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Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir lyrics
Genre: Gospel
Live...Again (1977) 01. Give God the Glory [live] [add]
02. Right Now Is the Right Time [live] [add]
03. He's Been Faithful [live] [add]
04. Great Is Thy Faithfulness [live] [add]
05. Revival in the Land [live] [add]
06. Daystar [live] [add]
07. Grace Greater Than Our Sin [live] [add]
08. I Bowed on My Knees and Cried Holy [live] lyrics
09. Father, I Adore You [live] [add]
10. Thanks [live] lyrics
11. One Less Stone [live] lyrics
12. All I Want Is You Lord [live] [add]
13. Friend of a Wounded Heart [live] [add]
14. Jesus, Rock of Ages/We Will Overcome [live] [add]
15. Closing [add]

Jesus Be Praised (1979) 01. Everlasting Hope [add]
02. You, You Are Emmanuel [add]
03. Jesus My Jesus [add]
04. Nothing as Precious [add]
05. Cast All Your Cares [add]
06. Jesus Be Praised [add]
07. We Give You Praise [add]
08. I Was Glad When They Said Unto Me [add]
09. Make Us One [add]
10. We Give Thanks to You lyrics
11. I Love You (Lord Today) [add]
12. Oh, How I Love Jesus [add]
13. I'm Loving You More Every Day [add]
14. Lord, I Love You [add]
15. Sitting at His Feet [add]
16. Where He Leads Me I Will Follow [add]
17. I'll Say Yes [add]

Live with Friends (1991) 01. We Will Praise the Name of the Lord [add]
02. Jesus the One and Only [add]
03. I Can Be Glad [add]
04. There Is Healing in His Hands [add]
05. Hallelujia, Praise the Lamb [add]
06. You Are Worthy to Be Praised [add]
07. Holy Ghost Revival [add]
08. Almighty [add]
09. With All of My Heart [add]
10. He Is the Same [add]
11. What a Friend We Have in Jesus [add]
12. Peace in the Midst of the Storm [add]
13. Jesus My Jesus [add]
14. Midnight City [add]
15. Make Us One [add]

Oh, What a Love (1992) 01. Overture: Let Every Heart Rejoice/Oh What Love/Hark! The Hearld Angels [add]
02. Christmas, What a Season [add]
03. If It Wasn't for His Love [add]
04. Christmas Is Finally Here [add]
05. Happy Birthday Jesus [add]
06. Feliz Navidad [add]
07. Christmas Carol Medley: What Child Is This?/O Holy Night/Hark! The ... [add]
08. They Followed His Star [add]
09. The Love Medley: Silent Night/How Wonderful (Mary's Song) /I Love Him ... [add]
10. All My Love [add]
11. Oh What a Love [add]
12. Jesus Is Coming Again [add]
13. Joy to the World [add]

Only to Him (1992) 01. Only to Him/With My Heart Lord/Lord, I Worship You [add]
02. The Name of the Lord [add]
03. Put All Your Trust in Jesus [add]
04. Communion: Oh the Blood of Jesus/Wash Me/Nothing But the Blood of ... [add]
05. His Name Be Glorified lyrics
06. Jesus Will Make a Way [add]
07. God Is Able [add]
08. Hiding Place: When the Spirit of the Lord Is in His Place/Hold ... [add]
09. God Is Gonna Finish Just What He Started [add]
10. The Lamb Has Overcome [add]
11. Hallelu [add]

Live...We Come Rejoicing (1993) 01. Take up Your Cross [add]
02. I Am Not Ashamed [add]
03. We Come Rejoicing [add]
04. Only a Look [add]
05. Holy Is the Lord/The Lord Is Holy [add]
06. Rain on Us [add]
07. Giving My Best [add]
08. Think About His Love [add]
09. Excited About Jesus [add]
10. His Grace Was Greater [add]
11. Praise You [add]
12. Praise You (Reprise) [add]

Christmas at the Brooklyn Tabernacle (1995) 01. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel [add]
02. You Shall Call His Name Jesus [add]
03. First Day of the Son [add]
04. Love Came Down [add]
05. Beneath His Father's Heaven lyrics
06. Carols: Carol of the Bells/I Wonder as I Wander/O Come All Ye Faithful [add]
07. Happy Birthday Jesus [add]
08. They Followed His Star [add]
09. Light of a Million Mornings [add]
10. Have a Merry, Merry Christmas [add]

Praise Him...Live! (1995) 01. Resurrection Power [add]
02. I'm Not Afraid [add]
03. Praise Him [add]
04. You Were There [add]
05. Medley of Change: Since Jesus Came into My Heart/Great Change/Never Be [add]
06. We Sing Hallelujah/Be Ye Holy [add]
07. More Than Ever Before [add]
08. It's Not in Vain [add]
09. Covered [add]
10. All That You Need [add]
11. Everything I Desire [add]
12. Oh, That You Would Meet My Jesus [add]
13. Look Away [add]
14. Lead Me Lord [add]

Favorite Song of All (1996) 01. Favorite Song of All [add]
02. He'll Welcome Me [add]
03. Use Me [add]
04. Testimony - Harry Rosmarin [add]
05. Hevenu Shalom Aleichem [add]
06. How Long Has It Been [add]
07. Calvary Came Through [add]
08. Heaven Medley: Over in the Glory Land/It's a Highway to Heaven/We Wil [add]
09. Order My Steps [add]
10. Still I Will Trust You [add]
11. God Is Moving by His Spirit [add]
12. Field of Souls [add]
13. Jesus, We Crown You With Praise [add]

Songs from the Altar (1998) 01. We've Come to Bless Your Name/I Will Bless the Lord/I Will Bless ... [add]
02. Be Lifted Up/Lift Him Up [add]
03. Vessel of Honor/Nearer/I Am Thine, O Lord [add]
04. Walking With the King/What a Mighty God We Serve/Bless That ... [add]
05. Come into His Presence/You Have Been Given (We Are Your People) ... [add]
06. Surely the Presence/I Feel Jesus/Here I Am, Lord [add]
07. In the Name of Jesus/There Is Power in the Blood/Oh, the Blood of ... [add]

High & Lifted Up (1999) 01. Total Praise [add]
02. Psalm 150 (Praise Ye the Lord) [add]
03. My Help (Cometh from the Lord) [add]
04. We Are United [add]
05. Battle Hymn of the Republic [add]
06. Father We Adore Thee [add]
07. High and Lifted Up [add]
08. Blessed Be the Lord [add]
09. So You Would Know [add]
10. God of All Gods [add]

God Is Working (2000) 01. All the Way to Calvary [add]
02. God Is Working [add]
03. It's Amazing [add]
04. Church Medley [add]
05. More Than Enough [add]
06. Lift Your Voice [add]
07. I Found the Answer [add]
08. For Every Mountain [add]
09. Nothing Is Impossible [add]
10. Keep Me True [add]
11. Holy Like You [add]

God Is Working: Live (2000) 01. All the Way to Calvary [add]
02. God Is Working [add]
03. It's Amazing [add]
04. Church Medley [add]
05. More Than Enough [add]
06. Lift Your Voice [add]
07. I Found the Answer [add]
08. For Every Mountain [add]
09. Nothing Is Impossible [add]
10. Keep Me True [add]
11. Holy Like You [add]

Light of the World (2001) 01. It's Christmas [add]
02. Christmas Carol Medley: Tell Me the Story of Jesus/The First ... [add]
03. Glory to God [add]
04. Light of the World [add]
05. Peace on Earth [add]
06. I'll Give Him My Heart [add]
07. Oh, Holy Night [add]
08. The Birthday of a King [add]
09. The Worship Medley (He Came/Jesus, the Son of God) [add]
10. His Plan [add]

Be Glad (2002) 01. Be Glad [add]
02. Goodness of the Lord [add]
03. He's God [add]
04. He Reigns Forever [add]
05. We Bless Your Name [add]
06. It Was a Great Thing [add]
07. This Is How It Feels to Be Free [add]
08. Still Doing Great Things [add]
09. I Can Go to God in Prayer [add]
10. Go Forth [add]
11. My Life Is in Your Hands [add]

Live...This Is Your House (2003) 01. I Made It [add]
02. Lord, I Believe in You [add]
03. Jesus I Love You [add]
04. This Is Your House [add]
05. Danny Velasco's Testimony [add]
06. Saved [add]
07. Saved (Reprise) [add]
08. Keep on Making a Way [add]
09. Holy Are You Lord [add]
10. Holy, Holy Holy [instrumental] [add]
11. Because of Who You Are [add]
12. I'm Going with Jesus [add]
13. You Are Holy/Congregational Worship [add]
14. Suzan Greave's Testimony [add]
15. We Are Not Ashamed [add]
16. We Are One [add]
17. Pastoral Remarks [add]
18. Days of Elijah [add]
19. Days of Elijah (Reprise)I [add]

I'm Amazed Live... (2005) 01. Thou, Oh Lord [add]
02. Gloria [add]
03. I'm Amazed [add]
04. Heaven on My Mind [add]
05. Hallelujah Anyhow [add]
06. I Bless Your Name [add]
07. King of Glory [add]
08. God's Promise [add]
09. High and Lifted Up [add]
10. The Light of That City [add]
11. Worship Medley [add]
12. Song of Moses [add]

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