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Jandek lyrics
Genre: Folk
Ready for the House (1978) 01. Naked in the Afternoon [add]
02. First You Think Your Fortune's Lovely [add]
03. What Can I Say, What Can I Sing [add]
04. Show Me the Way, O Lord [add]
05. Know Thyself [add]
06. They Told Me About You [add]
07. Cave in on You [add]
08. They Told Me I Was a Fool [add]
09. European Jewel [Incomplete Take] [add]
10. Jandek/Guitars/Vocals [add]

Later On (1981) 01. Your Condition [add]
02. What Did I Hear [add]
03. Just Whisper [add]
04. Oh Jenny [add]
05. Until Then [add]
06. So Fly, Max [add]
07. The Janitor [add]
08. Don't Know If I Care [add]
09. John Came [add]
10. Jessica [add]
11. Jackson's Gone Down the Mississippi [add]
12. The Second End [add]

Six and Six (1981) 01. Feathered Drums [add]
02. Point Judith [add]
03. I Knew You Would Leave [add]
04. Can I See Your Clock [add]
05. Wild Strawberries [add]
06. Forgive Me [add]
07. Hilltop Serenade [add]
08. You're the Best One [add]
09. Delinquent Words [add]

Chair Beside a Window (1982) 01. Down in a Mirror [add]
02. European Jewel [add]
03. Unconditional Authority [add]
04. Poor Boy [add]
05. You Think You Know How to Score [add]
06. Nancy Sings [add]
07. No Break [add]
08. Mostly All from You [add]
09. Blue Blister [add]
10. The Times [add]
11. Love, Love [add]
12. The First End [add]

Living in a Moon So Blue (1982) 01. Gretchen [add]
02. One Step Ahead [add]
03. Supression [add]
04. Strange Phenomenon [add]
05. You Can Stop Now [add]
06. Comedy [add]
07. Sailors [add]
08. Bludgeon [add]
09. All in an Apple Orchard [add]
10. She Fell Down [add]
11. Professional [add]
12. Anticipation [add]
13. Alexandria Knows [add]
14. Quite Nonchalant [add]
15. Relief of the Night [add]
16. Crime Pays [add]

Staring at the Cellophane (1982) 01. Michael [add]
02. This Is for You [add]
03. Riddles Riddling Me [add]
04. Basic Themes [add]
05. I See Lights [add]
06. Rather Be Blind [add]
07. Away [add]
08. Don't Get Too Upset [add]
09. A Letter [add]
10. Nevermore [add]
11. Sand I [add]
12. Nepoleon in Russia [add]
13. Split to the East [add]
14. Number 14 [add]
15. Blood and Bone [add]

The Rocks Crumble (1983) 01. Faceless [add]
02. Birthday [add]
03. European Jewel 613 [add]
04. European Jewel II [add]
05. European Jewel 501 [add]
06. Message to the Cleark, Pt.1 [add]
07. Message to the Cleark, Pt.2 [add]
08. Branded on a Telephone [add]
09. Breathtaker [add]
10. Lonesome Company [add]
11. Same Road [add]

Your Turn to Fall (1983) 01. Liquids Flow to the Sea [add]
02. Elementary Talk [add]
03. John Plays Drums [add]
04. No Time [add]
05. You Don't Have to Entertain Me [add]
06. Decree [add]
07. New String [add]
08. Echo [add]
09. Centaur Train [add]
10. Dance of Death [add]
11. If Your Fortune Fails You [add]
12. I'll Come Back [add]
13. About Today [add]
14. Such a Thrill [add]
15. Didn't Have to Cry [add]
16. They Knew My Game [add]

Interstellar Discussion (1984) 01. Starless [add]
02. Hey [add]
03. Why Did I Change a Word in the Last Song [add]
04. Waltz in Two-Fourths Time [add]
05. Call You the Sun [add]
06. I Ain't Got None [add]
07. The Spirit [add]
08. Rifle in the Closet [add]
09. Sung [add]
10. Ha Ha [add]
11. Customary [add]
12. May 7, 9:15 A.M. [add]
13. Situations [add]
14. Couldn't Be a Reader [add]
15. Kick [add]

Foreign Keys (1985) 01. Spanish in Me [add]
02. Lost Cause [add]
03. Caper [add]
04. Uncle Steve [add]
05. Don't Be So Mean [add]
06. Coming Quiet [add]
07. Needs No Sun [add]
08. Oh No [add]
09. Some of Your Peace [add]
10. Put It Away [add]
11. Ballad of Robert [add]
12. River to Madrid [add]

Nine-Thirty (1985) 01. Tell Me When [add]
02. Left the Beach Last Sunday [add]
03. Bells and Voices [add]
04. Faye [add]
05. Wrong Time [add]
06. Voices in the Dark [add]
07. Green Dreams [add]
08. Blind Cat [add]
09. Georgia East [add]
10. May 3 [add]
11. Nine-Thirty [add]
12. This Is a Death Dream [add]
13. Tumblings [add]
14. You Didn't Lie [add]
15. Oh Jenny [add]

Follow Your Footsteps (1986) 01. Honey [add]
02. What Do You Want to Sing [add]
03. Jaws of Murmur [add]
04. Preacher [add]
05. Didn't Ask Why [add]
06. Leave All You Have [add]
07. I Know You Well [add]
08. Dearly Need Some Words [add]
09. Straight Thirty Seconds [add]
10. Bring on Fatima [add]
11. For Today [add]
12. Collection [add]
13. We're All Through [add]

Telegraph Melts (1986) 01. You [add]
02. One the Planes [add]
03. Go to Bed [add]
04. Ace of Diamonds [add]
05. Twenty - Four [add]
06. No Slow Ones [add]
07. Telegraph Melts [add]
08. Governor Rhodes [add]
09. Star Up in the Sky [add]
10. You Painted Your Teeth [add]
11. Mothers Day Card [add]
12. The Fly [add]
13. House Up on the Hill [add]

Blue Corpse (1987) 01. I Passed by the Building [add]
02. C F [add]
03. Variant [add]
04. Part II [add]
05. Your Other Man [add]
06. Long Way [add]
07. Down at the Ball Park [add]
08. Harmonica [add]
09. House of the Rising Sun [add]
10. Only Lover [add]
11. Quinn Boys [add]
12. One Minute [add]

Modern Dances (1987) 01. Painted My Teeth [add]
02. Twelve Minutes Since February 32'nd [add]
03. Hand for Harry Idle [add]
04. Number 512 [add]
05. Nothing Is Better Than God [add]
06. Spiritual Song [add]
07. Spanish in Me 003 [add]
08. I Want to Know Why [add]
09. Simple as That [add]
10. Open E [add]
11. Carnival Queen [add]

On the Way (1988) 01. Wrap It Up [add]
02. Bring It Back to Seventy-Five [add]
03. Message to the Clerk [add]
04. Give It the Name [add]
05. Ambient Instrument [add]
06. Sadie [add]
07. I'll Sit Alone and Think a Lot About You [add]
08. The Only Way You Can Go [add]
09. I'm Ready [add]

You Walk Alone (1988) 01. Lavender [add]
02. Time and Space [add]
03. The Cat That Walked from Shelbyville [add]
04. Quinn Boys II [add]
05. The Way That You Act [add]
06. I Know the Times [add]
07. When the Telphone Melts [add]
08. War Dance [add]

The Living End (1989) 01. Niagra Blues [add]
02. Janitor's Dead [add]
03. Slinky Parade [add]
04. The Living End [add]
05. License to Kill [add]
06. Talk That Talk [add]
07. Start the Band [add]
08. Girl from America [add]
09. Embrace the World Outside [add]
10. In a Hush [add]
11. Take Me Away With You [add]
12. Crazy [add]

Somebody in the Snow (1990) 01. Tell Me Who You Are [add]
02. Come Through With a Smile [add]
03. I May Not Be Around [add]
04. Pastimes [add]
05. Om [add]
06. Bring It in a Manger [add]
07. Walking Around [add]
08. Sense of Reason [add]
09. Remind You [add]
10. Corner of the Street [add]
11. Stick With Me [add]
12. What You Give Me [add]
13. You Sing a Song [add]
14. Walking Home [add]

One Foot in the North (1991) 01. Yellow Pages [add]
02. Angel [add]
03. Show the Man Your Picture [add]
04. Think About Your Lady [add]
05. Real Fine Movement [add]
06. Alehouse Blues [add]
07. Upon the Grandeur [add]
08. Phoenix [add]
09. Dreaming Man [add]
10. Breast in a Moonbeam [add]
11. Honey [add]

Lost Cause (1992) 01. Green and Yellow [add]
02. Babe I Love You [add]
03. Cellar [add]
04. How Many Places [add]
05. Crack a Smile [add]
06. God Came Between Us [add]
07. I Love You Now It's True [add]
08. The Electric End [add]

Twelfth Apostle (1993) 01. Walking [add]
02. You're Not Even Alive [add]
03. Native Land [add]
04. Rooftop Sunset [add]
05. Bedside [add]
06. Solid Stone [add]
07. Out in the Rain [add]
08. The Gone Wait [add]
09. Could Be Anyone [add]
10. Twelfth Apostle [add]
11. White Knob [add]
12. Whiskers [add]
13. Four by Four [add]

Glad to Get Away (1994) 01. Bitter Tale [add]
02. Hey Mister Can You Tell Me [add]
03. Ezekiel [add]
04. Moon Dance [add]
05. Flowers on My Shirt [add]
06. Morning Drum [add]
07. Down Clown [add]
08. Rain in Madison [add]
09. Van Ness Mission [add]
10. Anticipation [add]
11. Nancy Knows [add]
12. Take My Will [add]
13. Plenty [add]
14. What [add]

Graven Image (1994) 01. Remain the Same [add]
02. Helena [add]
03. Ghost Town by the Sea [add]
04. A Real Number [add]
05. Be Going Down [add]
06. Nothing You Lack [add]
07. Chilocothe [add]
08. For You and I [add]
09. Janky [add]
10. Lake Lagoon [add]
11. Phillip Was Mentioned [add]
12. Closing [add]
13. Fishin' Blues [add]
14. Going Away My Darling [add]
15. Going Away [add]

White Box Requiem (1996) 01. The Glade [add]
02. White Box [add]
03. Second Thoughts [add]
04. Concrete Steps [add]
05. Eternal Waltz [add]
06. Thinking [add]
07. Part Yesterday [add]
08. Walking in the Meadow [add]
09. Evening Sun [add]
10. Must Have Been a Miracle [add]
11. Wondering [add]
12. What Should I Do [add]
13. Approaching the City [add]
14. Didn't Really Die [add]

I Woke Up (1997) 01. First Awake Moment [add]
02. Alone on That Mountain [add]
03. I Can Not [add]
04. Get Back Inside [add]
05. Long, Long [add]
06. Joab [add]
07. Equaled in Life [add]
08. Star of Zenith [add]
09. Take It Easy [add]
10. Just Die [add]
11. Pending Doom [add]
12. Sleepless Night [add]
13. Today [add]

New Town (1998) 01. New Town [add]
02. Steal Away Home [add]
03. Street Walk [add]
04. You Standing There [add]
05. Desert Voice [add]
06. Let Me Hear the Words You Say [add]
07. The Real You [add]
08. It Would Only Be Action [add]
09. Look at It [add]
10. Time Will Come [add]
11. What You Are [add]

The Beginning (1999) 01. It's Febuary [add]
02. You Standing There [add]
03. I Never Left You Anyway [add]
04. Moving Slow [add]
05. Falling Down Deep [add]
06. Lonesome Bridge [add]
07. A Dozen Drops [add]
08. The Beginning [add]

Put My Dream on This Planet (2000) 01. I Need Your Life [add]
02. It's Your House [add]
03. I Went Outside [add]

This Narrow Road (2001) 01. One Last Chance [add]
02. Killer Cats in the Carribbean [add]
03. Yes You Are [add]
04. The Name I Had [add]
05. I Need to Be [add]
06. Pieces of Place [add]
07. Never Never Never [add]
08. Just Like the Floor [add]
09. Ten O'Clock Shadows [add]
10. Come Over Here [add]
11. Frosted Field [add]
12. I Knew About Them [add]

The Humility of Pain (2002) 01. The Humility of Pain [add]
02. Work of Art [add]
03. I Stepped Out of It [add]
04. I Want to Look In [add]
05. I Can't Leave a Clue [add]
06. Share My Life [add]
07. You Know You Need [add]

The Gone Wait (2003) 01. I Went to Hell [add]
02. I See the Open Door [add]
03. I Was a King [add]
04. I Just Might Go Now [add]
05. I Found the Right Change [add]

The Place (2003) 01. The Picture [add]
02. The Place [add]
03. The Highway [add]
04. The Answer [add]
05. The Stumble [add]

A Kingdom He Likes (2004) 01. I Gave My Eternity [add]
02. Real Afternoons [add]
03. A Windy Time [add]
04. Your Own Little World [add]
05. Sticks in the Marsh [add]
06. No One Knows Your Name [add]
07. It Rang Eleven Times [add]

I Threw You Away (2004) 01. Blues Turned Black [add]
02. It Seems Forever [add]
03. I Threw You Away [add]
04. Frozen Beauty [add]
05. The World Stops [add]

The Door Behind (2004) 01. Do You Want Me [add]
02. Gate Strikes One [add]
03. I'm Not That Good [add]
04. The Slow Burn [add]
05. It's Only You [add]
06. Every Sentence [add]

Worthless Recluse (2004) 01. The Clothes [add]
02. In the Cave [add]
03. Out of the Cave [add]
04. Stopped [add]
05. Interlude [add]
06. The Dunes [add]
07. Aimless Breeze [add]
08. You Wake Up Deadmen [add]
09. Worthless Recluse [add]
10. Lofty Rider [add]
11. The Stars Spell Your Name [add]
12. Your Turn [add]
13. You Won't Get Up [add]

Shadow of Leaves (2004) 01. Shadow of Leaves [add]
02. Find Me Again [add]
03. I Give You Me [add]

The End of It All (2004) 01. One of Those Moments [add]
02. I Had'nt Been There Before [add]
03. They Don't Matter at All [add]
04. I Met You [add]

Glasgow Sunday [live] (2005) 01. Not Even Water [add]
02. Where I Stay [add]
03. Darkness You Give [add]
04. Sea of Red [add]
05. Real Wild [add]
06. Don't Want to Be [add]
07. Blue Blue World [add]
08. The Other Side [add]

When I Took That Train (2005) 01. I Talked to You Today [add]
02. When I See You Again [add]
03. The Image of You [add]
04. Close to You [add]
05. You Took Me for a Ride [add]
06. What Else Is There [add]
07. Wouldn't You Agree [add]
08. You Made Me Know It [add]
09. Angel Moves [add]
10. Thing Called Me [add]
11. My Escape [add]

Raining Down Diamonds (2005) 01. What Things Are [add]
02. I Stared [add]
03. It's Forever [add]
04. You Ancient [add]
05. Take My Will [add]
06. New Rendezvous [add]
07. Your Visitor [add]

What Else Does the Time Mean (2006) 01. My Own Way [add]
02. Walk Over [add]
03. Japanese Cup [add]
04. Walls Down [add]
05. The Place [add]
06. I've Been a Body [add]
07. I'm Sorry No [add]
08. If I Waited Twenty Hours [add]

Glasgow Monday/The Cell [live] (2006) 01. The Cell (Prelude) [add]
02. The Cell, Pt. 1 [add]
03. The Cell, Pt. 2 [add]
04. The Cell, Pt. 3 [add]
05. The Cell, Pt. 4 [add]
06. The Cell, Pt. 5 [add]
07. The Cell, Pt. 6 [add]
08. The Cell, Pt. 7 [add]
09. The Cell, Pt. 8 [add]
10. The Cell, Pt. 9 [add]

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