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Tom MacKenzie lyrics
Genre: Folk
Wake Me When It's Over (2001) 01. Emigrant's Complaint/Themarchthaw/Onion Reel [add]
02. Wake Me When Its Over [add]
03. Hangman's Reel [add]
04. Bergrosa [add]
05. For No Good Reason at All [add]
06. Hush a Bye [add]
07. Mt Ash/Crossed Eyed Cat/Dogeared [add]
08. Memories of Love [add]
09. Bohumil [add]
10. Snow on the Branches/You Don't Have to Go It Alone [add]
11. Star Hornpipe/Alva Batchelder's/St. Antoine's [add]
12. Hoia, Jumal, Eest It [add]

Second Course (2001) 01. Reel de Beatrice/Fitzmaurice Polka [add]
02. Rock Valley/Hitler's Downfall [add]
03. Half Creek [add]
04. Dill Pickle Rag [add]
05. Glen Coe/Frosty Fingers [add]
06. 4 O'Clock Waltz/Path to the Bog [add]
07. Clarinet Polka [add]
08. She Says She's Confused/Stir Crazy [add]
09. Zimbel Musik von Mesofold [add]
10. Farewell to Whiskey/La Polka d'Averon/Opera Reel [add]
11. King of the Faeries/Road to Skye/Pete's Peerie Boat [add]
12. Mandy's Broadway Stroll [add]
13. Flowers O'er the Forest [add]

Take Two (2004) 01. Bakers March [add]
02. Little Dutch Girl/Possum on the Rail [add]
03. Rachel/Rocky Mountain Goat/Sugar Hill [add]
04. Half Creek [add]
05. Macalmoyle's Reel/Girl I Left Behing [add]
06. In the Hall of the Mountain King/Frosty Morning [add]
07. Cattle in the Crops/Keep Up with Jones [add]
08. Eskimo Reel/Ice on the Pond [add]
09. Tom and Jerry [add]
10. Jerusalem Ridge [add]
11. John Brown's March/Road to the Isles [add]
12. Some Folks Do [add]
13. Pappy's Hornpipe/Seneca Square Dance [add]
14. Baby Rose [add]
15. With Me Shillalagh/Honey Suckle Rose [add]
16. Rattle Trap/Red Fox [add]
17. Ballad of Laura Jean [add]
18. Lustiger Bau [add]
19. Baby Tree/Puncheon Floor [add]
20. I'm Gettin Ready to Go [add]
21. Shoes and Stockings/Hog Troth Reel/Old Time Quadrille [add]
22. Hard Times [add]

Back in Paradise (2005) 01. Adamant Day [add]
02. Morning Lullaby [add]
03. Have a Run [add]
04. Ghost of Pekin Brook [add]
05. The Whisper [add]
06. Balkan Ride [add]
07. Both Together [add]
08. Big Jim [add]
09. Layers [add]
10. Taste of Heaven [add]
11. Moments [add]
12. Back in Paradise [add]

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