick Your Finger in a Glass of Water [add]
12. Miller's Cave [add]

Hey, Mister Truck Driver (1968) 01. Moonlight Ride in a Diesel [add]
02. White Lines and Roadside Signs [add]
03. Too Many Stops [add]
04. Motorcycle Bill [add]
05. Old Sleeper Cab [add]
06. I'm Quitting While I'm Still Alive [add]
07. Diesel Drivin' Donut Dunkin' Dan [add]
08. Only Shoulder [add]
09. Truck Driver Blues [add]
10. Highway Patrol [add]
11. Pineball Anonymous [add]
12. Alcohol and No 2 Diesel [add]

Bummin' Around (1969) 01. Gypsy Rose and Me [add]
02. Hit in the Head With a Nite Club [add]
03. Ramblin' Boy [add]
04. There Goes the Farm [add]
05. They Covered Up the Ole Swimmin' Hole [add]
06. Bob [add]
07. Bummin' Around [add]
08. Nashville's Ace in the Hole [add]
09. Be Glad [add]
10. Blues Stay Away from Me [add]
11. Cold North Wind [add]
12. A Boy Named Sue [add]

For the Good Times (1971) 01. For the Good Times [add]
02. John Told Back [add]
03. Signed Sealed and Delivered [add]
04. These Are My Kind of People [add]
05. Something [add]
06. She's Living in Sin [add]
07. You Make My Heart Want a Dip of Snuff [add]
08. I Still Do [add]
09. Women's Liberation [add]
10. Why Don't You Haul Off and Love Me [add]
11. Eighty Horses Ago [add]
12. I'll Sail My Ship Alone [add]

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