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Zoogz Rift lyrics
Genre: Rock
Idiots on the Miniature Golf Course (1979) 01. Restrooms of Erotic Fantasies lyrics
02. The Great Apes Ate Grapes lyrics
03. Lobotomy 4 lyrics
04. Feeling in My Bones lyrics
05. The Night They All Came Out lyrics
06. Lazy Susan lyrics
07. Ostriches Have Sex Too You Know [add]
08. I Did So [add]
09. Idiots on the Miniature Golf Course [add]
10. Golden Showers lyrics
11. Judge Bludge, the Hangin' Judge lyrics
12. Lobotomy 2 [add]
13. The Rabbit and the Lady [add]
14. You Can Go Fuck Yourself [add]
15. Dinkle Dance [add]
16. We're All Born on Little Planets [add]
17. What Can We Feed to the Lions [add]

Amputees in Limbo (1982) 01. Heart Attack [1984] [add]
02. But the Picture Has a Mustache [1984] [add]
03. Moron Serenade [1984] [add]
04. Evil Eye [1982] [add]
05. Buffy and Jody [1982] [add]
06. My Daddy Works for the Secret Marines [1982] [add]
07. Searchin' for Clams Under the Glass Bottom Boat [1984] [add]
08. Secret Marines - The Sequel [1983] [add]
09. Disintegration Waltz [1983] [add]
10. Eyes of Bodhidharma [1985] [add]
11. Art Band [1984] [add]
12. My Stuffed Animals Have Rabies [1982] [add]

Ipecac (1984) 01. Ipecac [add]
02. Sunday Brunch With Faud Ramses [add]
03. Sit Down and Shut Up [add]
04. Secret Marines 3-D [add]
05. Pump City [add]
06. I Was the Only Boy at the Teen Girl's Slumber Party [add]
07. No Use [add]
08. Santa's on a Diet [add]
09. You Fucked Up [add]

Interim Resurgence (1985) 01. Pre-Moamo Syndrome [add]
02. With the Necessary Changes Having Been Made [add]
03. Night Traffic [add]
04. Exquisite Corpse [add]
05. Don't Go Outside [add]
06. X-Ray Girls [add]
07. Imaginary Numbers [add]
08. Mutatis Mutandis [add]
09. Ironic Woodwind Interlude [add]
10. Spit in the Fog [add]

Island of Living Puke (1986) 01. Rediscover Downtown Paterson [add]
02. Island of Living Puke lyrics
03. A Very Pretty Song for a Very Special Young Lady [add]
04. The Mo-Fo's Are After Me [add]
05. Torture Sequence [add]
06. You're Killing Me lyrics
07. The Secret Marines (4-F, 5-0, 666, 7-11, 8-Is-Enough, 9-Lives, 10-4) ... [add]
08. Nightclub Sequence [add]
09. Shiver Me Timbers lyrics
10. Escape from the Island of Living Puke [add]
11. The Breather [add]
12. I'm Happy [add]

Water (1987) 01. I'll Rip Your Brains Out lyrics
02. Jerome, Arizona [add]
03. World of Depravity [add]
04. Oh Those Secret Marines! [add]
05. Getting Laid at Grace Park [add]
06. You Doot? lyrics
07. Beak: Roy Orbit's Son/Mo' Mo-Fo's/Main Theme [add]
08. Burn in Hell! [add]
09. Diver Dan Vs. The Worm Gobblers [add]
10. Mongoloid Middle America [add]
11. Water [add]

Water 2: At Safe Distance (1987) 01. Sleaseball lyrics
02. Halloween [add]
03. M'Bugulu [add]
04. Ah Peeked in Duh Devil's Secret Hell Files [add]
05. Walk, Don't Run [add]
06. The Secret Marines Must Die [add]
07. Sweet Nausea Lick [add]
08. Caught in a Dream [add]
09. I Can't Do This With You Looking at Me [add]
10. Strictly el Segundo [add]
11. Water II [add]

Nonentity (Water III: Fan Black Dada) (1988) 01. Deliquent Payments [add]
02. Locked Out [add]
03. Look at the Fool [add]
04. Chromium Slit Negatives [add]
05. With My Bare Hands [add]
06. When My Ship Rolls In [add]
07. The Enigmatic Embrocation of Mrs. Compost Heap [add]
08. Bring It on Up [add]
09. Helpless [add]

Murdering Hell's Happy Cretins [live] (1988) 01. Story of a Soldier [add]
02. Alienation [add]
03. Mongoloid Middle America [add]
04. Heart Attack [add]
05. With the Necessary Changes Having Been Made [add]
06. Look at the Fool [add]
07. Sleazeball [add]
08. When My Ship Rolls In [add]
09. Puke Island Paradise [add]
10. Murdering Hell's Happy Cretins lyrics
11. Tender Romance Sequence [add]
12. "One of Us! " [add]
13. A Equals a lyrics

Torment (1989) 01. Hi Mom I'm Home lyrics
02. Torment [add]
03. Dead Planet Earth [add]
04. Naked on the Mountain (Looking at the Sea) [add]
05. The Secret Marnies Sex Kitten Beach Party [add]
06. This Town Sucks [add]
07. United We Fall [add]
08. Sweet Surrender [add]
09. Meet Me at Stinky's lyrics
10. Defecation Rainbow [add]
11. Bad Risk [add]
12. Popcorn Scumbago [add]
13. Candy Girl [add]
14. Medley: Peripheral Darkness/Boogie Woogie Waltz [add]
15. Low Life [add]
16. Let a Man Come in and Eat the Popcorn, Pt. 47 & 93 [add]
17. Sweet Surrender #2 [add]
18. Let a Man Come in and Eat the Popcorn (Reprise) [add]

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