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Genre: Rock
The Big Nowhere (1991) 01. Poor Man's Eyes [add]
02. Robespierre [add]
03. Flood the Market [add]
04. Too Many Yakking Passengers [add]
05. Superhighway [add]
06. Post Office Pinup [add]
07. Nashville, Tennessee [add]
08. Midtown Motel [add]
09. One More Joke [add]
10. Needle Park [add]
11. Already in the Ground [add]
12. The Arson Biz [add]
13. Thousand Dollar Wedding [add]
14. Herbert Hunke Says [add]

Blues for Charlie Lucky (1993) 01. Black and Blues [add]
02. Stop the Film [add]
03. John Riley [add]
04. God's Own Singer [add]
05. The Central States Pension Fund [add]
06. Telephones and Mirrors [add]
07. The Big Nowhere [add]
08. Jerusalem [add]
09. Nicotine Psychos Blues [add]
10. Radiant and White [add]
11. Autumn Leaves [add]
12. The Rotten Tooth [add]
13. Foglight [add]
14. Charlie Lucky Says [add]

Garden of Forking Paths (1995) 01. Stone in My Shoe [add]
02. Something I Never Did Own [add]
03. Radiant and White [add]
04. Stolen Gems [add]
05. To Win Is to Fail [add]
06. The Tower [add]
07. 7 Gates to the City [add]
08. N*gger [add]
09. This Broken Heart [add]
10. Coconut Grove [add]
11. Disappear [add]
12. Jerusalem Tomorrow [add]
13. Carryville [add]
14. Jimmy Blue Eyes [add]
15. The Brush Fire [add]
16. The History of Rain [add]

Achilles Heel (1995) 01. Little David [add]
02. Roses for the Rich [add]
03. Deportee [add]
04. Golden Opportunity [add]
05. Internet Worm [add]
06. Achilles' Heel [add]
07. Cold Summer Night [add]
08. Add up the Bills [add]
09. Rerun [add]
10. When You Read This I'll Be Gone [add]
11. Tecumseh Valley [add]
12. Everything's Forgiven [add]

Love Is a Gas (1997) 01. Apple in My Eye [add]
02. Another Night on This Earth [add]
03. Slow It Down [add]
04. David Ruffin's Tears [add]
05. Everything That Glitters [add]
06. Lavender Door [add]
07. Deep Freeze [add]
08. Jesus Children of America [add]
09. Liar's Prayer [add]
10. To See You If You Fall [add]
11. Manna [add]
12. Love Is a Gas [add]

Wilderness of Mirrors (1998) 01. Overture [add]
02. What You Dream and What You Dream Know [add]
03. Crash [add]
04. Switching Sides I [add]
05. Aftermath [add]
06. 7 Room Motel [add]
07. The Doctor Will See You Now [add]
08. Switching Sides II [add]
09. Imperial Statues [add]
10. Big Bad City [add]
11. Wilderness of Mirrors [add]
12. The Quality of Mercy [add]
13. Living a Little, Laughing a Little [add]
14. Love's Accomplice [add]
15. Haunt [add]
16. The Bottle and the Cork [add]
17. One More Form of Pride [add]

Saratoga (1999) 01. On the Floor [add]
02. The Truth Ain't the Sign [add]
03. They Don't Meke 'Em Like They Used To [add]
04. Airport Road [add]
05. The Judge [On Judgement Day] [add]
06. Artificial Heart [add]
07. Its Gonna Rain on You [add]
08. Once It Happens [add]
09. Once It Happens [add]
10. 1992/Snakes Live in the Desert [add]
11. You Took It to Far [add]
12. Harms Swift Way [add]
13. That Perfect Spot [add]

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